Monday, June 18, 2012

The proper living?

We all live according to theory of relativity.Our achievements are calculated relative to some friend,colleague,cousin,distant cousin or too distant cousin.We often see something thats tangible and wish "Haaye,kaash yeh mere paas hota (wish I had it too)".

If we're not degrading our self-esteem by doing that,we're busy degrading the self-esteem of someone else by bitching about them.A girl wearing a skirt is seen as too modern,"western" girl,while a girl wearing salwaar kameez is seen as "too traditional,won't fit in",a man helping his wife is seen as "weak",but a man not helping his wife is seen as "mean".A person staying with his/her parents is seen as being "dependent",while in vice versa he/she is "too selfish to care for the parents".

Being judgemental is the easiest and most conscience-friendly thing to do.As I've mentioned in my previous posts,the aim of our lives is to attain stability,much like we learn about the carbon compounds in 12th standard Chemistry.But how can we be stable if,when we look around us,we find that others seem to be doing well than us? No,we strive for more,work more hard,find more ways,but at the cost of missing out little things in life.In the end,we're left unhappy.For what? Just because someone else has it and we don't?

They say life is complicated.No,it isn't.It's very simple.But,much like they say "Truth is often bitter",same goes for simplicity."Simple life is actually complicated."

Why should Gandhiji be one of the great men in India?He was simple.His mantra was simple- the truth.

No,am not saying "lets all throw away our phones,laptops,tv etc etc and become a hermit".If we can't control our way of living,our dependance on the above said things,then we can surely control our thoughts,right?

How about trying not to be judgemental-about others as well as us.Lets just not bother about why the neighbour's second sister's daughter hasn't got married yet,lets not bother about why that brother's wife's uncle hasn't got any children yet,lets not comment about how our boss must've had a rough day at home because he's fuming at the employees,lets not put an end to our acceptance of people as they are.

If we stop letting people interfere in our life-by constantly making us worried about what they have :-D- and stop interfering in other's lives too.....maybe,just maybe,we may have a little more peaceful life.The more we breed on the negativity,the sadistic pleasure of self-pity and judgementalism,the more we'll be away from the purpose of our life- to be happy.and being happy isn't all that difficult anyway :-)

So let your thoughts run around in the positive axis of your life's plane; you'll find a lot of your frowns turning into smiles :)

Cheers....Have a happy week ahead! :):):):):):):):)

Its holiday time! Exams over...the last exams of my B.E degree :) *sigh*.Oh well,one chapter ends,other begins :)