Sunday, March 4, 2012

When journey meant more than destination

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"Madam,we're here",announced the chauffeur politely,
the woman sitting at the back was startled slightly,
For a moment,she wasn't sure where she was,
it was her office,her empire,she realised at last...

She should've been proud,but she was not in the least,
She felt guilty- with an uncertainty,an unease,
She couldn't understand why she felt no sense of belonging,
for something that was rightfully hers in every meaning...

An ordinary woman she was,a few years back,
With simple dreams and ambitions which everyone has,
She felt fortunate to be in love with the man of her dreams,
she couldn't be more happier, it seemed...

Fate had other plans for her,when she had to let go,
of the man for whom she had such infinite love,
she was devastated,to say the least,when for no reason,
she was thrown out of her job,favoring some undeserving person,

Anger and grief make a dangerous combination,
They kill all sense,judgement,and reason,
Drowned in grief and boiling with rage,
She plunged into making it big in her own way...

She refused to lie low,and die a slow death,
The grief and the humiliation she had felt,she couldn't forget,
From then on,began a ruthlessly mad chase,
For being the most successful in the corporate race...

She ceased to think anything,shutting out her mind against the world,
Emotions no longer existed,she kept her heart in iron control,
The only feeling she faced was of fear,a strange irrational one,
The fear of losing this fearlessness,this madness that kept her sane...

Fighting her way up the ladder,in an enviously short time,
She was where she wanted,she was at her prime,
But why does she hear something in her mind,that she doesn't want to listen,
A voice that says its all wrong,she is doing this for all the no reasons...

This journey from rags to riches,does it really matter?
Her wealth and fame,even if it does flatter,
Is she happy?Why she is still not satisfied?,
What her eyes depict a loneliness,which she tries to hide?

It dawns on her that all this while,she'd just wanted to escape,
From the emotions,that kept her bounded and caged,
she wanted to be free,free from her pain,
and that's when she knew,she'd never be the same again....

"Madam",the chauffeur calls out softly,a little perplexed,
she shakes her head and looks at what she created,
Her company,her work,her fame,her escape loneliness,
she sighs and gets off,wondering what'll fill this emptiness....
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  1. now that's a journey worth reading .. wonderful elegance.. Loved it.. all the bst

  2. A story written a a poem is always catchy and you did really well at that.
    And interestingly, my entry this time is of a similar flavour. Do check it out. :)

    All the best!

  3. Wonderful and simple expression.

  4. telling a story in a poem is a tough job... well done!!

    Best of luck for BAT.

  5. It isn't easy writing a ballad or anything like it. Nice job. :)
    All the best.

  6. frigging amazing!!!

    One of the best writes ever!! Good job!!

  7. we tend to escape from, the pain by fighting another lonely battle...but in the end, the heart continues to suffer and life remains bitter....very nicely captured the emotion and putting it in a poem is amazing!

  8. the story in itself was nice and that you could manage to write it as a poem.. awesome!
    all the best for BAT


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