Saturday, October 2, 2010

Left Alone

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The old railway station in the city stood,
battered and forgotten,
It seemed to be waiting for someone to come,
Or something to happen...

The station wasn't always deserted,
Some came to play,some came for drugs,
But apart from that,nothing else breathed,
Even air seemed to be afraid there.

It hadn't been like this before,
When the city was actually a small town,
When there were people filling up this space,
It was all before the town had grown....

As the town grew up to be a place now everyone knows,
The needs of this adolescent changed,
The loyal station was not needed now,
As the trains won't have a halt there.

A new station,bigger and better,was built,
People welcomed it,and forgot its elder brother,
Which abruptly became empty,like a condemned place,
But still it stood,braving against all weathers...

The trains pass the station,but none stop,
It seems the trains look piteously at the giant,
But the station just stares,it still has hopes,
That someone will come for it,that something will surely happen...

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  1. क्या लिखती हो यार...

  2. Well thank you :)

    (Was that a compliment or complaint? :P)

  3. Obviously Compliment Yaar

    by the way You can read my another new blog for only Romantic posts

  4. Thank you.
    Will visit that blog. :)

  5. that was a lonely poem.
    but a nice poem nevertheless.

  6. 'even air seemed to be afraid to breath'...only proves how deserted is the place...

    this is another lovely poem...:)

    All the best...good morning! :)

  7. there are really such stations...lovely poem..

  8. That was really good...continue the good work

  9. Nice poem, aptly capturing the feelings of the station.

  10. nice one Anu..good luck for BAT :)

  11. That's a good one Anu!
    You are really talented, you spawned up a poem in just ten minutes after I told you about BAT!
    That's some remarkable feat you know!

    Way to go lady way to go!

  12. Neatly written poem Anu! I liked the way, you spin a story out of your poem...It's just beautiful..All the best for BAT!

  13. 'But the station just stares,it still has his hopes,
    That someone will come for it,that something will surely happen...'

    Hope is everything.The world runs on hope.
    I hope you win this contest :)
    good luck buddy

  14. a really nice and sympathetic poem for an old railway station.i remember when i was young i love riding at a train..old trains are really cool for me :)

  15. It's a very straight forward but emotional composition. I definitely enjoyed reading it.

  16. Very eclectic take on the topic-ascribing human emotions to an inanimate entity to the extent that they outdo even those that find genesis from.
    And of course, the show-stopper for me has to be the eternal impostor-HOPE !!

  17. This is so sweet poem and you have captured the station so well..
    Wishing you good luck for BAT..

    --Someone Is Special--

  18. Good one anu. Hey thank you so much for the BAT vote :-)

  19. Good one anu :-) And hey thank you so much for the vote. Long time no see, How have you been?


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