Sunday, May 17, 2009

Its Singara Chennai

Yeh Chennai hai mere yaar....
And its not only Idli and Sambhaar!...:D
Well,when you are visiting Chennai for the first time...(or any time) would be intoxicated with the smell of jasmine flowers,food..(you would be surprised at the see,its not only Idli n dosa all the time! :P),the sea breeze,etc etc etc.You can argue that its all available in other places too...but it won't be a registered Chennai product! :D
A city struggling between modernity and modesty(like our India itself in general),a city braving power cuts,a city of brainy kids(?),a city having a multi-culture mixed into one culture,a city slowly opening up,a city slowly going global,a city of movie-star crazy fellows(super-crazy da!),a city slowly inching towards the mainland issues,a city of cricket-crazy guys and girls(super-super-crazy da!),a city of beautiful lyrics,a city of beautiful sounds of music,a city fighting corruption,a city breaking the barriers with care and inviting people from the outer-sphere.....
Wait! Does this sound like any other metro of our country? Well yes it does.Thats attributed to the fact that all the metros are a part of the Incredible India! :) {oh I am so intelligent! :P}
But still....Singara Chennai rocks! :)
Its not a nice place...its an awesome place.Initially,you may feel a bit like where-have-I-come...but later on as you mix with the people,get to know their issues,get to mingle,tell them many things,learn many things from them...then you would understand what I am talking about (coz I myself don't know what I am talking about!)
And oops,I forgot to tell....the language spoken here is Tamil. (In case you got confused!)

P.S.: I guess I haven't done much justice to this place by this post,but be patient,I'll be back again with more words about this magical city! :)

Take care,and have a nice week ahead! :)

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  1. i agree with... and after living in diff parts of india... i come back to this place called chennai..... which happenes to be my the most comfortable city i've ever been as mentioned in the blog!!!.. and i mean it....


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