Monday, January 3, 2011

The Difference

I have always wondered-what sets the successful people apart?What is the difference between the unsuccessful people and the successful people?

Of course hard work,positive attitude,courage,focus,etc etc are the qualities that are associated with a successful person.But put apart all that,there must be something else that makes them distinct,right?

How can one tell who'll be successful? Does their behavior differ from others? How about their attitudes?How do they think?(with brains of course :-P).How do they face any problem? Are they too focused to stifle their emotions?How do they set their priorities in life?

Some say its inborn talent that drives you through.Likewise,maybe some people have that talent to be successful no matter what.But apart from that,there are many many people whom I've come across,who have talent,but somehow don't get their due.In fact,people with lesser talent get more fame at times than those who actually deserve it.

No,am not talking about luck.Luck is something which we fall back on when we are too lazy to think the hows and whys of any situation.Then what is it that sets apart the successful and the not-so-successful ones?

Who are the unsuccessful ones then?Those who want to slip into the crowd unnoticed,afraid of attention,afraid of responsibility,afraid of anything good thats happening....and most importantly-afraid of themselves!


Well,I still haven't yet found the answer to my question.But apart from the usual heavy sounding words I mentioned,there still must be something else that sets them apart.Ain't it?

P.S: Btw,am at home for a week!!! Enjoying the single-digit temperature out here.:-P


Have a happy week ahead! :-)


  1. Those who do not worry much about 'being proved wrong' are successful -- according to me, what I have seen and experienced!

  2. and i have no idea what that might be...i believe in work and have faith in luck :P

    btw i envy u...mujhe bhi ghar jaana hai

  3. i think success is measured upon the contentment of a person upon his life :)

  4. successful people are those people who balance both failures and success in equal proportions!

    success does not mean to achieve victory always... it means to face problems with courage...
    one can never attain success! he can oly increase his rate of success graphically linear

  5. well.. no doubt success comes with hard work, attitude, luck etc...but getting an opportunity at right time to prove ourself is very important... there r people who hav all those qualities but they dont get the opportunity to prove themself.

    (".....the Bundle of Contradictions" hav a look at my new post nd giv ur views plz)

  6. I am recalling the anecdote from our leadership module which we prepared for our students.

    It is about matsushita the founder of national co. Wherever he went he was asked about his secret of success. one day when a journalist approached him with the same question. Matsushita questioned her instead and asked what she would do if it rains?
    The answer was ' I would use an an umbrella' and he said exactly I react naturally to any situation with commonsense. That's the secret of my success. Commonsense is uncommonly used. This was the man who was rose from a humble farming family and when he died he left behind a company employed with 20,000 people.


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