Sunday, September 30, 2012

Being different......

"Tell me about yourself",the woman asked me,
She had this duty to evaluate my personality,
To read between the words I speak,
To know if I can interact effectively.

I had come prepared for the question,
After all,all interviews had this in common,
I was about to answer,remembering the key points,
When the question echoed again and again in my mind.

"Who are you?",my mind asked me,
I was different,I knew that from the beginning,
But being different is not something others like,
Being different makes it hard for friendships to strike.

I was not different physically,nor had I problems with speech,
And yet,alienated from others,the society did teach,
To fall in line or fall by the wayside,
There is no place to run,no place to hide.

Sitting alone,roaming by myself,had become a part of me,
Those who felt sorry for me,offered me their company,
Of course I did join them,being more than happy,
And yet,it was so painful to be asked out of pity.

I wasn't mean,nor was I rude or dominating
I was kind and quite accomodating,
But I was different,this was painfully obvious,
I was known amongst teachers,yet unknown and lost.

Till then I had accepted,I was different and alone,
But the loneliness hurt more than breaking a bone,
Slowly,wiping away my tears,I changed myself to suit others,
And I was the happiest I got friends in the process.

But no one knows who I really am,
My questions,thoughts are restricted to my mind,
A veil of pretense I have drawn over me,
Now I am scared to let it go and show them my real face.

Maybe its deceit,maybe its not right,
But no longer can I alone fight,
I have some people to talk to,someone to take notice I am there,
But I can't recognize who is it I see in the mirror.

All these thoughts flashed in a jiffy,
While the woman looked up expectantly,
I heaved a sigh,and smiled my best smile,
"I  am quite different from others because....",I started the lie.

In my opinion,the greatest mistake our species did was to create a Society.Social creature is the term used to describe us,but then all it has done is forcing us to be a photocopy of each other.Anyone who is different,is shunned and ridiculed.

It's not something that happens to someone particular.We all are victims and culprits.Haven't we been ignored if our thoughts don't match others and so we change to please 'them'?
And how many times have we tried to talk and find out genuinely about people who don't share our thoughts?Its not that difficult to strike a conversation with such people and become friendly with people.Who knows,you may help a person to open up and feel loved.All of us want to feel cared for,don't we?Then why look for favourites to share our care? :-)

So,all of us are different in some way,but all of us have the right to feel cared for.:-)

Got my first salary...yippee!!!! :-):-):-)
And oh by the way,its not something that has particularly happened to me,because,as I said,we all are victims and culprits too.
So go out and make someone sure they'll make you happy when you need someone too! :-)

Cheers! Have a happy week ahead ! :-)


  1. hey 1st salary....CONGRATS...
    where is the party.....???

    now about this post....
    i personally feel that there is nothing wrong in being different(in others perception) fact one must behave n talk how he/she is and never ever pretend to be someone else, no matter what the society thinks about him/ just be what you are....!!

    Nice post.

  2. " Words of wisdom " :) its really nice post. But, the hard truth is there are only hand full of people who'll do as mentioned by the person who commented above this one. We do tend to fit ourselves in others' good books. And thats the reason everyone finds it amazing when they get a new friend or have crush or fall in love. And i would like to see the real you ;) hope u ll satisfy my wish :D nice post :)


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