Thursday, October 1, 2009

Am I a loser,then?

"I hate that girl,I seriously do!" grumbled L about S.I listened,believing every word."S has made my life miserable,she just doesn't let me study properly.All the time she is chatting with boys and joking with them!Urgh! I hate her so much! She thinks I can't go anywhere without her company! Huh!".
Just then S entered the room,and L turned around and said "Hey Hi! Your car will come today for going to tutions,right?What time shall I be ready?"
I could do nothing but stare.

"All those who have scored below 60 shall have to attend the extra classes".I had scored 58.My friend had scored 54.I knew that there was no scope for getting any 2 more marks from this stingy lecturer,hence I just resigned myself to the fact that okay,I'll attend the extra class.It never occurred to me to go and ask for a few more marks.Just then,my friend zoomed past by me and went to the lecturer.After a few moments,she came back and I noticed that in her answer sheet was written "54+6=60".
Yes,she escaped extra classes.How?"Oh well,I just went and asked her and told her that I'll do well next time and that I can't attend extra classes as I am a day-scholar and that my home is far and parents would be worried and all.And the lecturer put the 6 marks somehow".
I wondered...whether my life in hostel was so boring that I would sacrifice washing clothes or dusting my shelf or going out to buy essential commodities just for extra classes? Hmm

"No,you won't be dancing in the fresher's day this time" the multi-coloured-hair 3rd year student told us.Me and another friend of mine just turned around and walked away.We didn't try convincing that senior to "kindly" let us dance as we love dancing and we really really want to dance.
Enter another student,who had the right contacts and the right luck and the right voice for being given the responsibility for singing the National Anthem and some intro song.No,I am not jealous,am I?

"Get out of the lab,you need not do the experiment if you can't even wear lab-shoes! Go and meet the HOD then only you can enter my lab!",shouted the lecturer during lab-hour.I quietly walked off.
"Get out of the lab,you also need not do the experiment",shouted the lecturer again at victim#2.The guy coolly replied "Sir,I'll wear the lab-shoes next time".The lecturer grumbled something and I saw that victim#2 went on to do the experiment,as I stood watching him from the glass-window outside the lab.

Some people are born clever I guess.Somehow or the other they know how things work,are alert and awake most of the times,and know which people to use and which people to abuse.I guess I lag in this area.Not me alone,I have seen many like me too,and I feel so happy seeing them making mistakes the way I do.
I had always thought that most of the non-clever people went on to become geniuses.Not everyone had common-sense,and only some people,like me,have uncommon sense.(Taare Zameen Par Effect!):P

People say its my ego,self-esteem or some other heavy and nice sounding words.I guess its just my indifference.An indifference which I can't be indifferent about.It would be with me all my life.:)

So,am I a loser then? A loser because I don't have anything to do with people with whom I don't share a compatibility?Because I would rather accept life as it comes rather than go and ask for concessions?Because I don't ever think about my own self but worried unnecessarily about other people?Because I sympathise with others and criticise myself?

Am I a loser?


  1. Sweety!
    Forgive me!!
    I losing my blog roll every now and then!! That caused this havoc!!
    Am sorry da!!

    Ahhh!! You resemble me in everythin!
    Though i was a day-scholar, i don like begging marks!!
    You made your point clear! Have your heads straight and tell the world 'Am not a loser! Am born to win'
    Everything lies in attitude and the way you look at things! Don't make things appear complex!

  2. Its okay akka!
    And thanx for your comment!
    Well some simple appear so complex that even though we know its a simple matter we can't handle it in a simple manner! Such simple things sometimes make us wonder about unnecessary things and bring out the complexes,isnt it?

  3. Yes! Simple things brings complex thoughts! even unnecessary things can be thought simply and solved!
    Y making it complex!

  4. "Kelungal Kodukapadum thatungal thirakkapadum"
    you would know what i said if understand Tamil.

    If cant understand here is something similiar
    "the wheel that squeaks gets the oil"

    All except for the first one all others ended i people apologizing. There is nothing wrong in asking for marks you deserve. A simple apology would have saved your skin. Apologizing doesn't equal begging. Apologizing, repenting for your mistakes; that can never be begging.

  5. hurtful - but nice - post. Summed up the internal turmoil to a nicety. Liked the string of questions towards the end.

    Tags like 'loser' and 'winner' are fashioned by the world for the sake of convenience. That is all there is to it and perhaps that's all there must be.

    Cheers, good day :)

  6. @Venky
    Thanx for the quote.:)
    And your comment:)

    And I guess I haven't expressed myself correctly.I can apologise when I have made a mistake.And for that mistake,I guess my punishment is extra classes or whatever is the result.I have made the mistake,and I must pay the price.Isn't it?

  7. @Srinivas
    Thanx.Yeah I have begun to think I'll be a good quiz-master! :P

  8. just love the way u r... u r not at all a is just ur nature
    nice post..take care :)

  9. Loved your post-simple and sweet. And no you are not a loser-loser has various other contenders ;). You are a winner by choice :)

  10. @RiyaRocks
    Thanx gal..:)

    Yeah you are right..."you are winner by choice"...but occasionally one needs reassuring when self-doubt arises.:P

  11. i dont believe ur a looser .. in that sense none of us are.. all of us have something in us that jus needs the right time and spark to ignite .. and once its done we are happy and convincing and successful like all others... so next time u even think that ur loosing ... say to urself that ur not ... cuz u r best ... and remember that we all can win , just that we need the spirits up ... cheers

    good luck anu ..

    namma ninaichal aakasthayum toduvom...

  12. Thanks for your comment.
    I guess presently I can't find the right matchbox for the ignition of my spirits!:P

  13. well if u feel u hav done the right thing.. u need not worry abt it even if something fruitful doesnt happen..
    on the contrary, if u feel that u r losing seeing the circumstances that u hav been through.. then try to change urself.. no use of complainin..

  14. Anu,I seem to be having problems in posting my comments.??

  15. Hmmm ,this post jus reminded me of myself in school days...
    More or less the same questions i wud ask myself in school bot there's no way around these :(

    Its the way of the world ,it'll keep beating us down everytime u get up bot the trick is to get up everytime becoz once we start gettin up this same world will be ravishing praises about us :)

    btw i love ur blog
    u have a new follower:)

    keep blogging

  16. First time here...

    me too never liked begging for marks fro the sake of it... If I really deserve it I will ask..

    else I never done that...

    and for sure you are not a loser.. but make sure you voice your opinion at the right time when needed... else lose is the only thing we can achieve...

    btw.. nice post :))

  17. I am just like you. All these incidences have happened with me. Each one of them. We are not losers. Its just that we think that if we deserve something, we'll get it because we are hard working and we deserve it. You know my mentor once said "Ekam , you are very hard working. But only hard work is not enough these days. You need to work hard as well as smart work". And I think he was right. You have to work hard and smartly otherwise people like us both will always be considered as 'losers' , no matter how much we sweated through out.

  18. sometimes it happens to me too...self criticizing and finally ending up with the punishment wat we get!!..stii i wonder who's better/..the one who escapes r the one who obediently accepts wat they got n try for better next time!!...

  19. My suggestion is that, make use of the situation. I also used to get thrown out of class for simple reasons. First few times it was like awful to stand at doors of class room. Then I realized that when the demand increases the cost also increases. then I joined some of the regular 'out standing' students at the canteen and started enjoying. Soon they had to stop sending us out.

  20. well anu its bcoz u choose to b dis way ...had u nt liked urself ur way u d have chngd urself without u r comfrtable wid it.. :)


  21. hey.. who said u r a loser...???
    its ur mind that plays tricks on u..!!if u see ur prestige.. etc, and even then u want to succeed means u have to b a perfectionist(like our class abisheik). else.. u have to face the life as it comes, but, with a smile in ur face, clarity in ur mind.i agree its easy to tell now, but, difficult to follow in practical life.But, see inorder to attain success, we need to adjust ourselves according to situation de.. i don't ask to u mortgage urself.. but,be flexible. thats enough(automatically, that lecturer would put marks de... u need not beg).. then u will b also one among the clever minds u mentioned..!!! try this out and give ur feedback


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