Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!! :) :) :)

Phew!!! Finally the New Year has arrived! Even those down-in-the-dumps find something to cheer about the new year.Like something good is sure to happen.Like all the problems in our lives will vanish.Sigh! Its such a deceptive thing,this New Year Day and all the that.Still,one can't escape the optimism it brings.:-D

Looking back,my year had been pretty much topsy-turvy.People came and went.Some friends remained while some said goodbye.Some people cared whenever I cried.Okay,I won't go into poetry again.:-P.

I blogged less,concentrated less,thought more,worried more,and etc etc.So this year,I've vowed that no matter what happens,I'll just love myself for what I am.I guess a clear conscience is the greatest promise one can make to oneself...isn't it?

So the year 2011 will be an exploration to find myself again. :-)

I had been whining to go home for sometime now.And guess what? We've got one week holiday! Hence yours truly is going home....tomorrow! :).See,I told you God is a Cool Guy. :-P

So to put it short,my New Year Resolution is to Stop Whining and Start Breathing! :-)

Hope you all have some New Year Resolutions too! If so,please do share it here.(Maybe your New Year Resolution will remind to add another Resolution to my list :-P)

Keep Smiling....! :-)

Have a HAPPY YEAR ahead! :-) :-) :-)


  1. Happy New Year, Anu. Hope it's the beginning of wonderful times ahead:)

  2. Happy New year :)Hope the coming year brings joys and success :)

  3. @All
    Thank you soooooo much !!! :)


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