Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whats new? :)

Earlier,whenever anyone asked me "Hey whats up?Whats new in your life?",I would reply..."Each Day Is New"

Well before you think "Oh what a nice reply" or "Oh what a mokkai(a poor joke)"...let me tell you that I stole this statement from some story of some book of some library of some area....

Okay getting back now,is really each day new?Hmm...daily I see the same room,the same Mess,the same food(well the Menu for each day is different...but it all tastes the same! :P),the same college building,the same classroom,the same classmates,the same lecturers and the same lessons.So whats new?

Each person who interacts with me,would have faced something in his or her day that would not be in my "Same-Same" list....but the thing which is in the "Same-Same" list of new for me!
Similarly the thing in my "Same-Same" list of mine is new for them! Get it?

No? Okay.For example,waking up roomies (which is a big task...and I am NOT the one who does that!) and getting ready together and exchanging clips and hairpins and plates and cups is not new for us...but for many of my classmates,its new.Again,boarding the college bus is nothing new for my classmates,but its new for us!Get it?

So how does our day get a new touch?When we interact with others,learn,empathize,console about their problems...we get the feeling of being fresh and alive.Nothing in our life is bland.Its all the same..still...its different! Like new faces in the bus you travel,new shops that have opened in your area,a different colour of the sky,a different smell of the roads which are wet coz of rain,a ringing laughter you hear when you are all tired...notice them all,cherish them,you would be all "new" once more! :)

When we face each day with a positive attitude thinking "My day would be nice today"...half of our boredom would be gone.After all,we do need some strength to face each 365 days after regular intervals..hence our weapon is..positive attitude! :)
Pretty confusing? Well I started off to say something turned out as something else!

Anyways.....Keep smiling!:)

And remember...Each Day Is New!

Hey have I ever told you about my roomies?No?Okay I'll tell about referring to their initials.(As they requested).
Note:The second alphabet in the initials is the alphabet by which their first name starts.

Theres "D.R".She is like the mother figure.We all take our problems to her and she has the simplest solutions.She is the moderator of our bunch of lazy geese.(or is it goose??).She wakes us up early on sunday mornings so that we don't miss our breakfast...yeah she drives us mad...for our own good!

Then comes "B.I".She is the real baby of our room.We all pamper her to the core.But she is the one who scores the highest amongst all of us! Total Padhaku (or Tamil Lingo...hey they are similar,aren't they?!)

Then comes our new MBA didi..."P.I".Though she is supposed to be the oldest one...we nowadays doubt whether she is our senior or our junior!Armed with all the silly mistakes she forgetting her plate,forgetting to put battery in her cell phone,she easily is the most kiddish MBA student! :P

And me?Well I am the joker of the gang....the most untimely jokes are cracked by me at the wrong place.I create problems for myself...for which I eventually get solutions from all of the above.When I set out to help my roomies when they don't ask,something goes wrong and my help becomes the trouble itself.HeeHee.

Okay then.Thats all for now....

Have a great Weekend! :)


  1. Well,
    An insight through your hostel life didn't make me any richer but entertained me for 5 minutes!

    And timely entertainment is good for the soul.

    Keep posting!

  2. Well thank least my post was of some use.

  3. Hehe..sometimes I think these hostel wardens actually know about each member of the room much before they allot the room to them.. There's always a different character in each room :D

  4. Hostel life may sound a bit tough but it is the most positive experience for those who can afford a hostel.
    You can choose with those you want to interact with.This life makes one independent in life and a positive thinker.
    I agree,each room and room mate would be different.

  5. अच्छा लगा पढ़कर
    Whats New !!

  6. @Ekam are right.Theres always a different "character" in each room :P

    @BK Chowlaji
    You are sounds tough,but it actually has its advantages!:)

    @Anil Kant
    Dhanyavaad aapke comment ke liye:)

  7. Just over a year away from my old college and posts like yours make me nostalgic!! Trust me these "characters" stay on always..savor their acquaintance for some real happy memories for the future!!
    Btw, a very nice blog! :)

  8. @Gautam
    Yep....these people would always be special.Much like a second family.:)

    And thank you for stopping by and commenting! :)

  9. ore mada mada nu blog writing ah:) ha ha yur frnd also funny pola? phone la batter forgetting! and lol abt yu - jokes at wrong places...athu naan neriya seiven...aparama feel panuvom..indeed each day is a new day...! make way!


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