Monday, January 10, 2011

For a friend whom I haven't understood...

Walking through the streets of my thoughts,
I chanced upon a window,
I didn't recognise it at first,
but then I realised it was your world.

It was peculiar,
to see your world so close,
it was exciting,
more so because it had different rules.

There were lightnings on a sunny day,
rivers flowing up the mountains,
animals that talked,birds that sang,
but surprisingly less humans,.

Everyone went their own way,
nobody disturbed the other,
the temperature soared when you were angry,
and it froze when you were lonely.

There were many deserts,
where it showed your hurt,
there were rains too,
when you were cared for.

Strangely,there were no doors for your world,
only a window or two,
it was so beautiful inside,
I envied those who were welcome in there.

I tried to find a way,
but the window didn't open,
maybe I didn't open it the right way,
or maybe I was at the wrong window...

Am back from home!!! :-) :-)

Anyways,the above poem is for a friend of mine who's a bit of a loner,who doesn't know why the world is indifferent to him,and what is wrong(with him or the world).:-P

Have a happy week ahead!!! :-)


  1. oi mast yaar... but kiski yaadon mein??.. :P

  2. Nice lines. :)

    What did your friend say, after reading this?

  3. @Shashank
    Hai koi.....:P

    Nothing unfortunately :(

  4. i totally love it! esp. how you describe and compare things..i really like the message of the poem.. everyone can relate to this...!


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