Monday, May 11, 2009

The HOSTEL Life!

Welcome home my dear child!
Thats the reaction we get when we reach our homes during holidays.Thats right; yesterday's nuisances become today's heroes of their homes! And by jove,what a time! We rule! We get new stuff that we do need but don't ask for,our favourite dishes are made,we get to watch TV uninterrupted, we get to do anything we want,'coz "We dont get those in hostel !"
Yeah,but the price for this is a bit high(if you aren't enjoying your time in hostel,that is). Like we do feel terribly sad when we are packing our stuffs all over again to return back to hostel....and for those who cry--well,they just hide their tears from their parents...fearing they may start howling! Each time we eat at the hostel mess....the ghar ka khaana pops up in our minds from nowhere. And fills us with nauseating memories that are so hard to let go.
And many other times,we eagerly await going back to hostel.Sometimes 'coz of any fests,at the thought of seeing our respective crushes again,for facing the new sems and the new profs,for meeting up with friends...or just to be doing something other than lieing like an useless piece of furniture at home!

But still,many times we do feel lonely, like we just wish our parents say their advices that we hear them console us when we make any silly mistakes that others' laugh at....that they make us feel special all over again...(Ugh!)
Hey but don't think hostel life is full of miseries and homesickness and blah blahs.There are very helpful seniors(?) too,who help you tide over the homesickness....or sometimes they just bring about a high tide of laughter that your glooms are washed away!
Yep,hostel life rocks! Getting up(late),having fights for the bathroom(optional,if you aren't really feeling too hydrophobic or lazy!),eating breakfast(optional),being late and getting the glares of your profs(not optional,one still gets the glares even if one is on time!) then lunch (no comments),then glares,then the tea,then the dinner,then the time we chat,gossip,laugh,complain,jeer,play music,copy assignments from roomies,write assignment for roomies,make the roomies write assignments for us,complain to each other's parents that their child ain't eating properly,going for walks,getting into trouble,cry(Yeah!),clean shelves(optional),share money,share eatables(Yummy!),share cetras.
Yep....hostel life........ROCKS!!!!


  1. it is a very nice description of the life a person living in a hostel especially when he\she is doing her UG..... both excitement and laziness prevail in a students life!!!

  2. I afree, but I miss being a hostelite! :(


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