Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back Home!!!!!!!

Yes...thats right.I am back home...for 5 days! For diwali! Yippeee.....!

Back home to celebrate the most awaited festival of every year.With sweets,new dresses,more sweets,crackers,candles,diyas etc etc etc all over...its like the whole city bedecked like a newly-wed bride(Okay I know that sounds filmy!)

From Chennai to Delhi to where I am in Haryana...Panipat.Yeah...that was one heck of a journey.I mean in the positive sense.One special mention about Delhi.Actually,I love Delhi.No matter what people say about Delhi,like people are rude,theres no security there,theres nothing worth living in there...but still I love Delhi.No,I have never actually lived in there.But used to visit it many many many times.Uncountable number of times.The sights and sounds...all crude and unsophisticated...just thrills me.Seriously.If you visit Delhi and Mumbai or Chennai in one trip,you would know what I mean.
I guess Delhi-6's title track says it all..."Yeh sheher nahin,mehfil hai"....

Okay...actually at other times,I would've been unhappy that I am visiting home for such a short time...but this time...I am saying to this place of mine "I'll always return"...:P

Anyways....Enough of my silly blabbering.
I wanted to convey to every one of you a very very very happy and prosperous Diwali.Yeah,do think about global warming for a considerable time...but don't let that steel away the spirit of Diwali.At least,eating sweets doesn't increase global warming...right?:)

Happy Diwali to all of you! :)

Keep smiling!


  1. Happy n Safe Deepawali to u too :)

  2. WOw u came all the way form haryana to chennai to study.

  3. A very happy Diwali to you and your family too.
    Have a good trip.Drive to Panipat is bit rickety...but it is good.

  4. happy diwali.............

  5. @Ekam
    Thank you! :)

    @Riya Rocks
    Thank you :)

    Yep...thats a long long story :P

    @BK Chowlaji
    Thank you sir! :)
    But nowadays,the roads in and around Panipat have been improved..well little bit at least! :)

    @Yellow Tulip
    Thank you:)

    Thank you:)

  6. One heck of a journey indeeeed!!...happy diwali..belated sorry!

  7. Hey girlie,
    Visit my profile :)
    Something is waiting for you!

  8. "The sights and sounds...all crude and unsophisticated...just thrills me." - good line, and I think I know what you mean! :) My cousins have lived in the Capital all their lives and despite its infamous attributes some of which you have mentioned here they absolutely love it and miss it when they are away for a while.

    Belated Diwali wishes :) And hope your trip home turned out to be as luminous as stars and fireworks in a light-confluence!

  9. Belated (read late) Diwali wishes!
    Sorry for such a late comment, been busy these days (which also means I'll be busy in the near future) . I see that I have missed two of your posts, I'll make up to it sometime soon :D

    Till them,
    Take care!

  10. @Hary
    Thank you! :)

    Yep...the trip was pretty much an enlightening much bright that I couldn't see the impending practical exams because of them! :P(Joking!)

    Thank you...


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