Sunday, October 25, 2009

Close your won't see the knife

Run,don't stop,
Don't look at the blood dripping drop-by-drop,
Ah,you've fallen down,
But there's no help around....

Get up,don't turn around,
Don't try to look for the door you never found,
Your life may then last a little longer....

Oh! You're gone,you're gone!
You were a fool to run behind money,and in death,you'll be alone,
Anyway,what you lived was not worth calling a life,
Close your eyes now,you won't see the knife.....

Something pierced my skin,I could feel my nerves crawling,
There was no sound in my silent scream,
By and by,my mind cleared,like black clouds giving way to the sun,
And I heard someone say "It seems he collapsed due to nervous breakdown"

I heard someone gasp,probably my wife,
With whom I shared only strifes,
Probably the doctor told I would be fine soon enough,
As I heard the gasp disappear into a sigh of relief...

As days progressed,so did my health,
Ever since that dream,I cared for neither my job nor my wealth,
Now I cared for my friends and family,
As I realised,they would be the ones who would help me in all difficulties....

The day I was finally discharged,I was a happy person,
Smiling at anyone for no particular reason,
I had forgotten how close the nightmare had caused me my life,
Till I saw a small note on my dashboard,which said "Close your eyes,you won't see the knife"....

"What was that?" is perhaps your first reaction to the above poem.Well,this is what happens when we run aimlessly behind money,pay package,promotions etc etc and forget how to live life.Yes,its a cliché.You've heard it thousands of times...heard about the mad cattle-like competitive world that kills the dreamer and hails the sharp-minds.But where does this life lead to?If one can't find time for the family,friends,or oneself,then its a waste of life!

What do you think?Is it right to work and work...and be like a zombie? Or just take a break?Come on! We should give time to ourselves too!Like doing something you would love to do that you haven't done for long (For eg; I have written a poem! :P .....{Oh Anu! You are so modest :D})

Keep smiling everyone....and keep praying for my practical exams too(Tuesday and Wednesday)! :P
Have a Happy Week Ahead! :)


  1. Ahhh.. I loved this cliched end!! But again and again the same question pops up in our mind.. Are we living our life?

    Btw, all the best for ur practical exams :)
    LIC is one of the subject?

  2. Thanx....:)

    Well LIC will be in next year.:P

  3. @Anu
    What labs u have now then ??!

  4. all the very best dear...:)...i second sruti...ur post again made me thnk r we really living life?...

  5. Yep... If its only money and work is wat life is abt, then God save us...he he lastly, funny yu asked us to smile and pray for yur practical exams:) how did it go?wat experiment?

  6. A redundant topic bot well put across :)
    Liked ur work :)

    keep blogging

  7. Life without work and money is as drab as one without family! But as they say excess of everything is bad..
    ..before I start on a bunch of corny comments let me just applaud you for the wonderfully penned poem.
    All the best for your exams! :)

  8. Balance is the word, one would think! :)

    I liked the flow of the poem.

    PS: You might want to work on the uniformity of line length as it adds appeal to a poem generally. Just a suggestion! :)

  9. phew! ur writing's getting darker and darker...glad this one had a happy ending


  10. yea.. u r rite..!! but,its easy to say but diff to follow,which u too know. That too,in the present condition, ppl don't even give some time to ponder on this.Because
    of their needs(increasing exponentially),they run behind money and forget everything.
    actually this post reminds me ab "ALEXANDER the great".hope u might know this.
    he conquered more than half the world(not sure ab it..) but,the pt is,when he died,he was placed in the coffin such a way that his hands were streched out(like jesus),to indicate that "I conquered many things,but i wen i die,i don't take not a single penny".thats life.


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