Friday, January 28, 2011

Lonely again

In a crowd of people,
one feels alone,
Everything is there,
but yet nothing for own,
A smile cheers a little,
A small talk touches the heart,
but the happiness is brittle,
it doesn't last long,
Something is pushing,
The tears onto the eyes,
but really there is no reason to cry,
one knows this feeling,this loneliness,
and that it wont last long,
but still the heart searches in the crowd,
Something thats one's own.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need for Space in any relationship

In any relationship,there is a "you" and there is a "me".They clash,sometimes "You" dominating over "Me" or "Me" dominating over "You".In either case,it leads to unhappiness,pain and all sorts of negative emotions.

Some people may argue that when you're comfortable in a relationship,such problems are rare.That means either they've submitted themselves to being bossed around or vice versa.Its human tendency to try to gain command or to follow command.Its very very difficult to strike a balance.And its also very difficult to understand and respect the other person's point of view.

Even the closest of friendship will have such barriers.Its unavoidable.As we've all studied in our Science lessons at school,the ideal conditions don't actually exist.So rather than thinking the clashes will cease for themselves,we can of course try and think on the lines of the other person too.

Apart from such clashes,we also need to respect the other person's lifestyle or habits.Even the closest of friends who're supposed to have shared everything,may want to hold back something;not because they wish to hide something about their lives but because for their friendship,it may be unimportant.

Many times,we unknowingly hurt the other person by charging into the their life.You can get close to a person,not own them.Of course,we might do so with good intentions,but we're actually strangulating the other person's wishes and thoughts.Doing so,we might lose that person altogether!

So you see,everyone needs space.It takes a lot of effort to accept the fact that the other person has his or her own ambitions,habits,lifestyle,thoughts,reactions,actions et cetra.We have to trust them to remember us even when they're happy in their space.Can we manage to so do?

Cheers....Have a Happy Week ahead!!!!!!!
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is the use of this Education?

Generally,all social problems are supposed to be solved by one "weapon"--Education.Only educated people can solve the problems that are posing as a threat to the society.

Its funny now,that most of the "educated" people themselves are the very problems.The "educated" people don't really guarantee that they'll behave the way a socially-aware person should,do they?

In wikipedia,there are many definitions given for Education.One of them being:
"In its technical sense, education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge,skills and values from one generation to another."

So that means our values teach us to keep quiet when something wrong happens,not to follow rules,not to respect the other person's space,and indulge in all sorts of malpractices to attain our goals.Right?

The fact is that most of the heinous crimes in the country are committed by our very own "educated people".From a mother being killed  because her sons(one an MBA,and another a class XII student) thought she was possessed,to so many murders(including female infanticide) in which the culprit turns out to be a such-and-such degree holder!

What is missing then?Sound moral teaching?Perhaps.Our lives are the results of the impressions made into our minds during our childhood.
But lets get it a bit deeper into it.Teaching imples teachers.Good teaching implies good teachers.Does that mean the teachers are themselves losing their own values as to what exactly the job of the teacher is?Well,you can't blame them either,can you?Paltry salary,a thankless job,and to top it all,they are always the ones blamed for any or every misdeed students do.They have a right to live know.And also,the IT booms and such boring things have clashed any hopes of people who would have otherwise wanted to be a teacher.Reason?"lack of volumnous income" etc.

Well of course,only teachers aren't responsible.One doesn't say that change the teachers and thou personality shall change.But when you see less of grumbling,unapproachable,always shouting,sarcastic teachers,and more of teachers who enjoy their work(and more importantly,know their work!)...then one can see a general transformation in students...those who may as well turn out to be fine citizens.Yes,in today's world,fine citizens are nearly non-existent...but we can get at least some better citizens,can't we? 

Sorry I digressed from my question....but seriously,who needs an education that doesn't teach us to think creatively?Let alone thinking,that doesn't let us do the right thing! As an example,isn't it shameful that despite being "educated",we don't stop giving bribes,don't stop wasting electricity,don't stop being hypocrites,don't stop being unlawful citizens,we don't pay our taxes....and so on and on. Then I guess we don't have any rights to say that there are uneducated MPs and MLAs in the government.Why not?Educated people aren't doing anything to stop them doing mumble-jumble things,right?

The need of the hour is perhaps to educate people-not only to be engineers or doctors,but also to be human,and not some remote controlled moron who knows how to work on the computer as much as he knows how to pull the trigger.

A happy Generation next shall only imply more tolerance,more brotherhood,less depression.And that lies in the hands of teachers.And the future teachers rely on the present generation's outlook of life.

Anyone listening?

Those who read this,drop in your comments please.

Monday, January 10, 2011

For a friend whom I haven't understood...

Walking through the streets of my thoughts,
I chanced upon a window,
I didn't recognise it at first,
but then I realised it was your world.

It was peculiar,
to see your world so close,
it was exciting,
more so because it had different rules.

There were lightnings on a sunny day,
rivers flowing up the mountains,
animals that talked,birds that sang,
but surprisingly less humans,.

Everyone went their own way,
nobody disturbed the other,
the temperature soared when you were angry,
and it froze when you were lonely.

There were many deserts,
where it showed your hurt,
there were rains too,
when you were cared for.

Strangely,there were no doors for your world,
only a window or two,
it was so beautiful inside,
I envied those who were welcome in there.

I tried to find a way,
but the window didn't open,
maybe I didn't open it the right way,
or maybe I was at the wrong window...

Am back from home!!! :-) :-)

Anyways,the above poem is for a friend of mine who's a bit of a loner,who doesn't know why the world is indifferent to him,and what is wrong(with him or the world).:-P

Have a happy week ahead!!! :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Difference

I have always wondered-what sets the successful people apart?What is the difference between the unsuccessful people and the successful people?

Of course hard work,positive attitude,courage,focus,etc etc are the qualities that are associated with a successful person.But put apart all that,there must be something else that makes them distinct,right?

How can one tell who'll be successful? Does their behavior differ from others? How about their attitudes?How do they think?(with brains of course :-P).How do they face any problem? Are they too focused to stifle their emotions?How do they set their priorities in life?

Some say its inborn talent that drives you through.Likewise,maybe some people have that talent to be successful no matter what.But apart from that,there are many many people whom I've come across,who have talent,but somehow don't get their due.In fact,people with lesser talent get more fame at times than those who actually deserve it.

No,am not talking about luck.Luck is something which we fall back on when we are too lazy to think the hows and whys of any situation.Then what is it that sets apart the successful and the not-so-successful ones?

Who are the unsuccessful ones then?Those who want to slip into the crowd unnoticed,afraid of attention,afraid of responsibility,afraid of anything good thats happening....and most importantly-afraid of themselves!


Well,I still haven't yet found the answer to my question.But apart from the usual heavy sounding words I mentioned,there still must be something else that sets them apart.Ain't it?

P.S: Btw,am at home for a week!!! Enjoying the single-digit temperature out here.:-P


Have a happy week ahead! :-)