Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!! :) :) :)

Phew!!! Finally the New Year has arrived! Even those down-in-the-dumps find something to cheer about the new year.Like something good is sure to happen.Like all the problems in our lives will vanish.Sigh! Its such a deceptive thing,this New Year Day and all the that.Still,one can't escape the optimism it brings.:-D

Looking back,my year had been pretty much topsy-turvy.People came and went.Some friends remained while some said goodbye.Some people cared whenever I cried.Okay,I won't go into poetry again.:-P.

I blogged less,concentrated less,thought more,worried more,and etc etc.So this year,I've vowed that no matter what happens,I'll just love myself for what I am.I guess a clear conscience is the greatest promise one can make to oneself...isn't it?

So the year 2011 will be an exploration to find myself again. :-)

I had been whining to go home for sometime now.And guess what? We've got one week holiday! Hence yours truly is going home....tomorrow! :).See,I told you God is a Cool Guy. :-P

So to put it short,my New Year Resolution is to Stop Whining and Start Breathing! :-)

Hope you all have some New Year Resolutions too! If so,please do share it here.(Maybe your New Year Resolution will remind to add another Resolution to my list :-P)

Keep Smiling....! :-)

Have a HAPPY YEAR ahead! :-) :-) :-)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Having a daughter....

When I have a daughter,
I'll watch her grow,
from a tiny toddler,
to a bashful woman...

She'll resemble her father,
and I'll be proud of that,
I'll surrender to her,
when we have a spat...

She'll tell her problems to me,
but keep favouring her daddy,
I won't mind at all,
she's my daughter,after all...

She'll grow up more,
and I'll worry for her,
she'll laugh at my worries,
but understand me for sure...

I'll make her study,help her achieve,
She'll work hard too,strengthening my belief,
I'll proudly tell she's my daughter,
Such that those boasting of sons will envy her....

When she'll get married and go away,
I'll miss her terribly,but I wont say,
she'll call me daily,with endless queries,
she'll teach me new things,I'll follow what she says,

I'll be proud when she too has a daughter,
whom I'll doubly favour,
it'll all be over,when I'll die peacefully,
but our bond would always remain unique,and that'll make me happy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where is MY life headed?

Okay,its official-I am going mad.Semester Exams are going on and my senses have gone on a vacation.Boohoo!

Whats making me mad? Well,just about everything.I don't understand why all the important things that I should've thought when I was free should come and crowd my head now.Its EXAMS time,for God's sake! 

Whats my aim in life? What'll I do?What do I want?What I don't want?What do I like? What do I hate? What kind of a person am I? What kind of a person do I want to be? Why the digital filters in Digital Signal Processing can't filter out my thoughts? What should I do?What I should never do? Friends or love? Do I really need to fall in love at this age? Should I trust my friends? Will they be there for me always? What am I without them? Who am I? Who am I for others?

These are the very FEW questions that are circulating in my head for the past two weeks.Now last exam is on 1st.Already I messed up 3 subjects.One more to go(Total 6 subjects).

I seriously don't know what I am going to do.I know I should not be thinking about the (currently) useless stuffs such as these,but what to do? Mind is swifter than Wind (or something like that).

Already I am depressed that I am not doing my exams well(not all exams actually).On top of that I can't strangle the voice which calls me a loser.That says  I can't do anything worthwhile in life.That calls me a coward.That tells me about my failures.

When will I finally accept myself?! I mean seriously,its high time I stopped blaming myself for everything.And its high time everyone stopped telling me how I am.I know it.Yes,I never stick to one thing,I am too fickle.But at least am not rigid,I can easily mingle with anyone!

Wait a minute,why am I suddenly explaining myself? And for what? For whom? You didn't ask for it,right? Then who is asking these explanations?

Hmm...I am still thinking.Can't help it.

Till then.Ciao
Have a happy week ahead

P.S: Don't forget to wish me luck for my last exam.(at least that exam I should write properly :P)
P.P.S: Well I am not really stressed out coz of the exams,I am just stressed out coz of the questions in my head :P

Saturday, October 23, 2010

God and Me...Part-4

Are you there?
Are you listening?
Why don't I feel your presence around me?
Are you alive?
Please reply!

After a long,long time,which seemed like a decade,something crashed in my room(that was the window),and God appeared.As always,with a tired look and a frown.

"What happened to you now?Did you mess up your Semester Practicals?" He asked,obviously sarcastic.

"Huh.No.I did OK enough.I was just feeling lonely,so called you."

His eyes widened,and he looked as if he was about to burst ."You think I run a helpline centre to talk to lonely people.That too lonely people like YOU! I have given you enough friends who understand you well.Go and talk to them! I am helping so many others! Humph!!!!"

I looked at Him,anger and sadness making a lethal combination in my head,and all I could manage was,"Fine.Go away.I won't call you again ever."

As soon as I uttered those words,God disappeared and the window was mended by itself too.

A few hours later,He reappeared.This time without breaking the door or window.He stood in front of me,but I hardly cared.Why should I care for people who don't care for me?

"Hmm,I was very stressed that time,thats why said all those things.Now tell me why are you lonely?"

I didn't respond.I didn't feel like responding.He was busy,I was an added burden.Then why....

"You're not a burden my dear.Tell me why you're lonely" He said,surprisingly gentle.

I shot back,"You're reading my thoughts! Then why don't you figure out why I am feeling lonely despite being surrounded by friends?"

He heaved a sigh and sat down near me.Maybe I was being too harsh on Him.

"Look here my dear.What you're going through right now is just a stage when you would want to be alone,but yet be with everybody.You're just trying to find yourself in a crowd,by being away and observing yourself and others.Why are you worrying about it? It'll be fine in a few days.It happens with everybody."

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't care for me."

"I do care for you.A lot! Just because your phone got messed up and your SIM card blocked doesn't mean I don't care.I've told you before too that I give tiny problems just to make you strong.You never understand me! I should be the lonely person here! ".Wow! God is good with drama too! 

"Oh",was all that I could reply in return.

"Am here my child.Talk to me.I am listening.I am always there for everybody",He said,with a gentle,sweet smile.
"Okay,tell me about your Semester Practicals.I saw you were getting a light ticking off for your Power Electronics Lab.What was it about?"

Like a balloon filled with air,I suddenly felt light."Actually what happened was that as I was doing the experiment,the current in the device....."

Something beeped,and I saw that God received a text message on His phone.(Huh,He has a mobile phone too!).
He read the message and I could see He was frowning more and more.

"Am so sorry my dear,I have to leave now.Emergency.A little boy is calling me.He wants to win a running-race.The race is about to begin.I have to hurry.And oh,by the way,I have given you good friends,talk to them,be with them,open up to them!And remember,am always here!Take care!"

With that,he broke open the door and vanished.

His words were ringing in my ears "Am here my child.Talk to me.I am listening.I am always there for everybody".

Yeah right.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Left Alone

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The old railway station in the city stood,
battered and forgotten,
It seemed to be waiting for someone to come,
Or something to happen...

The station wasn't always deserted,
Some came to play,some came for drugs,
But apart from that,nothing else breathed,
Even air seemed to be afraid there.

It hadn't been like this before,
When the city was actually a small town,
When there were people filling up this space,
It was all before the town had grown....

As the town grew up to be a place now everyone knows,
The needs of this adolescent changed,
The loyal station was not needed now,
As the trains won't have a halt there.

A new station,bigger and better,was built,
People welcomed it,and forgot its elder brother,
Which abruptly became empty,like a condemned place,
But still it stood,braving against all weathers...

The trains pass the station,but none stop,
It seems the trains look piteously at the giant,
But the station just stares,it still has hopes,
That someone will come for it,that something will surely happen...

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True love....

It was a winter morning,when I was out for a stroll,
that a miracle happened,and I met this girl.
Nothing unearthly about her,just a simple lady,
but her face,drove me crazy.

What a coincidence,she was my sister's friend,
what a nightmare,she may not even consider me as a friend.
She came home often,but rarely noticed me,
but just one glance of hers,greatly enticed me.

Moving the story forward,I would say we did become friends,
and you do know this,don't you?A boy-girl being just friends for long has never been a trend.
Inseparable we were,though we did have our fights,
but it was all sorted out,before the end of the night.

A particular time of ours,I would like to mention,
when it was her b'day,and we were having a celebration.
I was holding her close,and she looked so stunning,
"can I kiss you?",I couldn't refrain from asking.

She looked up at me,those beautiful eyes having tiny tears,
No,she said,and buried her head in my shoulders.
It was beautiful,we both together,
it was terrible,this moment will soon get over.

The next day,I got the message that she's left,
with her family to someplace else,and here I was,everything bereft.
What was it that took her away,what was it that she never told me?
I may have hurt her,but did I hurt her so badly?

I was angry and sad,I couldn't think,
I was going mad,it seemed I had reached my brink.
I wanted to know,why?,did i not refrain myself? 
Wasn't I loyal?And she'll have to answer all this, herself.

Skipping the part as to how I found her out,but she was now somewhere in a village,
living a life of a saint,till she saw my broken image.
She seemed more pure,more heavenly,more beautiful,
but her presence there still surprised me.

We sat down on a bench,not knowing what to say,
the sun setting down,the sky a wonderful gray,
"I know why you've come,to get your answers,
you deserve them,but its better we go separate ways,as I suffer from aids"

"I was true to you,but long back,I had an accident,
that was when I was given blood that was infected,
I couldn't say no to your love,but I couldn't spoil your life,
now you know the reason,why I cant be your wife."

My world fell apart,not because I wanted her body,
but to think that,she had been through such agony.
"listen here,no matter what,you're mine and I cant let go,
I would still say this,that I want to be with you"

Disbelief and gratitude came as tears in her eyes,
once again she buried her face on my shoulders,
and again I asked,"can I give you a kiss"?
By way of an answer,she lifted her face,and let me tell you,that feel still remains afresh.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Are we raising a generation of Burnt Out Children?

This is my topic for presentation in "Communication Skills Lab" in my college.Here,I have presented my views on the topic as I have understood it.Your views may differ with the topic,and you are free to put forth your own views....(Sorry for the loooooong length!)

Childhood is the most colourful phase of one’s life. We learn by making mistakes. We grow mature gradually, not abruptly. It’s the carefree time of our life. When we have real hobbies passions and dreams. Sadly, that’s all changing.

In earlier days, life was never controlled by tests, tuitions, exams and such things. Parents had time for their children. Life wasn’t all about getting a job in a big company with a big pay cheque. People pursued what they liked. Intelligence wasn’t counted by which college you got into. Children behaved like children, with thirst for knowledge.

Nowadays childhood has a different meaning altogether. It’s dominated by being the smartest, tuitions, hobby classes, peer pressure and what not. Childhood is now a complicated phase.

The ‘intention’ behind pushing the children hard is to ‘nurture’ them to face the competitive world. Developing talent is not a sin; it will help the child in his future. It is a trickledown effect from the kind of competition experienced for entry into engineering colleges, graduation and others. Today’s world demands ordinary people with extra skills to survive. As Darwin`s theory says-natural selection or in other words survival of the fittest.
The basic needs of childhood are, time to play, place to play and explore the world through his eyes. In the name of competition we are raising fatigued, stressed, and overburdened children with no sound moral values. The stress is resulting into children engaging in all kinds of derogative acts.

Competition is such that today`s world demands good grades in schools, colleges to get a good job to earn their living. Competition is the need of the hour, we can`t deny that but what is worrying is the fact that parents push their children to their limits which makes children’s life tougher. Parents need to understand that everyone has different capabilities. Every individual has a special quality. Instead of encouraging that skill, parents want their children to achieve what they themselves couldn’t achieve.

Today parents don`t have time for their children to listen to them. Teachers demand work within a short period of time. So it makes students life tougher. And then we have tuitions as we need ‘extra skills’ to get through competitive examinations apart from regular classes in school. And what make matters worse are higher expectations from parents and teachers alike. Parents and teachers force students to take part in extracurricular activities which in turn increases load on children. 

In the name of making the Education System more student-friendly, the students are actually made to bear more stress. The teacher-student relationship is now warped. The insecure student’s mind is now more than confused. Bundled up with an emotional dilemma with the pressure of performing well, the students eventually burn out. Their identity is lost.

Instead what the education system should do is train the teachers such that the student-teacher rapport is impeccable. Exams are important, yes. They make you able to face failures. But that does not mean exams should be made such a big issue that students commit suicide when their results don’t meet their parents expectations.

People should also understand that stress management is not a subject that can be taught. Children burdened with such high expectations are also expected to ‘handle’ pressure well enough. But what would an 11 year-old know about what is stress?

Peer pressure has been present since earlier times. But now suddenly it has become an important issue. More so because the peer pressure now is not as healthy as it should be. The only question that arises is: Is being better than your neighbour’s/relative’s/friend’s child would imply that the child in question is intelligent?
Here come the so-called Reality Shows. The reality shows on TV show how much a child has been put through and how broken he/she becomes. That’s another thing that bothers children-the inability to perform, or in other words, the fear of failure. The young and impressionable mind is now also a diffident mind. Parents fight on camera saying their child has been voted out due to favoritism, whereas they should be with their child and telling him or her that it’s okay to fail and should boost their confidence.

It is true that competition is growing day by day but childhood is the age for playing, making friends, etc. Of course, things are changing and CBSE has taken the right step by providing Board exams as optional for students and introducing grading system that may reduce the stress among students. But the main step should be taken by parents by giving their children care and guidance at home. It’s time they open their eyes to see their children yearning for their love. Teachers can make studies more entertaining by taking real life examples and interacting more with students to give them the comfort they want.

It’s not really the children’s fault; after all, they just observe what goes on around them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just because she's a girl

Sitting on the bench,the little girl was alone,
her face showed how quickly she had grown,
although she was still small and fragile,
after all, she was still a child.

I went up to her and sat by her side,
her innocent eyes opened up wide,
i smiled,and she returned it,
now she seemed more relaxed.

"why arent you playing,dear?",
i asked,pointing to others who were playing in that park,
she shook her head,
"am not allowed to play",she said.

"but why?"i asked,surprised,
she looked up,a confusion appearing in her eyes,
"if i play,then who'll look over my little brothers there?",
she looked in the direction where her brothers played.

"but when do you play then?"i asked,still perplexed,
"i dont,i help my mother cook,",the girl replied,
"and look after my brothers",
there was an innocent pride in those words.

"dont you go to school?",i asked,more interested,
"i do,though my mother doesnt like me getting educated,
but i want to study more,
but thats not possible for sure".

"hey come fast you stupid girl",we heard someone calling,
she jumped in fright and replied,stammering,
"am coming mother,just a minute",
she turned to me and waved,shyly apologetic.

"but why do you do all this?dont you feel sad?",i asked near tears,
she stopped in her tracks hearing my words,
she turned around,and gave a smile so mature,
"thats because am a girl"

I went home that day, disturbed and upset,
I didn’t know why suddenly i was filled with regret,
My little daughter came running up to me,
"Can we go and play mummy?"

I shook my head, unable to say a thing,
For an unknown reason, my heart was grieving,
I don’t know how my daughter knew that I wasn’t happy,
but she said, it’s okay, I'll play with daddy!

Looking back now ,I was a pampered child,
the young daughter, I was never obedient and always wild,
I did whatever I wanted,
and my family always supported.

I was successful, and now i was married and loved,
but thinking about that little girl, my heart moved,
‘coz she simply did what was told to her,
just because she was a girl.

I was happy ,as I was never burdened,
I was happy, as I never sacrificed,
but today I was defeated by this little woman,
who bonded with me for no reason.

The next day I went in search of that girl,
and I found her again, sitting alone,
without preamble, I said "Come with me, I'll help you get whatever you want,
I'll fulfill whatever your demands" 

She was shocked to say the least, to see my sudden outburst,
she stared at me for some time, and said "I can’t come".
"Why can’t you?" I asked angrily, "You still want those who insult you so easily? I'll help you, why don’t you understand,
I’ll do for you whatever I can"

The girl looked at me and asked,
"Will you leave your family if they treat you badly?",
I was stunned had never thought like this,
it was like she had jolted me from my dreams.

Would i leave my husband if he slapped me once?
Would i not forgive when my children ask for forgiveness?
What’s the diff between the girl and me?
Like me, she too loved her family. 

"I was told by my grandma, girls shouldn’t be unforgiving,
it’s in their blood to be caring,
it’s an honor for a girl when she helps her family,
‘coz her help is the one that no one can repay easily"

I drank in this piece of wisdom, coming from this child so young,
I realized though we were far apart yet were wound,
by a thread so delicate but strong,
but my assumptions about this girl were just proven wrong.

She was happy with her family, even though they treated her badly,
maybe she hoped someday they'll be sad,
for all the words they said to her,
but she'll tell them she doesn’t bother.

Her mother, who had been listening all the while,
came running to her child,
she held her in her close, not letting go,
maybe she wanted to say more, but all she said was, “I am so proud of you"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can't think of a title

The sound of laughter filled the rooms,
The pitter-pat of little feet all around,
Silence was allowed inside,
Only by the guard of night....

The children were there,
all different from one another,
but they all had one thing in common,
they had no one-no mother,no father,no brother,no sister.

Yes,they were orphans,with nobody to call as their own,
They were orphans,some with families they've never known,
All with a different past,a different gene,
All with a same future,at least for the time being....

They don't know whether to be happy or sad,
when one of their friends is adopted,
when the friend gets a new family,
but isn't it normal to feel some jealousy?

Young or old,lucky or not,this is their place for a while,
No matter how much they hide,
 the sadness of their life,
you can see the want of love,omnipresent in their eyes.....

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey Anu...listen!

All these days,I have been quiet and tolerant,
Waiting for you for so long,
Wishing you would come and talk to me like before,
But I guess I was wrong....

I know you have been very busy,
With your college and now some hobby classes,
But don't you see I am waiting for you tirelessly?
That even I need you attention!

Why don't you realise?I miss your stories and thoughts and poems,
I miss you being here thinking out loud,
Am I so worthless to you?
because I am just a blog????
I am sorry my dear blog,
my dear poetry-space,
my way to enriching experience,
my tolerant friend,
my writing enhancement,
my way to escape,to that place,
where my thoughts get new shapes,
where my words get new meanings,
where my emotions know no endings,
my way to sanity,my display of insanity,
I have also missed you,but I was so lazy,
My thoughts were so random,
and strength I couldn't fathom,
to put them in order and present to you,
thats why I didn't appear for nearly a month or two,
Don't think I ever forgot you,
That I would never do,
I always love you,will always do,
oh my dear,dear blog!
Hey People!
Sorry for my long leave! :(
I returned to college on 5th July....and whoa! I adjusted without much fuss and homesickness this time!
I am in the Third Year I am Super-Senior :D :D :D
Oh well will write more from now,since my bloggy dear has complained! :(
Keep Smiling!
Have a happy weekend.......!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010 still here!

 "She sat alone,engulfed by grief and some anger too,
   She should have helped her sister,should have read her mind,
  Should have sensed her sister's depression lead her to commit suicide,
  The phone rang,and she answered ,"This is tele-counseling,how can I help  you?"

Okay I know its tragic.Inspired from a newspaper article.

My holidays are going great! Hope your life is going great too!

Well lately,loads of philosophical stuffs are hovering in my head.But I am too lazy to type it out as blog post.Anyways,we always hear advices all around us.Then whats the use of me also donating some advice? Eat,drink and be merry.:D

The only thing I learnt lately was that things are fine as long as you are friends with your own self.If you fight with yourself about anything,you don't gain anything,you rather lose your peace of mind.To trust anyone,we should first trust ourselves.Love ourselves.Respect ourselves.Then only can we accept others as they are.And to be happy,we have to accept people as they are(till they are in their limits,of course).

Its true! I used to loathe a friend of mine as she always does everything way too slow.But then I realised that no matter how much time she took,at least she did the work correctly! So as time passed,I began to undertsand her and nowadays I don't give her any work at all :P

Well thats all for now.Whoo! This has been one random post!

Cheers everybody.Remember,next time you want to just lose your temper over someone,try looking at things from their perspective.See if that helps you to cool down and understand the situation better!

Oh by the way,Happy World Environment Day! :)
Lets do our bit to help the environment! So shut down your computer and go do your work(before doing that please do post a comment :P)
On a serious note,lets just hope that we don't plant trees,don't save water,don't pollute land or air,don't conserve fuels ONLY on this day.Please.Lets do our effort.You know the saying (or maybe you don't)-

"Take care of small things and the larger things will be taken care of".....

Anyways,take care.Not only of yourself and your family and your friends,but also your planet.Its calling for help.Can you hear?

Urgh....I didn't really mean to make it an Environmental post....but well,it somehow traveled on to that track! :(

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Home! Yippee!


After battling through the exams all these days....finally its holiday time!
For around a month and a half!! :)

The sad thing is that our MBA akka...(the 3rd roomie of mine) would've vacated the hostel and would be living as Paying Guest near our college.She joined us in September,when the new students were asked to adjust with the already existing ones...hence our room,which was originally could accommodate 3 people,got a new entry...and that was our MBA akka (Akka means elder sister,or didi in Hindi).

What did Akka teach us? Well she taught us one important thing-to accept people as they are.She also unknowingly taught us how to share like family instead of being formal.Initially when she joined,she would take our buckets or detergents etc without asking us.Although I found that peculiar,but soon all three of us also started using each other's items without asking-like plates,cups,medicines etc.That doesn't mean we are rude.We do inform when we've taken something :P

And yeah...the Final Year students(for whom we also gave farewell!) were vacating too.Our seniors (Third Year students) were all shedding tears.I asked my roomie- Will our juniors cry when we vacate? Thinking about it,we realised that no junior will shed tears for we don't know any juniors in our hostel! They are very very less in number...and well we are too lazy to climb down two floors just to get to know them! Ego problem,you see :P

Well allright.For now its enjoyment time for me.Yippee!!!

That doesn't mean I'll take leave from blogging.I'll surely pop-up to remind everyone that I am still alive :P

Till then...
Have a Happy Week ahead!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello people!

This post has been written in Public interest so that people don't miss me or my posts much for the time the great Exams are starting from tomorrow.:(

Oh by the way,I have a peculiar habit.Whenever I am nervous,I laugh uncontrollably.And I've been laughing all day :P.

Well yeah I am nervous.Tomorrow is Maths (Its called Numerical Methods...hmm...calling a rose by any other name :P).Actually I enjoy Maths....but still exams do give me jitters.Not that I am afraid of the questions or something.My fear mainly is due to my record of doing silliest mistakes in the answer paper.:P

My book is staring back at me.Urgh.Wish it were more friendly. :(

Anyways,I'll go now.Have some revision to do.

Btw,I am also scared that maybe tomorrow early morning I'll get a message saying its not Maths,but Electrical Machines...Oh no!.You don't believe me? Hey it happens! I once went to school thinking it was Hindi exam,but it turned out to be Social Science exam! :P

Okay stop glaring.I'll go,I'll go.
Wish me luck! :)

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The more you try to sneak away,
The more I feel your absence,
The more your absence I feel,
The more I understand your importance....

The more I hear your silence,
The more I want to scream,
The more screams I muffle,
The more closer  I get to insanity....

The more I see the change in you,
The more I wonder about the old times and how they were,
The more I wonder about those moments,
The more I wish we were like those days forever...

The more those times appear in my dreams,
The more I wish you were here with me,
The more I wish to have your company,
The more I see how far you are from me....

Heya people! Hope your life is going on great.
Well the title and the post has no relation actually :P

So whats going on in my life? University Practical Exams! Oh God! The first practical was something I won't care to talk about(Heehee) and second one (today) was like good only...although the External Examiner who  asked the Viva was confused with my answers(The trick was that,although I didn't know much,but stammered the same thing again and again for a long time so she thought maybe I did give the answer :P).In fact,the lady was so exhausted with my answers that she finally asked "Is Electrical Machines such a tough subject?" My reply? A big grin. :P

Okay the third and final Practical is on 20th.Not that I am studying seriously or something.I am not coming online coz most of the times my roomies are using my Laptop for practicing programs and all:P

So till then....
Have a great week ahead! :)
Don't forget to wish me luck! :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something like love?

A sweet smile to welcome you,
a cute frown to admonish you,
So chirpy when you do something for her,
And when she is unhappy,its one hell of a bother!

You would do anything for that smile,
You would miss her dearly,even if its for a while,
You would leave nothing to wipe out that frown off her pretty face,
And your heart just warms up at her unending grace....

Don't know what she talks about,but who cares?
As long as you can listen to whatever she shares,
She always seems to be one step ahead of you in everything,
Doesn't matter,she is with you,that is the important thing.

Its like the world gone wrong when she is sad,
Her sadness drives you mad,
And if she is the one gone mad with fury...
Well,its a never ending story :D

Its so irritating when she scolds and bosses over you,
But its better to listen to the advices she showers on you,
Whatever she says,has something that sets you thinking,
Yeah right! You aren't going to follow,that's another thing! :P

But whatever the place,whatever the time,
I would like to specifically mention in these rhymes,
Perhaps a heartbreak may follow,perhaps a bitterness may be the result,
In the end,I guess its worth it to fall in love with a girl.


Endless phone calls till he gets a response,
Some extra attention is all that he wants,
He would call back shamelessly when one has angrily disconnected,
And would go on saying sorry till the apology is accepted..

He is miserable when one is not around,
One makes him miserable when one is really around,
Would never understand when one expresses her feelings,
But nevertheless,he behaves as if he is listening!

Would criticize the person whom one appreciates,
Feels jealous often,and an issue out of nothing he creates,
Cares,but never expresses the right way,
But something is not right when he has got nothing to say...

His silence hurts,his anger scares,
And in his bad moods one never dares,
To say anything or to console or convince,
Frankly,advices make him wince!

When he is upset,the world doesn't matter anymore,
One does everything to see his magical smile once more,
Somehow with soft words he resumes his merriment,
But,for that,one does not get any acknowledgment!

But whatever the outcome,whoever he chooses later,
The care and the emotions are embedded forever,
He may betray,shattering her world,
But,its really beautiful when a boy is loved by a girl...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loneliness.....and my 50th post!

Loneliness pains sometimes,
Often providing a shield,
Caring,protecting and gentle,
But deep inside,the wounds don't heal.....

Like the sea that stretches endlessly,
Like the uncaring fishes,
floating carelessly beneath its silky surface,
Loneliness never ceases...its the wall between you and others....

Words don't reach you,
Actions don't touch you,
Others don't exist in this lonely land,
There's just loneliness that's with you....

Hope is a distant emotion,
Nothing seems worthwhile,
Its just indifference all around,
Like there's some disconnection from the world...

For some,loneliness gives way to creative madness,
Opening a new world of fantasy,
For others,its like insanity,
With silent screams,wanting to be heard....

The heart grows cold,
Untouched for such a long time,
Mind is numbed,not wanting to be disturbed,
Like its sleeping all the while....

When it does wake,realization of a snapped bond emerges,
A raw cry erupts,slowly building up in intensity,
The desperation feels like someone is tearing apart your nerves,
You want to be heard,but all you hear is the soft giggle of loneliness....
*                                                        *                                                        *
Hey people! Its my 50th post ! Yippeee!
Thank God I finished my 50th post before my blog became a year old :P
Hope I reach more such milestones with the help and support of all my regular readers!(And also those whom I threaten and bully to read my blog :P)

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Faith and......patience?

Yesterday,the juniors(3rd year and 2nd year students) gave the farewell party to the Final Year students(in hostel;from 9pm to 3am :P).
Of course,the atmosphere was very emotional,but since everyone had been shouting and screaming and cheering like mad when anyone danced or sang ,our throats were more drier than the deserts of Africa.(and our water-bottles were thirsty too!)

So,yours truly went and stood in front of the water cooler(our source for edible water :P) with a few bottles,not aware that the water cooler had taken leave for the day.(we'd forgotten to fill our water-bottles beforehand,hence this calamity of water-shortage).

Okay,big deal,I'll go and fill the bottles from other floor.
From fourth floor,down we(me and my roomie) went to third floor.Same story.Then to second floor.Yippee! At least this water cooler gave some water drops! But unfortunately the water cooler gave up its life on seeing us advancing towards it.

Now we climbed up and up till 5th floor.
Me: Dear God,if you really exist,prove your existence now! Please make some water available!
No reaction from water cooler.Huh! So much for my prayer.

Now to 6th floor
Me: Dear God, help people in and my roomies need water.Please.At least if not for me,let my roomies fill the water-bottles,I'll drink water from that!
No reaction again.So much for my drama.

Now we were completely exhausted,hence we just somehow reached our room,threw our bottles,and dozed off...still thirsty.

Later in the morning,I overheard one final year and one 3rd year students talking in the lift.
3rd year akka(didi,or elder sister):We were all so thirsty water in the water cooler at night!
Final year akka: Hey you know what? I was trying to wake you up so that you can have some water! The water cooler had started working in a few moments!

I was,as usual,caught in a positon where I didn't know what to think.I could hear someone giggling somewhere.....

Cheers...Hope you all have a happy week ahead! :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Science and Life...?

In my standard 12th in school,I had learned about Carbon and how many functional groups are present because of it (blah blah blah).In that,I read a concept about how the carbon-chain expands.It goes something like this:

Suppose there are two carbon chains(Or Something Like That,OSLT) and they are supposed to be combined(OSLT)...then suppose the carbon chain 1 fits exactly in the lattice of carbon chain 2,then the whole chain now attains stability and its energy gets reduced.(Energy is inversely proportional to stability).
But suppose the Carbon Chain 1 doesn't fit in the manner(OSLT) but fits as in below,then there is an increased instability and more release in energy.

{The red dots indicate Carbons and dotted lines indicate forces of attraction.}

So whats this got to do with our lives...?

Our lives are like these carbon chains.Not always we get people whom we get along with..right? If all the people we meet were our friends,would we ever treasure them? No!

But like in the second case,we get people who hurt us,who decrease our mind's stability(peace) and make our blood pressures shoot up! Such people make us realise the goodness of the nice people,who are so nice to us...and who give us hope that there are good people too! :)

So,this unstability leads us to find more friends,rather be un-energetic and stabilise...if that happens,there'll be no more reactions...or you can say life won't go on! :(

Hmm....I think this much philosophy is enough for you all,for now :P

Cheers! Have a happy weekend! :)

Sorry for the clumsy drawing...but it was like an Eureka moment when I thought of all this and so drew it all in a hurry :P

By the way,you all are free to express your perceptions about this concept :)