Sunday, April 18, 2010


The more you try to sneak away,
The more I feel your absence,
The more your absence I feel,
The more I understand your importance....

The more I hear your silence,
The more I want to scream,
The more screams I muffle,
The more closer  I get to insanity....

The more I see the change in you,
The more I wonder about the old times and how they were,
The more I wonder about those moments,
The more I wish we were like those days forever...

The more those times appear in my dreams,
The more I wish you were here with me,
The more I wish to have your company,
The more I see how far you are from me....

Heya people! Hope your life is going on great.
Well the title and the post has no relation actually :P

So whats going on in my life? University Practical Exams! Oh God! The first practical was something I won't care to talk about(Heehee) and second one (today) was like good only...although the External Examiner who  asked the Viva was confused with my answers(The trick was that,although I didn't know much,but stammered the same thing again and again for a long time so she thought maybe I did give the answer :P).In fact,the lady was so exhausted with my answers that she finally asked "Is Electrical Machines such a tough subject?" My reply? A big grin. :P

Okay the third and final Practical is on 20th.Not that I am studying seriously or something.I am not coming online coz most of the times my roomies are using my Laptop for practicing programs and all:P

So till then....
Have a great week ahead! :)
Don't forget to wish me luck! :P


  1. aww..sad poem yet so beautiful ^_^ good luck for the exams~!!! :D

  2. I would agree with the above comment. All the lines were hard hitting esp these:

    "The more I hear your silence,
    The more I want to scream,
    The more screams I muffle,
    The more closer I get to insanity...."


  3. Love the poem! I can always relate to your poems.. I just LOVVVEE that :D

    Good luck for your exams and all! :)

  4. @Ayu
    Thank you for your wishes! :)

    Thank you :)

    Thank you dear! :)

  5. Beautiful!! Good luck on the exams!

  6. Hmm...humming going on...
    WHat a wonderful rhythm...and lines...Loved each line of it...

    Yeah..I was wondering and trying hard to figure out the connection between the title and poem...but then I almost gave I have some very weird thoughts...Perhaps..i felt the title was just apt for the prose!

    ~bwt. Loved the funny routein note your the grin at the end:)All the best for the Exams!

    And yeah, Anu I might not be comenting to all your posts...but I love each one of them...especially all your recent do come up with more:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  7. Good Luck, Anu :)
    Nice to read your posts. All of them were wonderful.

  8. @Rachana
    Thank you so much :)

    Thank you :)

  9. Good Luck, Anu :)
    Nice to read your posts.enjoyed my read

  10. nice one...!!! sema feel po...

  11. Oh God.. Electrical Machines was the toughest lab I attended. I still don't know the how to do testings for an AC 3-phase induction motor...

  12. Good one :)
    It has the mystic flow, and rhythm!
    Btw, you people also have the electrical machines lab?
    Well, we also have it and it sucks BIG time!


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