Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hasn't your mother taught you anything?

In a popular women's magazine, I came across this question in response to a query raised in one of it's agony aunt type columns : Hasn't your mother taught you anything?

Whoa! Now THAT's weird! Essentially the lady wished to know how could she best manage home and work since she doesn't find time after a hard day at work and the house remains a mess or she isn't able to cook a lot of stuffs and her dear hubby also gets angry since he wishes to invite his friends over.

And in response she's asked (not even in a subtle manner) that whether her mother has not taught her anything regarding household work.


Yes,its imperative people dig into upbringing and environment ; but the question was simple : tips on how to manage job and work?
The answer can include getting help from the husband (which wasn't mentioned at all), knowing easy-to-make recipes,hiring a maid (as simple as that!) and so on.

But the response had me rattled.

Why do we get into personal comments about people whom we haven't met or are not close with?
Also, why we still presume all the girls should be brought up to be ideal wives and daughter-in-laws ; while it is assumed that a man would be the bread-winner for the family?Why can't we steer clear of stereotypes? Why can't we accept  stay-at-home dads or  career oriented women without much fuss?

In this case,what does it have to do if her mother taught her anything or not?! Perhaps she wanted her daughter to be able to earn so that she's financially secured and stands on her own in the society !(Not knowing the same society still measures a woman's success on her homemaking skills alone)

Heck! Why do we even need to bother about other people's decisions at all?Are you going to suffer from stomach cancer if your neighbour is a stay-at-home dad and the wife is the CEO of a company? No,right?

Lets all try not to judge people (see? Am not judging the person who gave that advise :-D) and instead just focus on the situation at hand.We've got more important works to do rather than judging people and giving them unnecessary and outrageous advice, don't we?

Have a breezy week ahead! :-)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Be like the Bee!

A honey bee,while on its quest to get its nectar to make honey,does two jobs - get the nectar,and help in cross pollination of flowers.

When nature itself has examples of peaceful coexistence,then shouldn't we,as the evolved "intelligent" race,introspect our lives too?

Imagine a big house where you live alone. A big car you drive on your own.
Exotic cuisine no one to explore with.
Loneliness being a friend is a myth.

The purpose of our lives is fulfilled when we help others directly or indirectly.What goes around,comes around. This I learnt in a short story by Enid Blyton in which one person does a good deed to another and tells him or her to " pass it on". This cycle of good deeds eventually reach back to the person ( a small kid) who started this chain! ( thank you Enid Blyton for your meaningful bedtime stories!! )

How do we incorporate that in our lives?
See that old lady afraid to cross the road?Take her hand and help her cross.See the small boy unable to reach a favourite biscuit packet in the supermarket? Just take that packet and hand it to him with a smile.See that man struggling with loads of bags with him? Help him out.See that unhappy acquaintance? Listen to her woes sincerely and offer support.

Be like the honey bee. Help others. Spread smiles!You'll not only find the honey of happiness,you'll also find the smiling flowers you've helped to blossom :-)

Cheers! Have a smiling week ahead!!
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Being a Bad Friend

Okay! So this has been in my mind for many months now,but I had been delaying it purposely.After all,admitting you're a bad friend is a difficult thing to do!

Yes,am a bad friend.Like really a bad friend.And that's the reason why I hate Facebook too.I guess I show signs of the Facebook Syndrome when I say how much I yearn to have friends who would dedicate a Status,put up my pic with them,or just put up some quirky status for me....No no please don't do those now!

The point is,I am a terrible friend.I already said that,right? Going down the memory lane,I miss so many of my friends.Unfortunately am one of those silent sufferers who put up a facade of "Oh I don't care!" but deep down,the memories of a friendship haunt me,making me painfully miss my friends and those "good" times.

Have I tried to be in contact? Tried to plan some outing of sorts?Some get-together?Movie?Gossip session?I guess the answer is no.Sigh.

Maybe they don't even think about me.Oh,thats the harder part.To accept that they've moved on.How'll I go on about pulling them unwillingly to the days-that-were mode when they're like "Yeah it was.So?"

But I do remember birthdays.It's the wishing that I don't do.

Am behaving like a person out of a newly broken up relationship,ain't I?

Well,Friendship is important.To me at least.But unfortunately my vocal chords go on a holiday whenever I wish to express that "You're my friend! I always cherish your friendship!"

Oh well,time to move on for me too I guess.All this rant would do me no-good.

Wait a minute.Hey! That's an old friend of mine.She's sent a friend request! You think she remembered me,that's why send a request? Or just a random act of adding someone she knows?

That's anybody's guess!

Cheers...Have a happy month ahead!