Sunday, November 29, 2009

When the wind blows

She stood tall,unafraid,
Unmoving lips speaking the words not said,
She looked almost peaceful,calm,
But inside her there was a raging storm...

She nursed her bruises,
She bore those bad curses,
But never again,she promised to herself with determination,
Never again,would this happen to anyone,

She was a mother,she still is,
But her murdered daughter she would always miss,
Murdered,at the hands of her husband's family,
She,at first,didn't believe that it was the reality...

Why?Why was her innocent daughter killed?
Didn't her little hands convey that she wanted to live?
Cold-bloodily strangled,her daughter was,
And all she lived was a few hours....

Now,she would fight,take her revenge,
Her daughter's murder,she would avenge,
She was killed because she was a daughter,
Now,she would fight because they killed her daughter...

Her elder daughter entered,along with the lawyer,
Who promised to help her avenge her daughter's murder,
The lawyer,a lady herself,helped her unending,
She would not let the murderers get away so easily....

Sometimes,we are carried away by the pleasant weather,
And we think it would always remain this way,
But when the winds blow too fast and strong,
Not much really lasts long...

Like this,perhaps many mistake the shy daughter-in-law,
To be silent and submissive,as she always was,
But when she takes a stand,nothing can shake her will,
She still can't understand fully,why her daughter was killed?
Yes,female foeticide still happens.If not in the womb,then the innocent girl is killed within few hours of her birth.Not only it happens in rural areas,but its as much a reality in the urban areas too.Why?Why would you kill an innocent child just because its a girl?What can't a girl do when she grows up?

The above poem is inspired by a story which I read in some supplementary of a newspaper.Though,perhaps,its not a full justice to the emotions of that woman on whom the poem is based...still,its just a try to recreate her emotions.:)

Sorry for the lengthy poem,and the irregular pattern of the lines :P

Have a happy week ahead.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a thought

For the past one week,the discussions in the Media are hovering around the 1st anniversary of the Mumbai Terror Attacks.Like a flashback of what happened in Mumbai...when we stuck to our television screens.Most news channels showed a ticker on the side which showed number of casualties like some score of a cricket match! How much have we grown from that time till now?

Of course,we have now realised how much vulnerable our very own police force is at the hands of the government...people like Hemant Karkare died at the hands of terrorists,fighting,just because his bullet proof jacket was "faulty".

We now realise how media should behave in times of was noticed that the terrorists were aware of the police force's actions just by watching TV.

We now realise that no place is safe from terror attacks....From railway stations,to grand and famous hotels....terror discriminates no one.

We now realise the seriousness of growing terrorism,growing insecurity,growing inability of the Administration to capture the culprits and pluck out the root cause responsible for such unprecedented attacks.
We also realise that as common people,the only thing we can do (at the least) is raise voices,keep pestering the non-committal government,and to have enough presence of mind if and when we are trapped in a terror-attack situation.

And finally,we also realise that just panel discussions with ministers,lighting candles,rewinding the past events,and complaining to the media about the inability of the Government,insufficient tools for security forces etc etc cannot do much harm to the Rhino-skinned terrorists.

Like always,we,the Indians, have moved on,whenever something big happened.Mumbai was back to business in 3 days after the attacks.Perhaps,in a way,the terrorist-attacks have failed.Failed to completely paralyse one city,or state,or country.But they have indeed been successful in creating a fear.A fear,amongst all,victims or not,of the anything-can-happen-any-moment thinking.
But now, we have taken a stance against terrorism.We won't go back on that.Its time to look forward.

And we,the Indians,will.
Hello everyone! I am back! Exams went on okay types.Just a wee bit shaky here and there.
Am back home now...enjoying the winter! (with an ice-cream!)

Have a nice week ahead.....:)
Take care!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exam time! :P

Yep...its that time of the year (for us) again in which we are reminded that we need to study in college too...apart from having fun..
Yes..the Exam Time.
Unfortunately,when I opened my Maths book yesterday...I realised that whatever formulae I thought I knew were those of the second semester...and right now I am going to give the exams for third semester.

Ha ha funny...I don't remember attending the classes of ElectroMagnetic Theory (EMT) or Measurements and Instrumentation(MI)...what was I doing then? Hmm...Oh ya! I was writing the record for the labs!Duh!

Well anyway...I wanted to convey my apologies to everyone for not properly commenting on their new posts...but I can't help it.

Anyways..I am logging off now...will return back to my intellectual(?) blabbering after the exams (or even in between the exams :P)

Have a great fortnight ahead! :)

P.S: My Practical Exams were not really that great...Data Structures was bad...forgot the whole program and had to ask ma'am for a change of question :P
Electronic Devices and Circuits wasn't too good...the ma'am helped me to take the readings for UJT...and was cursing under her breath "I don't understand why students like you come to college" :P

Measurements and Instrumentation(MI) lab was good....but Viva was bad....I didn't even explain the difference between Energy and Power :P