Friday, March 23, 2012

Bidding adieu....

Yesterday,we had our farewell party,conducted by our juniors.Yeah,FAREWELL.Wait a minute,what year is it? 2012! Oh god! I came to college first in 2008.Seems the movie of my life has been set to fast forward and brought to 2012.Exaggeration? Well maybe,but I would still say I am surprised as to how time has flown by.

The earliest things I remember about my college is homesickness.Being away from home in an entirely different environment,I hated my college to the core,wanted to run away,disappear,but not face it.It took sometime before I accepted my fate over here.Then I actually started to love this place.

4 years.Just 4 years.Seems a small time.Seems a long time.So much happened in these four years.I said goodbye to my teens.I learnt not to cry for small things,instead learnt how to make others cry :-D.And yet,it feels I just entered college,and its the same day that my now-best-friend made me cry by asking me about my home :-D.Yeah,those tears of mine forged our friendship....eeeekkkssss! That sounds filmi :-D.

I also learnt to be proud of what I am,instead of lamenting about it.Everybody is am I :-).Learnt a lot of my own mother tongue, so much that my parents are amazed the way I speak now ;-).

Of course,I did learn some harsh lessons too.But lets not go to those...its a happy-happy post! And anyway,more than sad,I am happy about these four years.I don't want to be sad thinking about the baaaaaddddd is too short to be bemoaning about bad things :)

Then finally,did I actually learn engineering? Well,one of the boys of my class has aptly stated in his facebook status,(well its just a gist of what he meant)
      "I don't know if we did learn engineering,but we did learn all other stuffs about life"

Okay,maybe his context of "all other stuffs" is different from mine..:-D but then,the basic feelings are there. :)

*Sigh* Still no tears from my eyes, yet.Maybe the real feeling hasn't hit me till now.Or maybe my college has also taught me not to cry about things not in my control.(Well thats a bit too much I know,but felt like saying it :-D)

I don't know if I am happy about how I changed from the person I was to what I am now(thanks to my college :-D).But,am happy about my life in these 3 and a half years.(Coz intial half year was spent on cursing this place :-D)

Okay I'll spare you from the infinite loop my post is moving in about the same old feelings of being lost and being found,and just go and do my work.:-D

The farewell was awesome! The juniors got the lecturers to speak about the seniors (i.e,us),and they obviously spoke good things about our batch....I suspect they were cajoled to do so :-D.And of course,the photo sessions! Yippeee!!!! Instead of feeling bad about our last day,we,as always,were enjoying ourselves.:-D

Cheers to my batch of engineering degree :)

*God is looking down at me with an amused smile*


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this reminded me of those days , the farewell parties , we dont realise till we get out how much we will miss those days ..

    All the best t othe new start of a new era in life :)


  2. Another Awww from me!
    It totally brought me back to my college days and farewell! It does teach you everything - from how to face life, failures, success, cheat and betrayal..I mean..literally everything!I miss my college life!


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