Sunday, January 23, 2011

Need for Space in any relationship

In any relationship,there is a "you" and there is a "me".They clash,sometimes "You" dominating over "Me" or "Me" dominating over "You".In either case,it leads to unhappiness,pain and all sorts of negative emotions.

Some people may argue that when you're comfortable in a relationship,such problems are rare.That means either they've submitted themselves to being bossed around or vice versa.Its human tendency to try to gain command or to follow command.Its very very difficult to strike a balance.And its also very difficult to understand and respect the other person's point of view.

Even the closest of friendship will have such barriers.Its unavoidable.As we've all studied in our Science lessons at school,the ideal conditions don't actually exist.So rather than thinking the clashes will cease for themselves,we can of course try and think on the lines of the other person too.

Apart from such clashes,we also need to respect the other person's lifestyle or habits.Even the closest of friends who're supposed to have shared everything,may want to hold back something;not because they wish to hide something about their lives but because for their friendship,it may be unimportant.

Many times,we unknowingly hurt the other person by charging into the their life.You can get close to a person,not own them.Of course,we might do so with good intentions,but we're actually strangulating the other person's wishes and thoughts.Doing so,we might lose that person altogether!

So you see,everyone needs space.It takes a lot of effort to accept the fact that the other person has his or her own ambitions,habits,lifestyle,thoughts,reactions,actions et cetra.We have to trust them to remember us even when they're happy in their space.Can we manage to so do?

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  1. in every relation we must know how to get along with them individually......... then going becomes easy i think...... more over we cant make other people think as we do, so ultimately we have to take care of their thoughts as well.....
    BTW a thoughtful write up, CONGRATS !
    glad to see u at my space, plz do have a look at my new post, when time permits....

  2. In any relationship, there should be a small space! As long as one is allowed to boss over other, it's fine. Every relationship has problems, but the approach we take towards solving them plays a major role!!


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