Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True love....

It was a winter morning,when I was out for a stroll,
that a miracle happened,and I met this girl.
Nothing unearthly about her,just a simple lady,
but her face,drove me crazy.

What a coincidence,she was my sister's friend,
what a nightmare,she may not even consider me as a friend.
She came home often,but rarely noticed me,
but just one glance of hers,greatly enticed me.

Moving the story forward,I would say we did become friends,
and you do know this,don't you?A boy-girl being just friends for long has never been a trend.
Inseparable we were,though we did have our fights,
but it was all sorted out,before the end of the night.

A particular time of ours,I would like to mention,
when it was her b'day,and we were having a celebration.
I was holding her close,and she looked so stunning,
"can I kiss you?",I couldn't refrain from asking.

She looked up at me,those beautiful eyes having tiny tears,
No,she said,and buried her head in my shoulders.
It was beautiful,we both together,
it was terrible,this moment will soon get over.

The next day,I got the message that she's left,
with her family to someplace else,and here I was,everything bereft.
What was it that took her away,what was it that she never told me?
I may have hurt her,but did I hurt her so badly?

I was angry and sad,I couldn't think,
I was going mad,it seemed I had reached my brink.
I wanted to know,why?,did i not refrain myself? 
Wasn't I loyal?And she'll have to answer all this, herself.

Skipping the part as to how I found her out,but she was now somewhere in a village,
living a life of a saint,till she saw my broken image.
She seemed more pure,more heavenly,more beautiful,
but her presence there still surprised me.

We sat down on a bench,not knowing what to say,
the sun setting down,the sky a wonderful gray,
"I know why you've come,to get your answers,
you deserve them,but its better we go separate ways,as I suffer from aids"

"I was true to you,but long back,I had an accident,
that was when I was given blood that was infected,
I couldn't say no to your love,but I couldn't spoil your life,
now you know the reason,why I cant be your wife."

My world fell apart,not because I wanted her body,
but to think that,she had been through such agony.
"listen here,no matter what,you're mine and I cant let go,
I would still say this,that I want to be with you"

Disbelief and gratitude came as tears in her eyes,
once again she buried her face on my shoulders,
and again I asked,"can I give you a kiss"?
By way of an answer,she lifted her face,and let me tell you,that feel still remains afresh.


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