Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The blah blah and blah

I love the winter.Unfortunately,in Chennai-where I'll be working for a few years or so-there is hardly a climate that is even remotely close to a peak winter day in Delhi.Of course,winter kills too,but that's another matter.

I love the damp smell of fog that hangs about the air,the misty landscape,the chill air blowing on our faces,and the warmth that engulfs us when we get under a blanket.Wow!

The best memories of winter are the ones in Guwahati,where I would go to school at around 7 30, walking through the roads surrounded by lush greenery and the cool air.And the running around the field during the games period,throwing our sweaters/blazers on the ground.And the nights.When going to a distant temple meant fun,in that cool weather.

The winter in Guwahati isn't as wintery as in Delhi or Haryana.But it was and is certainly colder than a winter day in Chennai.

I love winter because of the sweaters too! The stockings,sweaters,jackets and Scarves! Wowieee!

*Sigh* I wish the days I spent in Guwahati can be visited again.But I guess its not the location that matters now.Its the time.And time has very little time for everyone *wink*.

Emotional? Touchy? Not necessarily.But honestly,I feel my blog is going down in terms of my so called writing-talent.Yeah yeah I should be thankful that I have a talent and try to develop it instead of letting it develop itself.But I wonder why my hands don't play the same word games they used to do before?


I guess am now inspired by the Indian Soap Operas or the deliberately sad movies that thrive and grow on the emotional "atyaachar" (torture) ;)

Cheerio! Happy Week ahead! And the best way to have a happy week is making someone happy!!!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

God is anti-social

"Dear God,am sorry to say,you're anti-social and racist!" I mumbled to myself  on a quiet afternoon.The next instant,my quiet afternoon turned chaotic when suddenly smoke filled my room and God stood in front of me,looking irritated.

"Now what's your problem?",he groaned,sitting heavily on the chair near me.

"Well,you're racist.It seems you had divided men on the basis of the jobs they're supposed to do,and look how the people treat each other now!"

"What is it I've done?",God asked,raising his voice with each word.

"Ask what you've NOT done! You should've done an MBA and you would've been able to see how your seemingly correct action of dividing men based on their jobs would later on create such repercussions on the society!"


"I know you just wanted peace to reign so that people don't fight amongst themselves about who does what.But who gave you the right to utter verses that say some people who are supposed to be lower in the society are born from your feet or something like that?"

"I don't really remember if I did say that,but then what was wrong in that? If people don't have feet can they walk? No! Similarly,imagine if the supposed low caste people don't exist,how will society progress?"

"That's a very lame excuse..."

"It's not.I don't really remember that long back as I've so much to look into and my secretary is on leave too,but am sure I never wanted someone to suffer just because they belong to some group of people assigned to do certain work.Maybe I must've intended in helping people have different duties...."

"....and forgot to tell people that they're not to ill treat someone just because they have certain names and so called caste and creed",I fumed.

"Look here my child.The human mind I created is like a plant.It feeds on your thoughts.If you feed it bad thoughts,it'll make you behave badly.And it is very fragile too.It's very easy to get carried away by your own achievements,but not letting pride and vanity engulf you,being humble,being amiable to everyone is something very hard to do.Also,its very hard to say without anyone coaxing you that 'Your turn is over,now its my turn to do the job'.So you see,its not something I did.Its something the humans themselves did to others and are paying the price.It's not that I wanted some people to be happy and some to be discriminated."

I was,as always,shown how little I had known God and start accusing him.But then,something else came to my mind.

"But who told you to make the mind so fragile?Couldn't you have made it stronger?",I started on a different vein.

God sighed."Am sorry I didn't meet you before creating the human mind.How was I supposed to know that humans cannot control even a little bit of fragility of their minds!"


"You always keep pestering me and accusing me without thinking.I can't take it anymore! I want to resign!",He roared.

"And will I be the replacement then?",I beamed.

God paused before saying,"I think I won't resign as yet",and guffawed loudly.

I was about to say more when God surprisingly turned around and walked to the door.

"Hey where are you going?"

"To get a degree in MBA"

And He vanished.