Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Randomness of Random Thoughts

I tell myself ,"Today I have to,have to write a post in my blog".The watch showed 4 o'clock in the evening.As my eyelids came down to block my vision,I lazily think "Oh well,I'll write it in the night".

Night comes and goes.But not even a single idea for my blog.

Next day in thoughts go for a walk something like this:
The climate summit....Yes! Thats going to be my idea for my blog! I am now smiling...a relieved smile.Now my half-abandoned blog will be cared for once again! But my smile fades as I think of WHAT to write for that!  I mean no country needs to compromise...its the people who need to change their lifestyles...but who listens to great people like me?:(
And if I say that there is no need for any stupid climate summit and that people need to get away from their fear of darkness and in turn switch off lights at night,the world would be a better place...then I would be having a shoe-y crown on my head! :(

Nope...idea canceled.

How about pessimism of the Media? Ya thats a good one.I smiled smugly,yeah...I got a new victim! You know the media is so pessimistic....have any of the news channels or any newspaper highlighted the fact that the forest cover of India has increased by 0.3%?Okay okay maybe the percent is too small..but at least our efforts are reaping results! We might perhaps reverse the climate change conditions!...Err..I mean reduce.

Maybe thats being too hopeful...compared to the media! :P

As I munched my half-cooked roti of my hostel mess....I get this Newtonian idea of writing about the patheticity of hostel food everywhere.Oh that would draw out sympathy from all the readers! Ask anyone who lives in the hostel...they'll surely tell the sad story of hostel food.Don't the mess-incharges have any heart?Don't they realise how sad the poor kids are already that they add salt to the wounds by providing pathetic food?
But I have already written a wee-bit too much about my hostel...and as I said earlier,I don't repeat myself :P

As I climb the steps of my hostel(lift isn't working)..I think further...Hmm then? How about some sad poem? poems always invite praises...and everyone is set to the 'thinking-mode' after reading them(Oh I am so modest :P).As I turned the pages of my poem notebook(collection of my OWN poems..mind it!),I select one poem and just as I am about to type out a relatively fierce poem...I realised that all my poems till now have been pretty much...err...fierce types only.One more..and my readers would say no more! :(

As I arrange my books...a great Einsteinian idea struck me (Newton was born before Einstein :P).I'll write all the thoughts that run through my head and post it! Oh I am so intelligent!

So forgetting my books...I sat down and started typing..
"I tell myself ,"Today I have to,have to write a post in my blog".The watch showed 4 o'clock in the evening.As my eyelids came down to block my vision,I lazily think "Oh well,I'll write it in the night"."

Have a great week ahead....
Cheers! :)


  1. he he he........

  2. Anu,

    Perhaps you should relax while ideas are sparse or too vague for you to press with. And yes good to see a more "aggro" Anu as opposed to the humble one we are used to seeing.

    Cheers :)

    PS: Perhaps you SHOULD post a poem soon. Your poetry is nice in a very honest and passionate sort of way! :)

  3. i wanna hear more of your poems.. :3 and btw..pls don't push yourself too much if you ain't in the mood for writing then don't write/'s easier that way than to relatively post something for the sake of posting right?

    anyway..merry Christmas!! :3

  4. hahaha... wat an awesome post... Enjoyed it to teh core... :)

    See.. I'm getting 'Abdul-Kalam'ian' ideas now... :P Since i'm going through the same kinda crap.. Hw abt if i can copy ur idea... :P

    Totally enjoyed the post.... ;)


  5. lol finally you wrote the post :P

    It was nice and it makes me smile :)

  6. @Srinivas
    Thank you so much! :)
    I'll surely post a poem soon :)

    Sure...check out the labels in the left side of the page...there go to "Poetry" section.Hope you like my poems.:)

    'Abdul-Kalamian' ideas sound good.:P
    No need to copy my ideas...I am sure you'll be having better ideas than mine! :P

    @An Ordinary Girl
    Thank you :)
    I enjoyed writing the post as much as you enjoyed reading it :)

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  8. Happy New Year!!!

    have a fantastic New year


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