Sunday, November 4, 2012

The power of negative

Anything negative attracts immediate attention.A negative RH of a blood group,a dip in economy,a sad ending in a movie or book-they remain in our memory for a long time.

Imagine if in the movie Titanic,Jack hadn't died while saving Rose,instead he also found some plank to hang on to and is saved....would it have had the same impact.You may argue that the destruction of Titanic was what everyone felt bad about,but then,if there had not been any tragic love story put in,the movie would've resembled a documentary.

People lamenting about their personal problems is sure to gain more attention than those who go around with a smile trying to make people happy and cheerful.Yeah,ideally everyone doesn't like a person who goes on whining.But I guess its just human tendency to feel sorry for a person on the outside,while the brain is sadistically happy that "I am not the one affected".

Even stories having a sad ending remain etched in our memories.Why is Romeo Juliet more celebrated than some other love story having a happy ending?

Being positive and seeing the positive side of any situation is the simple mantra of a happy life.But really,its not that simple.Observe how your own thoughts wander when faced with a crisis.They'll take the easier way out-thinking negatively.Its something we aren't able to control.

Very few people have this ability to see the sunshine when its raining.We think they're unrealistic,because reality is actually very dark.Thats why dark matter in space gained more attention than the non-dark matters *:-D*.

So,who is right? The unrealistic or the realistic? Is it okay to let negativity rule our lives or try fighting with it?Is it really worth it?

Quite a confusing post,isn't it? Well,thats how my thoughts are running about too! :-D

Cheers...have a happy  POSITIVE week ahead! :)

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  1. negative is very powerful . you multiply a negative to a positive .. it convers the positive to negative ...

    so as you say being positive is a mantra and be happy .. but life is LIFE it shows us both ways ..

    You have a great week tooo ..



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