Thursday, March 17, 2011

God And Me....again!

I was sitting alone on a bench one day,brooding over my fight with my best friend.I was so drowned in my thoughts,that I didn't notice that God was standing in front of me.

"Hello?Anyone there?",He asked,bending down to see my face,that was not really much watchable at that moment.

I looked up and said,"Oh,how come you're here,I didn't call you now."

A little ruffled at my statement,He said stiffly "Well,I was passing by,so thought of visiting you.So why there is this storm on your face?"

"Nothing,just had a fight with my friend."

"Oh,is that all?",He grinned,I glared.

"Yes.I said things to her I shouldn't have said"

"Oh,so its your big blabbering mouth again",He guffawed loudly,and I glared even more.

"Okay okay,stop glaring at me,I might what now?Shedding tears or hurling abuses?"

"Hmm...neither.Am just thinking about my behavior."

"You humans are so make mistakes,hurt the other person,and then you repent.But I wonder how many of you really go and say Sorry sincerely !"

"Huh?I do say Sorry...that too sincerely!"

"What about this time?I don't think you've apologised to your friend till now.",He said,sitting down beside me.

"Yeah,I haven't yet.Maybe we'll be all right by tomorrow"

"But it doesn't hurt to say Sorry,my child.You apologise,then leave the decision to the other person whether or not she wants to accept your apology gracefully or reject it unkindly.Saying sorry doesn't really mean you go down one step down,it means you've grown up!"

"Hmm....I know all of that..but still...I only say Sorry all the time.Why should I?When will the other person realise that mistake is their's?"

"Ha ha ha! You're so silly.I have told you,you'll not lose any of your pride...rather your value increases.Try saying sorry to everyone you've hurt...and make their heart melt,and let their blessings reach you",He smiled...and I smiled too.

"All right,I'll go now,hope you and your friend do get back together again,so that you forget Me for sometime :-P."

As He got up,He stepped on my foot accidently.

"Watch out! Can't you see?!!!",I nearly screamed.By then,He had flown away.Huh,He didn't even say SORRY :|

Hey back again(Yeah being back implies I'll be absent from the blog for a fortnight :P)
I was busy with the Group Dance thing for the Culturals(Our Department got the 3rd place :P) was tired,hopeless,hopeful,energetic,happy,sad,doubtful,confident etc etc at the same time.

And don't worry,as such there is no great problem between me and my best friend....but I was just brooding over how a simple Sorry can halt so many arguments!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

After a month!

Its been a month since I blogged last....phew! What happened in this one month?
>My birthday! (12th Feb)
>I'll be dancing in the Cultural Event at my college (Group Dance),hence bunking classes a lot(for practice)!
>I've become very emotional...missing a friend very much :-(
>Thinking a lot these days;nothing much constructive though.:-P
>Missing talking to God;seems He's also angry with me. :-(

Yeah I know,I had promised I won't whine much this year,that I'll find myself again,that I'll love myself.But its too easier to promise,hard to implement!

" There are some silences which you need to hear,
  some tears which you should see in smiles,
  some calls by friend in distress which you need to understand,
  some tremor you should feel beneath a strong voice."

Okay okay...I'll try to be more cheerful and write more Happy posts! :-)

Have a Happy Week Ahead! :-)