Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!! :) :) :)

Phew!!! Finally the New Year has arrived! Even those down-in-the-dumps find something to cheer about the new year.Like something good is sure to happen.Like all the problems in our lives will vanish.Sigh! Its such a deceptive thing,this New Year Day and all the that.Still,one can't escape the optimism it brings.:-D

Looking back,my year had been pretty much topsy-turvy.People came and went.Some friends remained while some said goodbye.Some people cared whenever I cried.Okay,I won't go into poetry again.:-P.

I blogged less,concentrated less,thought more,worried more,and etc etc.So this year,I've vowed that no matter what happens,I'll just love myself for what I am.I guess a clear conscience is the greatest promise one can make to oneself...isn't it?

So the year 2011 will be an exploration to find myself again. :-)

I had been whining to go home for sometime now.And guess what? We've got one week holiday! Hence yours truly is going home....tomorrow! :).See,I told you God is a Cool Guy. :-P

So to put it short,my New Year Resolution is to Stop Whining and Start Breathing! :-)

Hope you all have some New Year Resolutions too! If so,please do share it here.(Maybe your New Year Resolution will remind to add another Resolution to my list :-P)

Keep Smiling....! :-)

Have a HAPPY YEAR ahead! :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having a daughter....

When I have a daughter,
I'll watch her grow,
from a tiny toddler,
to a bashful woman...

She'll resemble her father,
and I'll be proud of that,
I'll surrender to her,
when we have a spat...

She'll tell her problems to me,
but keep favouring her daddy,
I won't mind at all,
she's my daughter,after all...

She'll grow up more,
and I'll worry for her,
she'll laugh at my worries,
but understand me for sure...

I'll make her study,help her achieve,
She'll work hard too,strengthening my belief,
I'll proudly tell she's my daughter,
Such that those boasting of sons will envy her....

When she'll get married and go away,
I'll miss her terribly,but I wont say,
she'll call me daily,with endless queries,
she'll teach me new things,I'll follow what she says,

I'll be proud when she too has a daughter,
whom I'll doubly favour,
it'll all be over,when I'll die peacefully,
but our bond would always remain unique,and that'll make me happy.