Sunday, November 29, 2009

When the wind blows

She stood tall,unafraid,
Unmoving lips speaking the words not said,
She looked almost peaceful,calm,
But inside her there was a raging storm...

She nursed her bruises,
She bore those bad curses,
But never again,she promised to herself with determination,
Never again,would this happen to anyone,

She was a mother,she still is,
But her murdered daughter she would always miss,
Murdered,at the hands of her husband's family,
She,at first,didn't believe that it was the reality...

Why?Why was her innocent daughter killed?
Didn't her little hands convey that she wanted to live?
Cold-bloodily strangled,her daughter was,
And all she lived was a few hours....

Now,she would fight,take her revenge,
Her daughter's murder,she would avenge,
She was killed because she was a daughter,
Now,she would fight because they killed her daughter...

Her elder daughter entered,along with the lawyer,
Who promised to help her avenge her daughter's murder,
The lawyer,a lady herself,helped her unending,
She would not let the murderers get away so easily....

Sometimes,we are carried away by the pleasant weather,
And we think it would always remain this way,
But when the winds blow too fast and strong,
Not much really lasts long...

Like this,perhaps many mistake the shy daughter-in-law,
To be silent and submissive,as she always was,
But when she takes a stand,nothing can shake her will,
She still can't understand fully,why her daughter was killed?
Yes,female foeticide still happens.If not in the womb,then the innocent girl is killed within few hours of her birth.Not only it happens in rural areas,but its as much a reality in the urban areas too.Why?Why would you kill an innocent child just because its a girl?What can't a girl do when she grows up?

The above poem is inspired by a story which I read in some supplementary of a newspaper.Though,perhaps,its not a full justice to the emotions of that woman on whom the poem is based...still,its just a try to recreate her emotions.:)

Sorry for the lengthy poem,and the irregular pattern of the lines :P

Have a happy week ahead.


  1. aararo aariraro
    arraro nee keka aayusu unaku illaiadi
    mudhal nella na neriaka vidhi vandhu senthathadi
    thaipaalu nee kudika thalaiezuthu illaiadi
    kallipaalu nee kudichu kanurangu nallapadi
    adathaoru semam(jenmam) vanthu
    aanage nee porantha
    boomila idam irukum
    poi vadi annakili
    ...i guess this just paints the picture of a

  2. Anu,

    The raw passion behind your poems and the honesty remind me of mine own work of the yesteryear. Foeticide is cruel, amongst the most cruel crimes in the world, and it is sad to see it persists. As a man though - city bred and all - I would want to have a daughter rather than a son if a choice were given to me at the appropriate time.

    "Sometimes,we are carried away by the pleasant weather,
    And we think it would always remain this way,
    But when the winds blow too fast and strong,
    Not much really lasts long..." - as for these lines, some may say the philosophy betokened is cynical but NO! It reflects life in a big way. Nothing is permanent; it is based on how people treat impermanence that their lives are determined.

  3. you have written it was a good poem dear :)

  4. @Soin
    Thanx for those lovely lines! :)

    Thank you very much for your comment.But even if the girl is spared and "allowed" to live,there still persists discrimination between boy and girl.Of course,many women are coming forward and have supportive families,but its like a mere eyewash.

    @An Ordinary Girl
    Thank you so much dear! :)

  5. वर्ष 2001 के आकडों के हिसाब से जहाँ देश में स्त्री पुरूष अनुपात (लिंगानुपात ) 1000 : 933 का है वहीँ हरियाणा में 1000 पुरुषों के मुकाबले केवल 861 स्त्रियाँ और पंजाब में 1000 पुरुषों के मुकाबले 874 स्त्रियाँ हैं

    जिस तरह से लिंगानुपात घट रहा है ...उस दर से पंजाब में वर्ष 2091 में 1000 पुरुषों पर केवल 55 स्त्रियाँ होंगी ..... अम्बाला में तो ये नौबत वर्ष 2071 में ही आ जायेगी और फतेहगढ़ साहिब में वर्ष 2061 में ही यहाँ पर 1000 पुरुषों पर केवल 34 स्त्रियाँ होंगी

  6. Very nice expression and I tend to agree with what has been stated by Mr Anil Kant.

  7. A hard hittign poem :). keep up the good work :)

  8. lovely poem dear...very sad but beautiful words

  9. That was lovely!!
    sad, but well expressed :)

  10. i like your poem..XD following you now..XD

    im ayu..and here's my blog

    in case you wanted to visit or to follow mine..^_^

  11. @Anil Kant
    Thank you for presenting the ratios.But such numbers scare only those who realise the significance of the digits.I guess it makes no difference to those who don't understand the wrong effects of female foeticide.

    @BK Chowlaji
    Thank you sir

    Thank you for your comment! :)

    @Yellow tulip
    Thanx a lot dear! :)

    Thank you!:)

    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  12. hey anu... it happens only in India doesnt it..i think the only prob is illiteracy and population..both are vice versa reasons!! nicely written..only way we can create some awareness!!

  13. nice one... atleast few ppl should recognise and act truly to their humanitarian character....

    life is a balanced mixture..women should play a importent role in it...SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO!


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