Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello people!

This post has been written in Public interest so that people don't miss me or my posts much for the time the great Exams are starting from tomorrow.:(

Oh by the way,I have a peculiar habit.Whenever I am nervous,I laugh uncontrollably.And I've been laughing all day :P.

Well yeah I am nervous.Tomorrow is Maths (Its called Numerical Methods...hmm...calling a rose by any other name :P).Actually I enjoy Maths....but still exams do give me jitters.Not that I am afraid of the questions or something.My fear mainly is due to my record of doing silliest mistakes in the answer paper.:P

My book is staring back at me.Urgh.Wish it were more friendly. :(

Anyways,I'll go now.Have some revision to do.

Btw,I am also scared that maybe tomorrow early morning I'll get a message saying its not Maths,but Electrical Machines...Oh no!.You don't believe me? Hey it happens! I once went to school thinking it was Hindi exam,but it turned out to be Social Science exam! :P

Okay stop glaring.I'll go,I'll go.
Wish me luck! :)

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010


The more you try to sneak away,
The more I feel your absence,
The more your absence I feel,
The more I understand your importance....

The more I hear your silence,
The more I want to scream,
The more screams I muffle,
The more closer  I get to insanity....

The more I see the change in you,
The more I wonder about the old times and how they were,
The more I wonder about those moments,
The more I wish we were like those days forever...

The more those times appear in my dreams,
The more I wish you were here with me,
The more I wish to have your company,
The more I see how far you are from me....

Heya people! Hope your life is going on great.
Well the title and the post has no relation actually :P

So whats going on in my life? University Practical Exams! Oh God! The first practical was something I won't care to talk about(Heehee) and second one (today) was like good only...although the External Examiner who  asked the Viva was confused with my answers(The trick was that,although I didn't know much,but stammered the same thing again and again for a long time so she thought maybe I did give the answer :P).In fact,the lady was so exhausted with my answers that she finally asked "Is Electrical Machines such a tough subject?" My reply? A big grin. :P

Okay the third and final Practical is on 20th.Not that I am studying seriously or something.I am not coming online coz most of the times my roomies are using my Laptop for practicing programs and all:P

So till then....
Have a great week ahead! :)
Don't forget to wish me luck! :P

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something like love?

A sweet smile to welcome you,
a cute frown to admonish you,
So chirpy when you do something for her,
And when she is unhappy,its one hell of a bother!

You would do anything for that smile,
You would miss her dearly,even if its for a while,
You would leave nothing to wipe out that frown off her pretty face,
And your heart just warms up at her unending grace....

Don't know what she talks about,but who cares?
As long as you can listen to whatever she shares,
She always seems to be one step ahead of you in everything,
Doesn't matter,she is with you,that is the important thing.

Its like the world gone wrong when she is sad,
Her sadness drives you mad,
And if she is the one gone mad with fury...
Well,its a never ending story :D

Its so irritating when she scolds and bosses over you,
But its better to listen to the advices she showers on you,
Whatever she says,has something that sets you thinking,
Yeah right! You aren't going to follow,that's another thing! :P

But whatever the place,whatever the time,
I would like to specifically mention in these rhymes,
Perhaps a heartbreak may follow,perhaps a bitterness may be the result,
In the end,I guess its worth it to fall in love with a girl.


Endless phone calls till he gets a response,
Some extra attention is all that he wants,
He would call back shamelessly when one has angrily disconnected,
And would go on saying sorry till the apology is accepted..

He is miserable when one is not around,
One makes him miserable when one is really around,
Would never understand when one expresses her feelings,
But nevertheless,he behaves as if he is listening!

Would criticize the person whom one appreciates,
Feels jealous often,and an issue out of nothing he creates,
Cares,but never expresses the right way,
But something is not right when he has got nothing to say...

His silence hurts,his anger scares,
And in his bad moods one never dares,
To say anything or to console or convince,
Frankly,advices make him wince!

When he is upset,the world doesn't matter anymore,
One does everything to see his magical smile once more,
Somehow with soft words he resumes his merriment,
But,for that,one does not get any acknowledgment!

But whatever the outcome,whoever he chooses later,
The care and the emotions are embedded forever,
He may betray,shattering her world,
But,its really beautiful when a boy is loved by a girl...