Sunday, October 25, 2009

Close your won't see the knife

Run,don't stop,
Don't look at the blood dripping drop-by-drop,
Ah,you've fallen down,
But there's no help around....

Get up,don't turn around,
Don't try to look for the door you never found,
Your life may then last a little longer....

Oh! You're gone,you're gone!
You were a fool to run behind money,and in death,you'll be alone,
Anyway,what you lived was not worth calling a life,
Close your eyes now,you won't see the knife.....

Something pierced my skin,I could feel my nerves crawling,
There was no sound in my silent scream,
By and by,my mind cleared,like black clouds giving way to the sun,
And I heard someone say "It seems he collapsed due to nervous breakdown"

I heard someone gasp,probably my wife,
With whom I shared only strifes,
Probably the doctor told I would be fine soon enough,
As I heard the gasp disappear into a sigh of relief...

As days progressed,so did my health,
Ever since that dream,I cared for neither my job nor my wealth,
Now I cared for my friends and family,
As I realised,they would be the ones who would help me in all difficulties....

The day I was finally discharged,I was a happy person,
Smiling at anyone for no particular reason,
I had forgotten how close the nightmare had caused me my life,
Till I saw a small note on my dashboard,which said "Close your eyes,you won't see the knife"....

"What was that?" is perhaps your first reaction to the above poem.Well,this is what happens when we run aimlessly behind money,pay package,promotions etc etc and forget how to live life.Yes,its a cliché.You've heard it thousands of times...heard about the mad cattle-like competitive world that kills the dreamer and hails the sharp-minds.But where does this life lead to?If one can't find time for the family,friends,or oneself,then its a waste of life!

What do you think?Is it right to work and work...and be like a zombie? Or just take a break?Come on! We should give time to ourselves too!Like doing something you would love to do that you haven't done for long (For eg; I have written a poem! :P .....{Oh Anu! You are so modest :D})

Keep smiling everyone....and keep praying for my practical exams too(Tuesday and Wednesday)! :P
Have a Happy Week Ahead! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whats new? :)

Earlier,whenever anyone asked me "Hey whats up?Whats new in your life?",I would reply..."Each Day Is New"

Well before you think "Oh what a nice reply" or "Oh what a mokkai(a poor joke)"...let me tell you that I stole this statement from some story of some book of some library of some area....

Okay getting back now,is really each day new?Hmm...daily I see the same room,the same Mess,the same food(well the Menu for each day is different...but it all tastes the same! :P),the same college building,the same classroom,the same classmates,the same lecturers and the same lessons.So whats new?

Each person who interacts with me,would have faced something in his or her day that would not be in my "Same-Same" list....but the thing which is in the "Same-Same" list of new for me!
Similarly the thing in my "Same-Same" list of mine is new for them! Get it?

No? Okay.For example,waking up roomies (which is a big task...and I am NOT the one who does that!) and getting ready together and exchanging clips and hairpins and plates and cups is not new for us...but for many of my classmates,its new.Again,boarding the college bus is nothing new for my classmates,but its new for us!Get it?

So how does our day get a new touch?When we interact with others,learn,empathize,console about their problems...we get the feeling of being fresh and alive.Nothing in our life is bland.Its all the same..still...its different! Like new faces in the bus you travel,new shops that have opened in your area,a different colour of the sky,a different smell of the roads which are wet coz of rain,a ringing laughter you hear when you are all tired...notice them all,cherish them,you would be all "new" once more! :)

When we face each day with a positive attitude thinking "My day would be nice today"...half of our boredom would be gone.After all,we do need some strength to face each 365 days after regular intervals..hence our weapon is..positive attitude! :)
Pretty confusing? Well I started off to say something turned out as something else!

Anyways.....Keep smiling!:)

And remember...Each Day Is New!

Hey have I ever told you about my roomies?No?Okay I'll tell about referring to their initials.(As they requested).
Note:The second alphabet in the initials is the alphabet by which their first name starts.

Theres "D.R".She is like the mother figure.We all take our problems to her and she has the simplest solutions.She is the moderator of our bunch of lazy geese.(or is it goose??).She wakes us up early on sunday mornings so that we don't miss our breakfast...yeah she drives us mad...for our own good!

Then comes "B.I".She is the real baby of our room.We all pamper her to the core.But she is the one who scores the highest amongst all of us! Total Padhaku (or Tamil Lingo...hey they are similar,aren't they?!)

Then comes our new MBA didi..."P.I".Though she is supposed to be the oldest one...we nowadays doubt whether she is our senior or our junior!Armed with all the silly mistakes she forgetting her plate,forgetting to put battery in her cell phone,she easily is the most kiddish MBA student! :P

And me?Well I am the joker of the gang....the most untimely jokes are cracked by me at the wrong place.I create problems for myself...for which I eventually get solutions from all of the above.When I set out to help my roomies when they don't ask,something goes wrong and my help becomes the trouble itself.HeeHee.

Okay then.Thats all for now....

Have a great Weekend! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back Home!!!!!!!

Yes...thats right.I am back home...for 5 days! For diwali! Yippeee.....!

Back home to celebrate the most awaited festival of every year.With sweets,new dresses,more sweets,crackers,candles,diyas etc etc etc all over...its like the whole city bedecked like a newly-wed bride(Okay I know that sounds filmy!)

From Chennai to Delhi to where I am in Haryana...Panipat.Yeah...that was one heck of a journey.I mean in the positive sense.One special mention about Delhi.Actually,I love Delhi.No matter what people say about Delhi,like people are rude,theres no security there,theres nothing worth living in there...but still I love Delhi.No,I have never actually lived in there.But used to visit it many many many times.Uncountable number of times.The sights and sounds...all crude and unsophisticated...just thrills me.Seriously.If you visit Delhi and Mumbai or Chennai in one trip,you would know what I mean.
I guess Delhi-6's title track says it all..."Yeh sheher nahin,mehfil hai"....

Okay...actually at other times,I would've been unhappy that I am visiting home for such a short time...but this time...I am saying to this place of mine "I'll always return"...:P

Anyways....Enough of my silly blabbering.
I wanted to convey to every one of you a very very very happy and prosperous Diwali.Yeah,do think about global warming for a considerable time...but don't let that steel away the spirit of Diwali.At least,eating sweets doesn't increase global warming...right?:)

Happy Diwali to all of you! :)

Keep smiling!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it real?

Do people really stab their own relatives with whom they must've laughed and cracked jokes with? Do people really pour kerosene on someone just because of some money? Do people really sleep well after having snatched the sleep of many by their activities?How can people kill anyone for no rhyme or reason?

These questions made me numb one day.I know,I seem to be living in a world of dreams,but no...the rising news about that person killing this person,that person cheated this lot of people...has really made me wonder,what is our worth in this world if anyone just barges into our house and just blows it up?

What is it that might make people be more positive,more patient,more calmer,more understanding?

But there are good things I realised today.I had gone to a shop to do Spiral Binding of my record sheets.The man there told me to come later.I said immediately "Anna,I have to go to my native place today."(The truth is I am going home tomorrow,and I was in a hurry as I was having a terrible headache...hence the lie).
He immediately did the work for me,although he already had other waiting customers.I regretted it deeply.I lied to him.I maybe cost him a couple of customers.I came back to my hostel with a heavy heart.

But something about the whole episode made me sit up and think.Was it real that the man had actually been touched as I said I needed to go home?Is it real that people's heart get touched hearing someone's plight?Do people get disturbed too,in these times,about other people's welfare and stay awake all night? Is it real that when you do good to others,they remember it and remember you too? Is it real that when you do good to others,then you are also gifted with someone else's good deed to you?Do such people exist who are not from your family,and we term them as friends,and yet they sacrifice for us many things which we might have not?

My mind is numb again.What is real?Does it really happen that good things always happen to good people,even in such times?

I would be glad if you would share your experiences..good or bad...that perhaps had left your mind numb..numb with pain..or numb with happiness!

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Am I a loser,then?

"I hate that girl,I seriously do!" grumbled L about S.I listened,believing every word."S has made my life miserable,she just doesn't let me study properly.All the time she is chatting with boys and joking with them!Urgh! I hate her so much! She thinks I can't go anywhere without her company! Huh!".
Just then S entered the room,and L turned around and said "Hey Hi! Your car will come today for going to tutions,right?What time shall I be ready?"
I could do nothing but stare.

"All those who have scored below 60 shall have to attend the extra classes".I had scored 58.My friend had scored 54.I knew that there was no scope for getting any 2 more marks from this stingy lecturer,hence I just resigned myself to the fact that okay,I'll attend the extra class.It never occurred to me to go and ask for a few more marks.Just then,my friend zoomed past by me and went to the lecturer.After a few moments,she came back and I noticed that in her answer sheet was written "54+6=60".
Yes,she escaped extra classes.How?"Oh well,I just went and asked her and told her that I'll do well next time and that I can't attend extra classes as I am a day-scholar and that my home is far and parents would be worried and all.And the lecturer put the 6 marks somehow".
I wondered...whether my life in hostel was so boring that I would sacrifice washing clothes or dusting my shelf or going out to buy essential commodities just for extra classes? Hmm

"No,you won't be dancing in the fresher's day this time" the multi-coloured-hair 3rd year student told us.Me and another friend of mine just turned around and walked away.We didn't try convincing that senior to "kindly" let us dance as we love dancing and we really really want to dance.
Enter another student,who had the right contacts and the right luck and the right voice for being given the responsibility for singing the National Anthem and some intro song.No,I am not jealous,am I?

"Get out of the lab,you need not do the experiment if you can't even wear lab-shoes! Go and meet the HOD then only you can enter my lab!",shouted the lecturer during lab-hour.I quietly walked off.
"Get out of the lab,you also need not do the experiment",shouted the lecturer again at victim#2.The guy coolly replied "Sir,I'll wear the lab-shoes next time".The lecturer grumbled something and I saw that victim#2 went on to do the experiment,as I stood watching him from the glass-window outside the lab.

Some people are born clever I guess.Somehow or the other they know how things work,are alert and awake most of the times,and know which people to use and which people to abuse.I guess I lag in this area.Not me alone,I have seen many like me too,and I feel so happy seeing them making mistakes the way I do.
I had always thought that most of the non-clever people went on to become geniuses.Not everyone had common-sense,and only some people,like me,have uncommon sense.(Taare Zameen Par Effect!):P

People say its my ego,self-esteem or some other heavy and nice sounding words.I guess its just my indifference.An indifference which I can't be indifferent about.It would be with me all my life.:)

So,am I a loser then? A loser because I don't have anything to do with people with whom I don't share a compatibility?Because I would rather accept life as it comes rather than go and ask for concessions?Because I don't ever think about my own self but worried unnecessarily about other people?Because I sympathise with others and criticise myself?

Am I a loser?