Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The blah blah and blah

I love the winter.Unfortunately,in Chennai-where I'll be working for a few years or so-there is hardly a climate that is even remotely close to a peak winter day in Delhi.Of course,winter kills too,but that's another matter.

I love the damp smell of fog that hangs about the air,the misty landscape,the chill air blowing on our faces,and the warmth that engulfs us when we get under a blanket.Wow!

The best memories of winter are the ones in Guwahati,where I would go to school at around 7 30, walking through the roads surrounded by lush greenery and the cool air.And the running around the field during the games period,throwing our sweaters/blazers on the ground.And the nights.When going to a distant temple meant fun,in that cool weather.

The winter in Guwahati isn't as wintery as in Delhi or Haryana.But it was and is certainly colder than a winter day in Chennai.

I love winter because of the sweaters too! The stockings,sweaters,jackets and Scarves! Wowieee!

*Sigh* I wish the days I spent in Guwahati can be visited again.But I guess its not the location that matters now.Its the time.And time has very little time for everyone *wink*.

Emotional? Touchy? Not necessarily.But honestly,I feel my blog is going down in terms of my so called writing-talent.Yeah yeah I should be thankful that I have a talent and try to develop it instead of letting it develop itself.But I wonder why my hands don't play the same word games they used to do before?


I guess am now inspired by the Indian Soap Operas or the deliberately sad movies that thrive and grow on the emotional "atyaachar" (torture) ;)

Cheerio! Happy Week ahead! And the best way to have a happy week is making someone happy!!!!!! :) :) :)


  1. Blah blah.... :D :P
    may be u missing winter is possibly because ur staying in chennai for 4 yrs now and mayb u will be for another couple of years.. :)

  2. hmm Well maybe if your write regularly it will all come back.. moreover I am no critic so dont have any idea what you talking of .. to me it is great when what you have to say , you can write in simple words and the reader understands it all :)

    you too have a happy week ahead ..

    and winters you need to come ot uk to feel the cold :)



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