Saturday, June 5, 2010 still here!

 "She sat alone,engulfed by grief and some anger too,
   She should have helped her sister,should have read her mind,
  Should have sensed her sister's depression lead her to commit suicide,
  The phone rang,and she answered ,"This is tele-counseling,how can I help  you?"

Okay I know its tragic.Inspired from a newspaper article.

My holidays are going great! Hope your life is going great too!

Well lately,loads of philosophical stuffs are hovering in my head.But I am too lazy to type it out as blog post.Anyways,we always hear advices all around us.Then whats the use of me also donating some advice? Eat,drink and be merry.:D

The only thing I learnt lately was that things are fine as long as you are friends with your own self.If you fight with yourself about anything,you don't gain anything,you rather lose your peace of mind.To trust anyone,we should first trust ourselves.Love ourselves.Respect ourselves.Then only can we accept others as they are.And to be happy,we have to accept people as they are(till they are in their limits,of course).

Its true! I used to loathe a friend of mine as she always does everything way too slow.But then I realised that no matter how much time she took,at least she did the work correctly! So as time passed,I began to undertsand her and nowadays I don't give her any work at all :P

Well thats all for now.Whoo! This has been one random post!

Cheers everybody.Remember,next time you want to just lose your temper over someone,try looking at things from their perspective.See if that helps you to cool down and understand the situation better!

Oh by the way,Happy World Environment Day! :)
Lets do our bit to help the environment! So shut down your computer and go do your work(before doing that please do post a comment :P)
On a serious note,lets just hope that we don't plant trees,don't save water,don't pollute land or air,don't conserve fuels ONLY on this day.Please.Lets do our effort.You know the saying (or maybe you don't)-

"Take care of small things and the larger things will be taken care of".....

Anyways,take care.Not only of yourself and your family and your friends,but also your planet.Its calling for help.Can you hear?

Urgh....I didn't really mean to make it an Environmental post....but well,it somehow traveled on to that track! :(

Have a happy week ahead! :)