Thursday, June 25, 2009

RULES....are meant to be understood correctly!

Note:This post is subject to anytime deletion(Not that it matters much)

My hostel warden looked up at me when I had shown her the application asking permission to go out.
I had stated that I had to go out for the "purpose of shopping".

She glared at me and said "Don't write that you need to go out for shopping! They'll(Security guys or the management guys or the Chief Warden) ask questions! Write that you need to buy books or something"

Though I didn't understand whats wrong for us to go out on a Sunday and that too between 11 am to 4 pm,I wrote a new application in which I stated that I had to go out since I have to get the photocopy of a book (?).She smiled and said "Enjoy your day!"

I never really go out much anyway...I am too lazy.I would rather be dozing or reading a book instead of going out.

But that day I had to go out with one of my roomies for buying a surprise cake for my other roomie.

And I couldn't help but wonder....wonder about the risk our warden was taking.She knew us too well and trusted us too much to know that we would not land into trouble. :P.

I also wondered about what the people who made these rules thought about us going out for some shopping? I don't say we aren't allowed,I would say it isn't approved.

But all the same I love my hostel.I also love breaking its rules.

Maybe these things happen in all other hostels too.I don't know.But I can't really be blaming them for the idiotic rules...If anything happens to any of the hostelites(God forbid) they are the ones who would face the music and people will think a hundred times before sending their children to our college.Its obvious.But still one hopes for miracles,one hopes that the management starts to think the way we do....:P

Well I am a very sincere student.I don't usually break rules,coz I see rules as challenges which don't let me live my life my way.So I say to the rule-makers..." you got another one ah? Let me see how this rule breaks me...I'll show you how rules are followed!!!"

So the end result is that no rules are broken by me.They are just bent,heated,molten and shaped to suit me(with a large help from reliable sources,of course!).So in this way,the rule makers are also happy...and I always...happy!

So I smiled back at my warden and said "Do you need anything ? We'll buy it for you.":)

P.S. Don't ask me to give an example of bending the rules.Unfortunately I suffer from short term memory I don't remember the examples.(HeeHee)

Have a nice week!

And....remember the rules so that you know how to break them!

P.S.: I have read took me 3 days full to complete it.And there are no words to describe this amazing book..its really really very good!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Do You THINK?

Hey folks,I am thinking.Okay okay,stop grinning...I really can think!

What am I thinking? Well I am thinking a lot of how much time will I take to finish the book Shantaram written by Gregory David Roberts(the book has got 933 pages),then I am thinking why is it that the food in expensive hotels is too bad compared to the food you get in dhabas or little highway restaurants,and I am thinking what would be Sania Mirza's next move after marriage(HeeHee)...and thats not all...I am thinking...oops...I am blabbering about myself...oh god...I am so modest!(HeeHee).

An acquintance of mine once told me "I never think.I never think of the future nor the past.I just live in the present".I know all of you approve.Sure.Its quite right for depressed souls to live in the present.But then,why has the Almighty given us a brain then? To get brain cancer? Or for using it at the right time in the wrong way?

I don't really mean to be rude but seriously,we are intelligent creatures (We?)...and we should think.Think of all the lovely things in life,think of the varied emotions human beings are capable of,think about our own capabilities so that we can stand on our own feet,think of improving other's lives,think of being an integral part of a system known as the society-in short,there is so much to think,good or bad or useless....but start to think!

Sometimes,people (including me) avoid thinking.Its like thinking drifts them off to another phase of their lives they might never really want to think about,or don't want to face,or have buried somewhere deep...Any loss,any bad incident,any guilt,any self-pity,any reproach might suddenly pop up from somewhere that might make us feel immense sadness which we are always afraid of.But,we have to face it.We aren't ostriches that we dig our faces into the sand when we see a danger coming,right? There is no procedure to face the despair....its just pulling yourself together when everyone else thinks you would surely go down.

What would thinking do to you? Well,it would certainly bring out your creative side.
What about negative thoughts? Well again,keep thinking them too....and all of a sudden you would feel..hey what the hell! I am bored of these stupid thoughts.... :D

What should you think? Well to begin with,you can think about what are you going to do with your life.(heehee)

All right,while you get confused with what to think and the purpose of my post,I'll resume my reading.(I have already read 320 pages till now!!!)

Stop dreaming.
Start thinking.

P.S:Today's Quote of the day says:
Blessed are the forgetful: for they get the better even of their blunders

Ain't it funny but true?(Huh?)


Monday, June 15, 2009

In GOD we TRUST,grumble we MUST!

I hate you.I seriously do.How can you do this to me? Today you have messed up my maths paper,and God knows...oops,I mean you would only know how many other exams of mine you are going to screw up! You know how much I practiced for maths! {Ah well,whatever I did was enough}.And made me forget all the formulas and methods and on top of it,you were blowing the silly wind that made my question paper and answer sheet float about in air! I know you are grinning at the mere sight of seeing me in trouble! Humph! You are bad,bad,bad!

OK,coming back to you people now...whoa....yikes! God has appeared in my room...and oh my god(?) he looks angry.

I am thinking to myself...OK so what? you may be God but I am also angry right now,and I won't give you much attention!

But you know what God is....adamant.So after keeping quiet for a few minutes he said "I heard you hurling abuses at me,so I came".{Ah,here you go.God also has the tendency to exaggerate!}

I was non-responsive and said "Ya,so?".Hmm,I guess my answer seemed to hit His face cleared and he looked at me and..surprisingly...started laughing!

"Oh you little are so silly. You get angry for such stupid reasons!

Last time you complained about the rain that you didn't want to appear.Other time you complained about going home where you did go and had fun...then you complained about having to come back to college. Always complaining!

When I give you rain thinking you would be amused,you end up catching a cold and complaining about it.When I give things too easily to you,you complain of life being too dull.When I give challenges you complain about the troubles!"

I listened...and was feeling ashamed.But still I was too arrogant to admit that I didn't have anything to complain much till the results come...and was He responsible for a maths paper gone wrong ?

OK,I said,I know I was idiotic to let anything like a maths paper make me scold you...but I just didn't know what to do.

He smiled,more like the teacher who has taught the arrogant kid some patience.
He told me...its all right.Remember me always,and don't grumble!
He turned around and vanished..
I looked up...
and groaned "Oh God ! You broke the ceiling when you entered!!!!!! Arrrrghhh! I hate you!"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dare to dream BIG!

Thousands of people surrounding you,hailing you,a dozen officers appointed for your security,all the top guns of the industry wanting to be friends with you,your noble work is the talk of the town(or city) and the loyal friends.....this isn't just a dream....this can be a reality.No,I am not talking of joining the mafia to have it all.In fact,I don't even know how all this can happen.But I do know the cause...the dream.A wise man(or woman) once said that dreams aren't the pictures you see when you are asleep,but they are the images which don't let you sleep.
Think of something you have always wanted in your life.And let me tell you,if its only...only...Money...then you are gone.Money is temporary,its here today and not tomorrow.Think of something you would really love to do....Social work? Invent something? A dream project? A reform? And when you do,the path would be shown to you.And if its not clear still how you would do it...well...they say "Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work" --- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
It seems logical,you know,when we are determined to do something good or have set our hearts into seems nothing else matters.
Just think...for an instant at least...what is it that makes you wake up all night,makes you more determined and fearless? That's what your dream is...and THAT'S what you have to be to be happy in life!
One cannot just "survive" in life.One needs an ambition and the passion to fulfill it.
So don't be afraid to dream..whatever they are.Just do it.
Your dream is calling you from your sleep,have you woken up?