Friday, June 5, 2009

Dare to dream BIG!

Thousands of people surrounding you,hailing you,a dozen officers appointed for your security,all the top guns of the industry wanting to be friends with you,your noble work is the talk of the town(or city) and the loyal friends.....this isn't just a dream....this can be a reality.No,I am not talking of joining the mafia to have it all.In fact,I don't even know how all this can happen.But I do know the cause...the dream.A wise man(or woman) once said that dreams aren't the pictures you see when you are asleep,but they are the images which don't let you sleep.
Think of something you have always wanted in your life.And let me tell you,if its only...only...Money...then you are gone.Money is temporary,its here today and not tomorrow.Think of something you would really love to do....Social work? Invent something? A dream project? A reform? And when you do,the path would be shown to you.And if its not clear still how you would do it...well...they say "Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work" --- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
It seems logical,you know,when we are determined to do something good or have set our hearts into seems nothing else matters.
Just think...for an instant at least...what is it that makes you wake up all night,makes you more determined and fearless? That's what your dream is...and THAT'S what you have to be to be happy in life!
One cannot just "survive" in life.One needs an ambition and the passion to fulfill it.
So don't be afraid to dream..whatever they are.Just do it.
Your dream is calling you from your sleep,have you woken up?


  1. yeah...!! its awesome yaar.. many don't realize this truth and they blame on others.. mainly god..!!If they realize this truth.. and if they start following this.. their life would be happier than ever..!! no sorrow..!! lets try to make everyone understand this..

  2. god is a faith ... a companion.. who is carried by everyone in life!!!.....u blame god... it is like blaming urself... as a 2nd person.... but as the 1st person... it is like encouraging a depressed man... god is ever ready take ur things on his shoulders..... and it depends on the faith the person carries... wheather... he achieves his final goal or not.. his dream or not!!!.... and about draming big... it is democracy everybody has the right to dream big.. bfore dreaming people must realise its real time scenario!!!

  3. NOTE:
    hmmmm DREAM COME TRUE??? it always happens fo r only a FEW!!all tend to dream but only a tend to BEAM it true!!!

    a.p.j sir: " DREAM DREAM DREAM COVERT ur dreams to minds,minds to thoughts and thoughts to actions"

    this is wat a legend spread: but stop here and think- HIS DREAM HAS BEEN visioned and achieved !!! and ppl who acheive ALWAYS have experiences to SPEAK about-

    but wat about those whose dreams are still of dreaming and not blossoming??
    arent they working hard or isnt that they dont have right start for their DREAM !!!!??????


  4. Unfortunately I do not understand what you are trying to say.

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  6. hey its really true.....1 has to b ambitious n has to have a motive of life!!!
    life is full of ups n downs so v need to b focussed n should not take our failer as our incapability!!!
    dream big n achieve it.....


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