Saturday, December 29, 2012

The battle that never ends

Okay everyone! I now join thousands of people across the internet who have poured out their anger and grief over the brutal,inhuman gangrape of the 23-year-old girl from Delhi which sent shockwaves across the nation.

At the outset,I would pray for the girl's soul,and hope she has moved on to a better place.A brave,spirited daughter.Why brave? Because instead of screaming "Ma,mujhe marr jaane do! Meri zindagi barbaad ho gayee hai! (Oh mother let me die! My life is finished!)"  like the rape victims in movies and tele-serials,she whispered "I want to live".And live she does,in the heart of millions who have been closely watching the case and been praying for her.

If the previous cases of rape and molestation(such as that of the Guwahati girl) had a stricter and swifter punishment,this girl would've been alive today, because then the men wouldn't have dared to do those horrid things they did to her.But they did.

And why? Because they thought they can get away with it.Even if the girl weren't beaten up like this,and she struggled to lodge an FIR,they may just say that they were "provoked",and the Court may have "observed" that the victim was wrong by taking the wrong bus at the wrong time,and her character would've come into question.

This is the glaring truth of India.A girl is raped and the policemen ask her the details of the act.In fact,policemen act like part-time priests when they suggest the victim marry her rapist.Why? So that he and his friends will continue to rape her,but this time,she won't lodge a complaint against her own husband.Because,according to the police and the Court,marital rape doesn't exist(In fact,they don't know the meaning of the term marital rape).

Rape is hardly ever a sexual act.Its an act of a physically strong but mentally weak guy, showing how superior he is on a woman who is not able to fight back (that explains the rape of 8-year-olds to 40-year-olds).How else can you explain 6 guys forcing themselves on a woman just to "teach her a lesson" because she fought back? Or have you wondered how a man can rape a small girl of around 7 years of age (or less)?They're sick,scared and inferiority-complex-suffering people who display their misplaced sense of masculinity.

So you see? Women and their clothes don't really instigate men to rape.Then what about the street harassment that women face everyday? That happens the same even if we wear mini-skirts or saree or salwar.

The point is,in this male dominated society of our country,women have been blamed and shamed into silence.This of course makes the younger (and impressionable) minds to think that whatever they do,"sab chalta hai" (all is fair).

NOT,if the government enforces a strict law against rapists and sexual offenders.That would make the men realise that women are human beings with feelings,who feel bad when some men obscenely comment about her butt,without even caring to lower their voices;who think any woman waiting for a bus at night wants to be laid for money;who judge a woman not by the work she does but the clothes she wears.

But what would make the government to take this step when the people who constitute the governing body think a woman would like to be raped just to get compensation from the government?And also when one minister insults another Chief Minister's character openly without thinking twice?That means,the problem lies with the attitude of people in general.

Its about time that parents teach their sons about respect and consent.But the rot runs too deep to be cleaned in a generation or two.Till then,we don't know how many such 23-year-olds will get raped and killed,how many 18-year-olds will commit suicide,and how many 8-year-olds will go on battling for justice.

Till then,we keep up the fight.And hope the sacrifice of this 23-year-old--a sacrifice she made so that the people of our great country stop turning a blind eye to something as drastic as rape--doesn't go in vain.

Yes,I am feeling helpless.But what can I do? Is anyone listening?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hypocrites and Spirituality!!!!

In my opinion,the hypocrites are the most spiritually enlightened people on Earth.You know hypocrites? Those who don't walk their talk,who brag about themselves,who say one thing and do something else? Yeah those! How? Lets find out.....


S: Hey,you know what? I've fought with H.Am not going to talk to her ever again.
Me: Why what happened?
S: Don't ask! But its so painful,I don't wanna think about her.
Me(Dutifully not asking her further): OK.

Next day.

A: Hey why haven't S and H come yet?
Me: Oh they've got some tension between them.That's what S told me.Looks like an awful fight!

The door opens,and in come S and H,linking arms and giggling like they've been best friends since birth.

And here I am thinking that they're not gonna talk to each other ever!

And this is just a small,tiny,unimportant example.There are loads of other examples.
"I don't believe in dowry,but it would be nice if you do give some gold jewelry for the wedding."
"I am a feminist,but I do believe girls should not let career be a priority in their lives"
"I am a God-fearing person".Ha ha ha.
"I give my children the full freedom to pursue whatever they want to- either Engineering or M.B.B.S".

So where does spirituality come into picture?

Hypocrites don't care about what or how other people feel about them. Thats a strong spirituality aspect- just do your own work.
Hypocrites don't think twice about being bonded by the words they've uttered.
Hypocrites don't care that they forge bonds with people with whom they've sworn off all ties.That shows how they've conquered the Ego problem! (Till the time the work is done,of course!)
Finally,Hypocrites don't care about others-after all,one should be detached from wordly attachments!

Should we be Hypocrites too then? ;-)

Cheers....Have a happy week ahead!

P.S: This post is not intended to ridicule Spiritualism or whatever has been mentioned.Just a tiny wee bit sarcasm ;-)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The power of negative

Anything negative attracts immediate attention.A negative RH of a blood group,a dip in economy,a sad ending in a movie or book-they remain in our memory for a long time.

Imagine if in the movie Titanic,Jack hadn't died while saving Rose,instead he also found some plank to hang on to and is saved....would it have had the same impact.You may argue that the destruction of Titanic was what everyone felt bad about,but then,if there had not been any tragic love story put in,the movie would've resembled a documentary.

People lamenting about their personal problems is sure to gain more attention than those who go around with a smile trying to make people happy and cheerful.Yeah,ideally everyone doesn't like a person who goes on whining.But I guess its just human tendency to feel sorry for a person on the outside,while the brain is sadistically happy that "I am not the one affected".

Even stories having a sad ending remain etched in our memories.Why is Romeo Juliet more celebrated than some other love story having a happy ending?

Being positive and seeing the positive side of any situation is the simple mantra of a happy life.But really,its not that simple.Observe how your own thoughts wander when faced with a crisis.They'll take the easier way out-thinking negatively.Its something we aren't able to control.

Very few people have this ability to see the sunshine when its raining.We think they're unrealistic,because reality is actually very dark.Thats why dark matter in space gained more attention than the non-dark matters *:-D*.

So,who is right? The unrealistic or the realistic? Is it okay to let negativity rule our lives or try fighting with it?Is it really worth it?

Quite a confusing post,isn't it? Well,thats how my thoughts are running about too! :-D

Cheers...have a happy  POSITIVE week ahead! :)

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Being different......

"Tell me about yourself",the woman asked me,
She had this duty to evaluate my personality,
To read between the words I speak,
To know if I can interact effectively.

I had come prepared for the question,
After all,all interviews had this in common,
I was about to answer,remembering the key points,
When the question echoed again and again in my mind.

"Who are you?",my mind asked me,
I was different,I knew that from the beginning,
But being different is not something others like,
Being different makes it hard for friendships to strike.

I was not different physically,nor had I problems with speech,
And yet,alienated from others,the society did teach,
To fall in line or fall by the wayside,
There is no place to run,no place to hide.

Sitting alone,roaming by myself,had become a part of me,
Those who felt sorry for me,offered me their company,
Of course I did join them,being more than happy,
And yet,it was so painful to be asked out of pity.

I wasn't mean,nor was I rude or dominating
I was kind and quite accomodating,
But I was different,this was painfully obvious,
I was known amongst teachers,yet unknown and lost.

Till then I had accepted,I was different and alone,
But the loneliness hurt more than breaking a bone,
Slowly,wiping away my tears,I changed myself to suit others,
And I was the happiest I got friends in the process.

But no one knows who I really am,
My questions,thoughts are restricted to my mind,
A veil of pretense I have drawn over me,
Now I am scared to let it go and show them my real face.

Maybe its deceit,maybe its not right,
But no longer can I alone fight,
I have some people to talk to,someone to take notice I am there,
But I can't recognize who is it I see in the mirror.

All these thoughts flashed in a jiffy,
While the woman looked up expectantly,
I heaved a sigh,and smiled my best smile,
"I  am quite different from others because....",I started the lie.

In my opinion,the greatest mistake our species did was to create a Society.Social creature is the term used to describe us,but then all it has done is forcing us to be a photocopy of each other.Anyone who is different,is shunned and ridiculed.

It's not something that happens to someone particular.We all are victims and culprits.Haven't we been ignored if our thoughts don't match others and so we change to please 'them'?
And how many times have we tried to talk and find out genuinely about people who don't share our thoughts?Its not that difficult to strike a conversation with such people and become friendly with people.Who knows,you may help a person to open up and feel loved.All of us want to feel cared for,don't we?Then why look for favourites to share our care? :-)

So,all of us are different in some way,but all of us have the right to feel cared for.:-)

Got my first salary...yippee!!!! :-):-):-)
And oh by the way,its not something that has particularly happened to me,because,as I said,we all are victims and culprits too.
So go out and make someone sure they'll make you happy when you need someone too! :-)

Cheers! Have a happy week ahead ! :-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The blah blah and blah

I love the winter.Unfortunately,in Chennai-where I'll be working for a few years or so-there is hardly a climate that is even remotely close to a peak winter day in Delhi.Of course,winter kills too,but that's another matter.

I love the damp smell of fog that hangs about the air,the misty landscape,the chill air blowing on our faces,and the warmth that engulfs us when we get under a blanket.Wow!

The best memories of winter are the ones in Guwahati,where I would go to school at around 7 30, walking through the roads surrounded by lush greenery and the cool air.And the running around the field during the games period,throwing our sweaters/blazers on the ground.And the nights.When going to a distant temple meant fun,in that cool weather.

The winter in Guwahati isn't as wintery as in Delhi or Haryana.But it was and is certainly colder than a winter day in Chennai.

I love winter because of the sweaters too! The stockings,sweaters,jackets and Scarves! Wowieee!

*Sigh* I wish the days I spent in Guwahati can be visited again.But I guess its not the location that matters now.Its the time.And time has very little time for everyone *wink*.

Emotional? Touchy? Not necessarily.But honestly,I feel my blog is going down in terms of my so called writing-talent.Yeah yeah I should be thankful that I have a talent and try to develop it instead of letting it develop itself.But I wonder why my hands don't play the same word games they used to do before?


I guess am now inspired by the Indian Soap Operas or the deliberately sad movies that thrive and grow on the emotional "atyaachar" (torture) ;)

Cheerio! Happy Week ahead! And the best way to have a happy week is making someone happy!!!!!! :) :) :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

God is anti-social

"Dear God,am sorry to say,you're anti-social and racist!" I mumbled to myself  on a quiet afternoon.The next instant,my quiet afternoon turned chaotic when suddenly smoke filled my room and God stood in front of me,looking irritated.

"Now what's your problem?",he groaned,sitting heavily on the chair near me.

"Well,you're racist.It seems you had divided men on the basis of the jobs they're supposed to do,and look how the people treat each other now!"

"What is it I've done?",God asked,raising his voice with each word.

"Ask what you've NOT done! You should've done an MBA and you would've been able to see how your seemingly correct action of dividing men based on their jobs would later on create such repercussions on the society!"


"I know you just wanted peace to reign so that people don't fight amongst themselves about who does what.But who gave you the right to utter verses that say some people who are supposed to be lower in the society are born from your feet or something like that?"

"I don't really remember if I did say that,but then what was wrong in that? If people don't have feet can they walk? No! Similarly,imagine if the supposed low caste people don't exist,how will society progress?"

"That's a very lame excuse..."

"It's not.I don't really remember that long back as I've so much to look into and my secretary is on leave too,but am sure I never wanted someone to suffer just because they belong to some group of people assigned to do certain work.Maybe I must've intended in helping people have different duties...."

"....and forgot to tell people that they're not to ill treat someone just because they have certain names and so called caste and creed",I fumed.

"Look here my child.The human mind I created is like a plant.It feeds on your thoughts.If you feed it bad thoughts,it'll make you behave badly.And it is very fragile too.It's very easy to get carried away by your own achievements,but not letting pride and vanity engulf you,being humble,being amiable to everyone is something very hard to do.Also,its very hard to say without anyone coaxing you that 'Your turn is over,now its my turn to do the job'.So you see,its not something I did.Its something the humans themselves did to others and are paying the price.It's not that I wanted some people to be happy and some to be discriminated."

I was,as always,shown how little I had known God and start accusing him.But then,something else came to my mind.

"But who told you to make the mind so fragile?Couldn't you have made it stronger?",I started on a different vein.

God sighed."Am sorry I didn't meet you before creating the human mind.How was I supposed to know that humans cannot control even a little bit of fragility of their minds!"


"You always keep pestering me and accusing me without thinking.I can't take it anymore! I want to resign!",He roared.

"And will I be the replacement then?",I beamed.

God paused before saying,"I think I won't resign as yet",and guffawed loudly.

I was about to say more when God surprisingly turned around and walked to the door.

"Hey where are you going?"

"To get a degree in MBA"

And He vanished.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The end of being defensive

In the city of Kamakhya Devi,a girl is molested by a mob while the camera rolls.From the streets of the National Capital,and around it,women are told not to go out alone in the night."Don't work after 8 pm",they say.The big cops are of the opinion that men have organs that lose their control when they see any woman who smiles,talks,doesn't cover her head,smokes,drinks,drives a car,and does anything that is considered normal in any part of the world.

We all read about how the victim is blamed if she gets raped.Oh yes,the man is always innocent.Poor fellow,what can he do if she's standing too close to him in the bus?Or how dare she walk out on the streets without being cautious?Or how dare she have a drink or two?

It's not something that I am repeating from the newspapers about how a rape is reported.It's something ingrained in me too.Girls are taught at home how to try to avoid unwanted attention.
"Don't look at any guy directly when you walk"
"Look stern and strict."
"Beware of your surroundings at all times."
"Don't answer anyone."

Its a pathetic state,really.But then,do you think we can now ingrain and teach the next-gen to behave properly?Why would they do that,when their teachers are caught in such heinous acts?Where would they look for inspiration/role model to be "the perfect gentlemen"?

So,where do we go?The Police?The Law?Who follows the Law? The Law says the names and addresses of the victims should not be released to the media.What would you do when a high ranked minister commits such a mistake?Or the cops who leak such details even though they are supposed to be the upholders of the Law?

What do we do then?

We fight.


Killing someone in self defence is not wrong.And we are defending something very important-our dignity.We are defending our right to NOT to be judged by random person about our character.We are defending our right to not let people enjoy our stories of humiliation.And finally,we are defending our right not to be groped and touched and molested just because we wear certain clothes.

Its time the molesters get to know that they need NOT fear the law,but they should fear the VICTIM.Fighting back,having a pepper spray,put the perfectly shaped nails to use,causing physical injury,and no more being the "Weaker Sex".And the basic need is also quite the toughest one-standing together and help any woman suffering,instead of turning a blind eye and thinking "Thank god its not me".

We attack till the men having the intention to molest,or those who just consider women as a collection of organs meant only for fun,sit up and take notice and start wondering why we are outraged.

We are told to be like Sita,the ideal homely woman.For centuries,we've been told to follow that.With due respect to the lady,who was strong enough to lift Parashuram's bow,lets now try to follow Rani of Jhansi,and let her be our idol for fighting against molestation.

Sometimes,we need to make the right kind of noises.This time,the noise will be theirs.And those noises will be screams for help.

Maybe the readers think I am over-reacting,but then the feeling when a bunch of guys singing at the top of voices to get one's attention,when two guys in a two wheeler can have the courage to comment and tease a pack of 6 girls walking on the road,when a guy stares unblinking,at the inappropriate places,well,the emotions - hatred,vulnerability,fear- are unexplainable.

Have a thoughtful week ahead :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

The proper living?

We all live according to theory of relativity.Our achievements are calculated relative to some friend,colleague,cousin,distant cousin or too distant cousin.We often see something thats tangible and wish "Haaye,kaash yeh mere paas hota (wish I had it too)".

If we're not degrading our self-esteem by doing that,we're busy degrading the self-esteem of someone else by bitching about them.A girl wearing a skirt is seen as too modern,"western" girl,while a girl wearing salwaar kameez is seen as "too traditional,won't fit in",a man helping his wife is seen as "weak",but a man not helping his wife is seen as "mean".A person staying with his/her parents is seen as being "dependent",while in vice versa he/she is "too selfish to care for the parents".

Being judgemental is the easiest and most conscience-friendly thing to do.As I've mentioned in my previous posts,the aim of our lives is to attain stability,much like we learn about the carbon compounds in 12th standard Chemistry.But how can we be stable if,when we look around us,we find that others seem to be doing well than us? No,we strive for more,work more hard,find more ways,but at the cost of missing out little things in life.In the end,we're left unhappy.For what? Just because someone else has it and we don't?

They say life is complicated.No,it isn't.It's very simple.But,much like they say "Truth is often bitter",same goes for simplicity."Simple life is actually complicated."

Why should Gandhiji be one of the great men in India?He was simple.His mantra was simple- the truth.

No,am not saying "lets all throw away our phones,laptops,tv etc etc and become a hermit".If we can't control our way of living,our dependance on the above said things,then we can surely control our thoughts,right?

How about trying not to be judgemental-about others as well as us.Lets just not bother about why the neighbour's second sister's daughter hasn't got married yet,lets not bother about why that brother's wife's uncle hasn't got any children yet,lets not comment about how our boss must've had a rough day at home because he's fuming at the employees,lets not put an end to our acceptance of people as they are.

If we stop letting people interfere in our life-by constantly making us worried about what they have :-D- and stop interfering in other's lives too.....maybe,just maybe,we may have a little more peaceful life.The more we breed on the negativity,the sadistic pleasure of self-pity and judgementalism,the more we'll be away from the purpose of our life- to be happy.and being happy isn't all that difficult anyway :-)

So let your thoughts run around in the positive axis of your life's plane; you'll find a lot of your frowns turning into smiles :)

Cheers....Have a happy week ahead! :):):):):):):):)

Its holiday time! Exams over...the last exams of my B.E degree :) *sigh*.Oh well,one chapter ends,other begins :) 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Adjusting to adjustments

In every relationship, we need adjustments.No person is tailor-made for our nature and personality,because if its so,we would never learn and evolve.But then when does such adjustment become a problem?

They say "Take care of small things and the larger things will be taken care of".That's true.All big troubles begin from a small issue.Sometimes we adjust and don't let the issue become too big.Or sometimes we lose our temper and go on fighting.Something as small as "No,I can't do this work you gave me" can lead to a misunderstanding like "You don't care for me".

Personally,between me and my best friend,such fights happen a lot,inevitably because of me :-D.Yeah I admit,am a bit of a hot-head and immature. It's like I always feel "I do so much for her,she can't even come to the canteen with me".But then,for all the things she has done for me,she has had to bend (I mean metamorphic-ally).She's been there for me whenever (well,almost always) when I needed a friend.When she couldn't be there,God sent me someone else then :-).

I guess life would be simpler if we do try NOT to think.If you think,the problem starts to appear.I am happier now when am not thinking about balancing the equation with my friend.One of the verses from the Bhagwad Gita states that "We should do our work not just for the fruit(of the results)".So,if I stop pondering about who does what in the friendship,and just do whatever is in my capacity as a friend,I'll be happy.Isn't it?

Another point is that we often fail to accept the other person as he/she is.Like my best friend loves to be in a group of people (including me in the group too),while I would rather be alone with the person I like.That doesn't mean I hate the others! So sometimes my best friend abandons the big group to listen to my boring stuffs,while sometimes I join the gang and dance along :).It took me four years to actually accept the fact that my best friend loves being in a group:-D Before that it was always bitter fights and fights and fights....which eventually got sorted out when she would apologise :-D.

Its not just restricted to friendships.Parents adjust a lot for children.Its something that happens by default.If we don't budge for the other person,we're sure to lose him/her.What's wrong in adjusting anyway?If we do feel we're the only one adjusting always then we can gently mention that openly.But then,one should also keep in mind how much the other person is doing for us too.Isn't it?

P.S: College is almost over.Exams from next week.Not even a month left of my college life.And am rewinding the events (and non-events) of the past four years,and my mistakes appear to me in 3D.:-D.*Sigh*

Cheers! Keep smiling (Do have a reason to smile though)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sporting issues

I have always wondered what is it about Cricket that casts a spell on almost every child?Or even adults?Is it because of the way it has been projected to be such a glorious and "patriotic" game? Why is there such a maddening rush of money (both black and white) for this game? Why there are so many many many technical jargon being blurted out to see if one ball touched the bat or not? Why has it ceased to be a sport and become something else?

I read an article in a news website about an archer who had to sell her bow worth Rs 4 lakhs, for a mere 50,000 bucks.That bow was gifted to her by her Korean coach,as he was impressed by her play.And she's not just another archer.She has won many accolades,even if not an Olympic medal.She had to sell it because she had to repair her mud house,and she had no money to do that.Will the government help her?She's still hopeful.

Agreed,there are many many players in cricket too who don't get their fifteen minutes of fame because of many factors.But then,we can't deny that cricket rules our country.Do we have analysis of a hockey match (even a match played in a World Cup),in any news channel,like the way Cricket matches are analysed? Do we really feel happy when any of our other sportsmen win?  Do we even know the names of the players of any of the other sportsmen?Why,we know the spouse's name of almost all the cricketers,don't we?

The problem is there is an overdose of cricket.Just now we'd have seen some Tri-series or Asia Cup or whatever,and then again almost immediately we'll be seeing the same men running behind a ball in another Series such as an IPL.Don't these guys deserve rest too? Don't other sports deserve some coverage too?

I don't have anything against cricket.But that doesn't mean we write off other sports if they don't give us the expected results-like tennis,for example.If there is no one to watch and cheer,obviously the drive to win lessens.All players-mostly-play for the country,but if the country is busy looking elsewhere,for whom would they play?

And its also a cliche that we've got bad infrastructure for other sports.But its true.Abhinav Bindra,as far as I've read,trained himself in some other country to achieve his feat.But still,we don't complain much about it and we somehow manage with whatever we have.With half hearted efforts,we get what we give-mediocre performance.

But there is still hope I suppose.One of my friends said that in his school,his sports coach doesn't allow his students to play cricket; he insists on other games instead.Of course,those other games don't have much infrastructure too,but then at least there is someone who refuses to go with the tide but encourages others to try other games too :-)

Hope in the future our country doesn't maintain its dubious distinction of being at the top in Cricket and non-existent in other sports :-)

Cheers...have a Happy Week ahead! :-) :-) :-)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bidding adieu....

Yesterday,we had our farewell party,conducted by our juniors.Yeah,FAREWELL.Wait a minute,what year is it? 2012! Oh god! I came to college first in 2008.Seems the movie of my life has been set to fast forward and brought to 2012.Exaggeration? Well maybe,but I would still say I am surprised as to how time has flown by.

The earliest things I remember about my college is homesickness.Being away from home in an entirely different environment,I hated my college to the core,wanted to run away,disappear,but not face it.It took sometime before I accepted my fate over here.Then I actually started to love this place.

4 years.Just 4 years.Seems a small time.Seems a long time.So much happened in these four years.I said goodbye to my teens.I learnt not to cry for small things,instead learnt how to make others cry :-D.And yet,it feels I just entered college,and its the same day that my now-best-friend made me cry by asking me about my home :-D.Yeah,those tears of mine forged our friendship....eeeekkkssss! That sounds filmi :-D.

I also learnt to be proud of what I am,instead of lamenting about it.Everybody is am I :-).Learnt a lot of my own mother tongue, so much that my parents are amazed the way I speak now ;-).

Of course,I did learn some harsh lessons too.But lets not go to those...its a happy-happy post! And anyway,more than sad,I am happy about these four years.I don't want to be sad thinking about the baaaaaddddd is too short to be bemoaning about bad things :)

Then finally,did I actually learn engineering? Well,one of the boys of my class has aptly stated in his facebook status,(well its just a gist of what he meant)
      "I don't know if we did learn engineering,but we did learn all other stuffs about life"

Okay,maybe his context of "all other stuffs" is different from mine..:-D but then,the basic feelings are there. :)

*Sigh* Still no tears from my eyes, yet.Maybe the real feeling hasn't hit me till now.Or maybe my college has also taught me not to cry about things not in my control.(Well thats a bit too much I know,but felt like saying it :-D)

I don't know if I am happy about how I changed from the person I was to what I am now(thanks to my college :-D).But,am happy about my life in these 3 and a half years.(Coz intial half year was spent on cursing this place :-D)

Okay I'll spare you from the infinite loop my post is moving in about the same old feelings of being lost and being found,and just go and do my work.:-D

The farewell was awesome! The juniors got the lecturers to speak about the seniors (i.e,us),and they obviously spoke good things about our batch....I suspect they were cajoled to do so :-D.And of course,the photo sessions! Yippeee!!!! Instead of feeling bad about our last day,we,as always,were enjoying ourselves.:-D

Cheers to my batch of engineering degree :)

*God is looking down at me with an amused smile*

Sunday, March 4, 2012

When journey meant more than destination

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 25; the Silver Edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The topic for this month is 'When Journey Meant More Than Destination'.
"Madam,we're here",announced the chauffeur politely,
the woman sitting at the back was startled slightly,
For a moment,she wasn't sure where she was,
it was her office,her empire,she realised at last...

She should've been proud,but she was not in the least,
She felt guilty- with an uncertainty,an unease,
She couldn't understand why she felt no sense of belonging,
for something that was rightfully hers in every meaning...

An ordinary woman she was,a few years back,
With simple dreams and ambitions which everyone has,
She felt fortunate to be in love with the man of her dreams,
she couldn't be more happier, it seemed...

Fate had other plans for her,when she had to let go,
of the man for whom she had such infinite love,
she was devastated,to say the least,when for no reason,
she was thrown out of her job,favoring some undeserving person,

Anger and grief make a dangerous combination,
They kill all sense,judgement,and reason,
Drowned in grief and boiling with rage,
She plunged into making it big in her own way...

She refused to lie low,and die a slow death,
The grief and the humiliation she had felt,she couldn't forget,
From then on,began a ruthlessly mad chase,
For being the most successful in the corporate race...

She ceased to think anything,shutting out her mind against the world,
Emotions no longer existed,she kept her heart in iron control,
The only feeling she faced was of fear,a strange irrational one,
The fear of losing this fearlessness,this madness that kept her sane...

Fighting her way up the ladder,in an enviously short time,
She was where she wanted,she was at her prime,
But why does she hear something in her mind,that she doesn't want to listen,
A voice that says its all wrong,she is doing this for all the no reasons...

This journey from rags to riches,does it really matter?
Her wealth and fame,even if it does flatter,
Is she happy?Why she is still not satisfied?,
What her eyes depict a loneliness,which she tries to hide?

It dawns on her that all this while,she'd just wanted to escape,
From the emotions,that kept her bounded and caged,
she wanted to be free,free from her pain,
and that's when she knew,she'd never be the same again....

"Madam",the chauffeur calls out softly,a little perplexed,
she shakes her head and looks at what she created,
Her company,her work,her fame,her escape loneliness,
she sighs and gets off,wondering what'll fill this emptiness....
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Thoughtful and still thinking :)

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference"
-"The road not taken",Robert Frost

For the past few days these words have been buzzing around my head,making a lot of noise.Maybe its because in a month or two my college life will end,so I am trying to rewind the moments of my life just till the time I gave my last exam of school.What if things would've been different?What if I had scored a lot in JEE?What if I had got a better rank in AIEEE?And other entrance exams?What if I had stood my ground and fought with my parents not to send me to Chennai?What if......*Sigh*.Its all useless now,isn't it?Because,much like a woman resignedly accepts loving her husband despite his flaws,I've fallen in love with this city despite trying so stubbornly to hate it:)

But it remains to be seen if the city has loved me back too.I may have to pack my bags and be a gypsy and go wherever work takes me,while this city would still be standing,waiting for another person like me to come.Or would it care?

The words by the poet still keep haunting me.

Hello people who are still here reading this :) The year before had been eventful.Setbacks,despair,hope,getting employed(in TCS,campus recruitment),getting sick,feeling positive,feeling grown up(my b'day was on 12th Feb :D)....and well an amalgamation of many other things :)
I am surprised that 4 years have brought out such neat transformations that I didn't even realise when and how I changed.For proof,you can go through few of my initial posts when I first ventured into blogging :)

*Amused smile*.

Cheers...Have a happy weekend!:):):)