Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And I thought men and women were equal

Shahrukh Khan says declares virtuously in a tea ad "From now,the actress name will appear before mine in my upcoming films."

It makes me wonder,how doing that will increase the respect for women anywhere?

Why couldn't the ad instead say "From now,the names of actress and actor will appear together".

Each day on facebook we see posts that portray women as great demi-gods,sacrificing machines,those with unconditional love...everything angelic but not humans.

Why can't we instead focus on being equals,neither great nor worse.After all,there are only two types of human beings- Man and Woman.Yes,there are biological differences,but if there is an equality instead of fight for superiority,much of the conflict would be resolved.

What do you think?

P.S: I guess this is my shortest post ever.

The line between equality and bias is sometimes too bleak to be noticed.What becomes "Equality" for one becomes "Bias" for another.After all,it's not that men are just unemotional,feelingless creatures.They have feelings too.

Monday, March 4, 2013

In the name of God

"What is religion?" I asked God,who was sitting beside me trying to work on his new smart phone.

"Huh..?What?",God asked back,His eyes still glued to the touch screen.

"Can you put that phone down and answer my question?I asked what is religion." I said,getting irritated.

"Well,religion is a way of life",He smiled as if He had given a very intelligent answer.

"I know that quote,thank you very much.But what is religion?"

He sighed."Why do I have to endure your questions and accusations everytime! All right,let me give an example.You have been to school,right?".At this,I glared angrily.

"OK OK! Just joking! What do you remember about school? Don't tell me answers like sharing lunchboxes,not doing homework,punishments,scores et cetra.Just give the physical stuffs you remember about school.Something that helped people know you're in school".

"Oh that must be the Uniform!",I answered thoughtfully.

"Exactly.Now the uniform serves not much of a purpose except telling you which school you belong to,and that everyone in the school is equal.Religion does the same.It just tells others what food you eat,what time you remember Me in the day, how you go about your daily chores everyday,and how you celebrate some victory."

"Oh is that all? Then why did you make those sacred texts,those religious bhajans,slokas,hyms,and prayers?And what about the customs,and traditions?" I asked accusingly.

He laughed."Oh yeah I do know all the languages,but seriously,those texts were just opinions on how to reach Me.I know all that sounds complex,but its very simple actually.Be good,do good,think good,and you'll find the way to reach me".He smiled merrily.

"Then why do people kill each other in the name of God?",I asked,wide eyed,almost knowing the answer yet feeling afraid.

He kept silent for sometime,and then,in a low voice,said "I didn't make religion.I don't care if you pray to me early morning,afternoon,or even midnight.I don't care much if you keep your forehead barren or keep it colourful,I don't care if you think of me silently or if you pour tons of milk over my idol.All I care for is,if you're doing good to others.Being good doesn't mean you donate some money to charity and then think I'll be happy.No! A kind word,gesture,an unexpected help,a loyal word,acceptance-that is what makes me happy.Not mere hymns and prayers.And yet humans think one's way of life is superior to other! Bah! It doesn't matter at all.Did you concentrate on your school uniform while sitting in class?No.You must have just thought about your friends,classes,subjects,exams scores and all that.But see now?People kill each other for their way of life." He looked hurt.

"Ooh okay.Don't be upset!Am sure the new generation with people like me will not fight over each others' way of life",I smiled at Him.

"Yeah,I hope so",He smiled too.

"So,what were you doing with your new Smart Phone?",I changed the topic.

"Was searching for some bhajans on the phone's internet",He said,turning His gaze back to the touch screen.

I stared at him.

"What?Can't I listen to people praising about me? You know,am quite upset right now." He feigned a hurt expression.

Sigh.In the name of God!

For all those who despise other people's religion,look into your own and you'll find flaws in yours too.
Let us not fight in the name of God,because even though we all belong to some religion/sect/groups,no too people will have the same way of doing their day-to-day work.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Truth is stranger than fiction

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"Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities,Truth isn't".
-Mark Twain

The truth always has this effect on people-it leaves us numb,with a strange sense of resignment,an inexplicable sense of peace,and an inevitable acceptance of destiny.

Our lives,when we look at it from the outside,seems quite good.Family,friends,work,plans,achievements and et all.But when you scratch the surface and look deeper,what we find is a sense of purposelessness.

I am not too religious,rather am more philosophical.And yet,I realise why Krishna's sermon in Mahabharata,which is the Bhagvad Gita, is called the Ultimate Truth-because there is one and only.I don't intend to promote Hinduism,as will be apparent from my other posts in my blog,but I would just tell you what I or anyone who has read a few chapters in the book would feel-its distressing.Seriously.You open a book and read that whatever you've done in your life is a sin,and that your existence is just a speck in this whole big sea called universe,then of course you're bound to feel upset! And this when I've just read a few pages :)

Unfortunately you can't really deny the whole concept at all,there is something convincing about it that you accept whatever is written (well,at least to some extent).

Our whole life is a fiction.The truth of it all comes when we lie on our deathbed,and at that time we can't fool anyone.We'll realise whatever we've done in this world,someone else would've also done it.Its like in a novel you replace a character with another one.Life moves on.People'll forget us,forget our existence.And all that remains constant is the truth of it all that everyone will face at a point of time.

So lets take into consideration whatever I've said and analyse our lives-why are we so restless? Why give so much importance to something that won't remain forever,like our name,job,money,fame etc.?
People kill infant girls because they want a son to take their family name forward.Why?For what?We can be more positive and have a happy,peaceful world,right?

We fail to give a much needed kind word,forgive someone,keep a grudge all our lives.

Let us try to erase the line between the truth and fiction in our lives.No,that doesn't mean I am suggesting we become another monk who solds his/her Ferrari,but we can try to be reduce our illusions.

More compassion,more empathy,more kindness and more patience.Imagine if all of us shed our fictitious identities,realise that deep down,all of us have the same end,then maybe we all can hope for a peaceful world?

Of course,the truth will remain the same,yet when we die,we can think of all the happy times and die peacefully :)

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