Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sporting issues

I have always wondered what is it about Cricket that casts a spell on almost every child?Or even adults?Is it because of the way it has been projected to be such a glorious and "patriotic" game? Why is there such a maddening rush of money (both black and white) for this game? Why there are so many many many technical jargon being blurted out to see if one ball touched the bat or not? Why has it ceased to be a sport and become something else?

I read an article in a news website about an archer who had to sell her bow worth Rs 4 lakhs, for a mere 50,000 bucks.That bow was gifted to her by her Korean coach,as he was impressed by her play.And she's not just another archer.She has won many accolades,even if not an Olympic medal.She had to sell it because she had to repair her mud house,and she had no money to do that.Will the government help her?She's still hopeful.

Agreed,there are many many players in cricket too who don't get their fifteen minutes of fame because of many factors.But then,we can't deny that cricket rules our country.Do we have analysis of a hockey match (even a match played in a World Cup),in any news channel,like the way Cricket matches are analysed? Do we really feel happy when any of our other sportsmen win?  Do we even know the names of the players of any of the other sportsmen?Why,we know the spouse's name of almost all the cricketers,don't we?

The problem is there is an overdose of cricket.Just now we'd have seen some Tri-series or Asia Cup or whatever,and then again almost immediately we'll be seeing the same men running behind a ball in another Series such as an IPL.Don't these guys deserve rest too? Don't other sports deserve some coverage too?

I don't have anything against cricket.But that doesn't mean we write off other sports if they don't give us the expected results-like tennis,for example.If there is no one to watch and cheer,obviously the drive to win lessens.All players-mostly-play for the country,but if the country is busy looking elsewhere,for whom would they play?

And its also a cliche that we've got bad infrastructure for other sports.But its true.Abhinav Bindra,as far as I've read,trained himself in some other country to achieve his feat.But still,we don't complain much about it and we somehow manage with whatever we have.With half hearted efforts,we get what we give-mediocre performance.

But there is still hope I suppose.One of my friends said that in his school,his sports coach doesn't allow his students to play cricket; he insists on other games instead.Of course,those other games don't have much infrastructure too,but then at least there is someone who refuses to go with the tide but encourages others to try other games too :-)

Hope in the future our country doesn't maintain its dubious distinction of being at the top in Cricket and non-existent in other sports :-)

Cheers...have a Happy Week ahead! :-) :-) :-)


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  2. TOTALLY 100% with you on this, this is funny too as I have seen people tell me on my blog that how i have become english and lost indianism , which is FUNNY because the same people are mad about cricket when it is a foreign game ... and have no interest in the national game which is Hockey .. I jsut smile at the hypocracy of people

    but its true no other game in india is give its due .. Thankfully the indian hockey team has qualified for the olympics and i am raring to see them in action :)


  3. Agree to every word. Also the news that other sports people train in another country is totally masked.

    Its madness and people are to blame for creating a hype around cricket.

  4. Yes, its an annoying thing happening for the last 1.5 decade, maybe? And why do these cricket players even appear in advertisement is way beyond something I don't understand. The game that is ruling the country, and then there's this thing which is supposed to be the national game. Who cares about hockey, basket ball or Table tennis! It's a media mistake. They have made people think that way!

  5. Yup, it is true that cricket has been the word that we hear everyday under sports. Well, it is the people who create such hype. If there is a live match in both cricket n hockey, we'll definitely vote for cricket. We've become biased!


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