Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hey Anu...listen!

All these days,I have been quiet and tolerant,
Waiting for you for so long,
Wishing you would come and talk to me like before,
But I guess I was wrong....

I know you have been very busy,
With your college and now some hobby classes,
But don't you see I am waiting for you tirelessly?
That even I need you attention!

Why don't you realise?I miss your stories and thoughts and poems,
I miss you being here thinking out loud,
Am I so worthless to you?
because I am just a blog????
I am sorry my dear blog,
my dear poetry-space,
my way to enriching experience,
my tolerant friend,
my writing enhancement,
my way to escape,to that place,
where my thoughts get new shapes,
where my words get new meanings,
where my emotions know no endings,
my way to sanity,my display of insanity,
I have also missed you,but I was so lazy,
My thoughts were so random,
and strength I couldn't fathom,
to put them in order and present to you,
thats why I didn't appear for nearly a month or two,
Don't think I ever forgot you,
That I would never do,
I always love you,will always do,
oh my dear,dear blog!
Hey People!
Sorry for my long leave! :(
I returned to college on 5th July....and whoa! I adjusted without much fuss and homesickness this time!
I am in the Third Year I am Super-Senior :D :D :D
Oh well will write more from now,since my bloggy dear has complained! :(
Keep Smiling!
Have a happy weekend.......!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :)


  1. congrats miss supa-senior....lols

  2. Hey I loved that poem :) The BEST poem I have read on a comeback , quite a unique way :) Loved it :)

  3. wonderful way of expressing :)


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