Saturday, October 23, 2010

God and Me...Part-4

Are you there?
Are you listening?
Why don't I feel your presence around me?
Are you alive?
Please reply!

After a long,long time,which seemed like a decade,something crashed in my room(that was the window),and God appeared.As always,with a tired look and a frown.

"What happened to you now?Did you mess up your Semester Practicals?" He asked,obviously sarcastic.

"Huh.No.I did OK enough.I was just feeling lonely,so called you."

His eyes widened,and he looked as if he was about to burst ."You think I run a helpline centre to talk to lonely people.That too lonely people like YOU! I have given you enough friends who understand you well.Go and talk to them! I am helping so many others! Humph!!!!"

I looked at Him,anger and sadness making a lethal combination in my head,and all I could manage was,"Fine.Go away.I won't call you again ever."

As soon as I uttered those words,God disappeared and the window was mended by itself too.

A few hours later,He reappeared.This time without breaking the door or window.He stood in front of me,but I hardly cared.Why should I care for people who don't care for me?

"Hmm,I was very stressed that time,thats why said all those things.Now tell me why are you lonely?"

I didn't respond.I didn't feel like responding.He was busy,I was an added burden.Then why....

"You're not a burden my dear.Tell me why you're lonely" He said,surprisingly gentle.

I shot back,"You're reading my thoughts! Then why don't you figure out why I am feeling lonely despite being surrounded by friends?"

He heaved a sigh and sat down near me.Maybe I was being too harsh on Him.

"Look here my dear.What you're going through right now is just a stage when you would want to be alone,but yet be with everybody.You're just trying to find yourself in a crowd,by being away and observing yourself and others.Why are you worrying about it? It'll be fine in a few days.It happens with everybody."

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't care for me."

"I do care for you.A lot! Just because your phone got messed up and your SIM card blocked doesn't mean I don't care.I've told you before too that I give tiny problems just to make you strong.You never understand me! I should be the lonely person here! ".Wow! God is good with drama too! 

"Oh",was all that I could reply in return.

"Am here my child.Talk to me.I am listening.I am always there for everybody",He said,with a gentle,sweet smile.
"Okay,tell me about your Semester Practicals.I saw you were getting a light ticking off for your Power Electronics Lab.What was it about?"

Like a balloon filled with air,I suddenly felt light."Actually what happened was that as I was doing the experiment,the current in the device....."

Something beeped,and I saw that God received a text message on His phone.(Huh,He has a mobile phone too!).
He read the message and I could see He was frowning more and more.

"Am so sorry my dear,I have to leave now.Emergency.A little boy is calling me.He wants to win a running-race.The race is about to begin.I have to hurry.And oh,by the way,I have given you good friends,talk to them,be with them,open up to them!And remember,am always here!Take care!"

With that,he broke open the door and vanished.

His words were ringing in my ears "Am here my child.Talk to me.I am listening.I am always there for everybody".

Yeah right.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Left Alone

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The old railway station in the city stood,
battered and forgotten,
It seemed to be waiting for someone to come,
Or something to happen...

The station wasn't always deserted,
Some came to play,some came for drugs,
But apart from that,nothing else breathed,
Even air seemed to be afraid there.

It hadn't been like this before,
When the city was actually a small town,
When there were people filling up this space,
It was all before the town had grown....

As the town grew up to be a place now everyone knows,
The needs of this adolescent changed,
The loyal station was not needed now,
As the trains won't have a halt there.

A new station,bigger and better,was built,
People welcomed it,and forgot its elder brother,
Which abruptly became empty,like a condemned place,
But still it stood,braving against all weathers...

The trains pass the station,but none stop,
It seems the trains look piteously at the giant,
But the station just stares,it still has hopes,
That someone will come for it,that something will surely happen...

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