Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday! :)

Hey people! Its my birthday today! 12th of February!
Okay I know that one is not supposed to be announcing one's own birthday like this,but...hmm...I can't help it!

My celebration started in my Senior's room where my face was decorated with all of the chocolate cake! :P

Then some gift-receiving,and dancing and in between managing phonecalls..:)

Then in the morning,my relatives,long-forgotten acquaintances,friends etc etc were calling and my phone shouted my battery is low! So I kept it to charge and went off to college.At lunch when I returned to my room,I saw that I had 7 messages and 13 missed calls! Wow!

Then there were treats at the canteen,some more gifts,and me here is all smiles :) :)

Well,before my birthday,I was feeling like "Why so much fuss for a birthday?Whats so special?".Today I realised that its not the day thats special,its the people who make it special! :)

I also realised there are so many many many people connected to me,whom I have not added on any social-networking sites...but still they remember my birthday! So cool! :)

Anyways,thanx in advance to everybody who would wish me here(You all will wish me,won't you?:P)

Cheers! Have a great weekend! :)