Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Randomness of Random Thoughts

I tell myself ,"Today I have to,have to write a post in my blog".The watch showed 4 o'clock in the evening.As my eyelids came down to block my vision,I lazily think "Oh well,I'll write it in the night".

Night comes and goes.But not even a single idea for my blog.

Next day in thoughts go for a walk something like this:
The climate summit....Yes! Thats going to be my idea for my blog! I am now smiling...a relieved smile.Now my half-abandoned blog will be cared for once again! But my smile fades as I think of WHAT to write for that!  I mean no country needs to compromise...its the people who need to change their lifestyles...but who listens to great people like me?:(
And if I say that there is no need for any stupid climate summit and that people need to get away from their fear of darkness and in turn switch off lights at night,the world would be a better place...then I would be having a shoe-y crown on my head! :(

Nope...idea canceled.

How about pessimism of the Media? Ya thats a good one.I smiled smugly,yeah...I got a new victim! You know the media is so pessimistic....have any of the news channels or any newspaper highlighted the fact that the forest cover of India has increased by 0.3%?Okay okay maybe the percent is too small..but at least our efforts are reaping results! We might perhaps reverse the climate change conditions!...Err..I mean reduce.

Maybe thats being too hopeful...compared to the media! :P

As I munched my half-cooked roti of my hostel mess....I get this Newtonian idea of writing about the patheticity of hostel food everywhere.Oh that would draw out sympathy from all the readers! Ask anyone who lives in the hostel...they'll surely tell the sad story of hostel food.Don't the mess-incharges have any heart?Don't they realise how sad the poor kids are already that they add salt to the wounds by providing pathetic food?
But I have already written a wee-bit too much about my hostel...and as I said earlier,I don't repeat myself :P

As I climb the steps of my hostel(lift isn't working)..I think further...Hmm then? How about some sad poem? poems always invite praises...and everyone is set to the 'thinking-mode' after reading them(Oh I am so modest :P).As I turned the pages of my poem notebook(collection of my OWN poems..mind it!),I select one poem and just as I am about to type out a relatively fierce poem...I realised that all my poems till now have been pretty much...err...fierce types only.One more..and my readers would say no more! :(

As I arrange my books...a great Einsteinian idea struck me (Newton was born before Einstein :P).I'll write all the thoughts that run through my head and post it! Oh I am so intelligent!

So forgetting my books...I sat down and started typing..
"I tell myself ,"Today I have to,have to write a post in my blog".The watch showed 4 o'clock in the evening.As my eyelids came down to block my vision,I lazily think "Oh well,I'll write it in the night"."

Have a great week ahead....
Cheers! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

When the wind blows

She stood tall,unafraid,
Unmoving lips speaking the words not said,
She looked almost peaceful,calm,
But inside her there was a raging storm...

She nursed her bruises,
She bore those bad curses,
But never again,she promised to herself with determination,
Never again,would this happen to anyone,

She was a mother,she still is,
But her murdered daughter she would always miss,
Murdered,at the hands of her husband's family,
She,at first,didn't believe that it was the reality...

Why?Why was her innocent daughter killed?
Didn't her little hands convey that she wanted to live?
Cold-bloodily strangled,her daughter was,
And all she lived was a few hours....

Now,she would fight,take her revenge,
Her daughter's murder,she would avenge,
She was killed because she was a daughter,
Now,she would fight because they killed her daughter...

Her elder daughter entered,along with the lawyer,
Who promised to help her avenge her daughter's murder,
The lawyer,a lady herself,helped her unending,
She would not let the murderers get away so easily....

Sometimes,we are carried away by the pleasant weather,
And we think it would always remain this way,
But when the winds blow too fast and strong,
Not much really lasts long...

Like this,perhaps many mistake the shy daughter-in-law,
To be silent and submissive,as she always was,
But when she takes a stand,nothing can shake her will,
She still can't understand fully,why her daughter was killed?
Yes,female foeticide still happens.If not in the womb,then the innocent girl is killed within few hours of her birth.Not only it happens in rural areas,but its as much a reality in the urban areas too.Why?Why would you kill an innocent child just because its a girl?What can't a girl do when she grows up?

The above poem is inspired by a story which I read in some supplementary of a newspaper.Though,perhaps,its not a full justice to the emotions of that woman on whom the poem is based...still,its just a try to recreate her emotions.:)

Sorry for the lengthy poem,and the irregular pattern of the lines :P

Have a happy week ahead.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just a thought

For the past one week,the discussions in the Media are hovering around the 1st anniversary of the Mumbai Terror Attacks.Like a flashback of what happened in Mumbai...when we stuck to our television screens.Most news channels showed a ticker on the side which showed number of casualties like some score of a cricket match! How much have we grown from that time till now?

Of course,we have now realised how much vulnerable our very own police force is at the hands of the government...people like Hemant Karkare died at the hands of terrorists,fighting,just because his bullet proof jacket was "faulty".

We now realise how media should behave in times of was noticed that the terrorists were aware of the police force's actions just by watching TV.

We now realise that no place is safe from terror attacks....From railway stations,to grand and famous hotels....terror discriminates no one.

We now realise the seriousness of growing terrorism,growing insecurity,growing inability of the Administration to capture the culprits and pluck out the root cause responsible for such unprecedented attacks.
We also realise that as common people,the only thing we can do (at the least) is raise voices,keep pestering the non-committal government,and to have enough presence of mind if and when we are trapped in a terror-attack situation.

And finally,we also realise that just panel discussions with ministers,lighting candles,rewinding the past events,and complaining to the media about the inability of the Government,insufficient tools for security forces etc etc cannot do much harm to the Rhino-skinned terrorists.

Like always,we,the Indians, have moved on,whenever something big happened.Mumbai was back to business in 3 days after the attacks.Perhaps,in a way,the terrorist-attacks have failed.Failed to completely paralyse one city,or state,or country.But they have indeed been successful in creating a fear.A fear,amongst all,victims or not,of the anything-can-happen-any-moment thinking.
But now, we have taken a stance against terrorism.We won't go back on that.Its time to look forward.

And we,the Indians,will.
Hello everyone! I am back! Exams went on okay types.Just a wee bit shaky here and there.
Am back home now...enjoying the winter! (with an ice-cream!)

Have a nice week ahead.....:)
Take care!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Exam time! :P

Yep...its that time of the year (for us) again in which we are reminded that we need to study in college too...apart from having fun..
Yes..the Exam Time.
Unfortunately,when I opened my Maths book yesterday...I realised that whatever formulae I thought I knew were those of the second semester...and right now I am going to give the exams for third semester.

Ha ha funny...I don't remember attending the classes of ElectroMagnetic Theory (EMT) or Measurements and Instrumentation(MI)...what was I doing then? Hmm...Oh ya! I was writing the record for the labs!Duh!

Well anyway...I wanted to convey my apologies to everyone for not properly commenting on their new posts...but I can't help it.

Anyways..I am logging off now...will return back to my intellectual(?) blabbering after the exams (or even in between the exams :P)

Have a great fortnight ahead! :)

P.S: My Practical Exams were not really that great...Data Structures was bad...forgot the whole program and had to ask ma'am for a change of question :P
Electronic Devices and Circuits wasn't too good...the ma'am helped me to take the readings for UJT...and was cursing under her breath "I don't understand why students like you come to college" :P

Measurements and Instrumentation(MI) lab was good....but Viva was bad....I didn't even explain the difference between Energy and Power :P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Close your won't see the knife

Run,don't stop,
Don't look at the blood dripping drop-by-drop,
Ah,you've fallen down,
But there's no help around....

Get up,don't turn around,
Don't try to look for the door you never found,
Your life may then last a little longer....

Oh! You're gone,you're gone!
You were a fool to run behind money,and in death,you'll be alone,
Anyway,what you lived was not worth calling a life,
Close your eyes now,you won't see the knife.....

Something pierced my skin,I could feel my nerves crawling,
There was no sound in my silent scream,
By and by,my mind cleared,like black clouds giving way to the sun,
And I heard someone say "It seems he collapsed due to nervous breakdown"

I heard someone gasp,probably my wife,
With whom I shared only strifes,
Probably the doctor told I would be fine soon enough,
As I heard the gasp disappear into a sigh of relief...

As days progressed,so did my health,
Ever since that dream,I cared for neither my job nor my wealth,
Now I cared for my friends and family,
As I realised,they would be the ones who would help me in all difficulties....

The day I was finally discharged,I was a happy person,
Smiling at anyone for no particular reason,
I had forgotten how close the nightmare had caused me my life,
Till I saw a small note on my dashboard,which said "Close your eyes,you won't see the knife"....

"What was that?" is perhaps your first reaction to the above poem.Well,this is what happens when we run aimlessly behind money,pay package,promotions etc etc and forget how to live life.Yes,its a cliché.You've heard it thousands of times...heard about the mad cattle-like competitive world that kills the dreamer and hails the sharp-minds.But where does this life lead to?If one can't find time for the family,friends,or oneself,then its a waste of life!

What do you think?Is it right to work and work...and be like a zombie? Or just take a break?Come on! We should give time to ourselves too!Like doing something you would love to do that you haven't done for long (For eg; I have written a poem! :P .....{Oh Anu! You are so modest :D})

Keep smiling everyone....and keep praying for my practical exams too(Tuesday and Wednesday)! :P
Have a Happy Week Ahead! :)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whats new? :)

Earlier,whenever anyone asked me "Hey whats up?Whats new in your life?",I would reply..."Each Day Is New"

Well before you think "Oh what a nice reply" or "Oh what a mokkai(a poor joke)"...let me tell you that I stole this statement from some story of some book of some library of some area....

Okay getting back now,is really each day new?Hmm...daily I see the same room,the same Mess,the same food(well the Menu for each day is different...but it all tastes the same! :P),the same college building,the same classroom,the same classmates,the same lecturers and the same lessons.So whats new?

Each person who interacts with me,would have faced something in his or her day that would not be in my "Same-Same" list....but the thing which is in the "Same-Same" list of new for me!
Similarly the thing in my "Same-Same" list of mine is new for them! Get it?

No? Okay.For example,waking up roomies (which is a big task...and I am NOT the one who does that!) and getting ready together and exchanging clips and hairpins and plates and cups is not new for us...but for many of my classmates,its new.Again,boarding the college bus is nothing new for my classmates,but its new for us!Get it?

So how does our day get a new touch?When we interact with others,learn,empathize,console about their problems...we get the feeling of being fresh and alive.Nothing in our life is bland.Its all the same..still...its different! Like new faces in the bus you travel,new shops that have opened in your area,a different colour of the sky,a different smell of the roads which are wet coz of rain,a ringing laughter you hear when you are all tired...notice them all,cherish them,you would be all "new" once more! :)

When we face each day with a positive attitude thinking "My day would be nice today"...half of our boredom would be gone.After all,we do need some strength to face each 365 days after regular intervals..hence our weapon is..positive attitude! :)
Pretty confusing? Well I started off to say something turned out as something else!

Anyways.....Keep smiling!:)

And remember...Each Day Is New!

Hey have I ever told you about my roomies?No?Okay I'll tell about referring to their initials.(As they requested).
Note:The second alphabet in the initials is the alphabet by which their first name starts.

Theres "D.R".She is like the mother figure.We all take our problems to her and she has the simplest solutions.She is the moderator of our bunch of lazy geese.(or is it goose??).She wakes us up early on sunday mornings so that we don't miss our breakfast...yeah she drives us mad...for our own good!

Then comes "B.I".She is the real baby of our room.We all pamper her to the core.But she is the one who scores the highest amongst all of us! Total Padhaku (or Tamil Lingo...hey they are similar,aren't they?!)

Then comes our new MBA didi..."P.I".Though she is supposed to be the oldest one...we nowadays doubt whether she is our senior or our junior!Armed with all the silly mistakes she forgetting her plate,forgetting to put battery in her cell phone,she easily is the most kiddish MBA student! :P

And me?Well I am the joker of the gang....the most untimely jokes are cracked by me at the wrong place.I create problems for myself...for which I eventually get solutions from all of the above.When I set out to help my roomies when they don't ask,something goes wrong and my help becomes the trouble itself.HeeHee.

Okay then.Thats all for now....

Have a great Weekend! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back Home!!!!!!!

Yes...thats right.I am back home...for 5 days! For diwali! Yippeee.....!

Back home to celebrate the most awaited festival of every year.With sweets,new dresses,more sweets,crackers,candles,diyas etc etc etc all over...its like the whole city bedecked like a newly-wed bride(Okay I know that sounds filmy!)

From Chennai to Delhi to where I am in Haryana...Panipat.Yeah...that was one heck of a journey.I mean in the positive sense.One special mention about Delhi.Actually,I love Delhi.No matter what people say about Delhi,like people are rude,theres no security there,theres nothing worth living in there...but still I love Delhi.No,I have never actually lived in there.But used to visit it many many many times.Uncountable number of times.The sights and sounds...all crude and unsophisticated...just thrills me.Seriously.If you visit Delhi and Mumbai or Chennai in one trip,you would know what I mean.
I guess Delhi-6's title track says it all..."Yeh sheher nahin,mehfil hai"....

Okay...actually at other times,I would've been unhappy that I am visiting home for such a short time...but this time...I am saying to this place of mine "I'll always return"...:P

Anyways....Enough of my silly blabbering.
I wanted to convey to every one of you a very very very happy and prosperous Diwali.Yeah,do think about global warming for a considerable time...but don't let that steel away the spirit of Diwali.At least,eating sweets doesn't increase global warming...right?:)

Happy Diwali to all of you! :)

Keep smiling!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is it real?

Do people really stab their own relatives with whom they must've laughed and cracked jokes with? Do people really pour kerosene on someone just because of some money? Do people really sleep well after having snatched the sleep of many by their activities?How can people kill anyone for no rhyme or reason?

These questions made me numb one day.I know,I seem to be living in a world of dreams,but no...the rising news about that person killing this person,that person cheated this lot of people...has really made me wonder,what is our worth in this world if anyone just barges into our house and just blows it up?

What is it that might make people be more positive,more patient,more calmer,more understanding?

But there are good things I realised today.I had gone to a shop to do Spiral Binding of my record sheets.The man there told me to come later.I said immediately "Anna,I have to go to my native place today."(The truth is I am going home tomorrow,and I was in a hurry as I was having a terrible headache...hence the lie).
He immediately did the work for me,although he already had other waiting customers.I regretted it deeply.I lied to him.I maybe cost him a couple of customers.I came back to my hostel with a heavy heart.

But something about the whole episode made me sit up and think.Was it real that the man had actually been touched as I said I needed to go home?Is it real that people's heart get touched hearing someone's plight?Do people get disturbed too,in these times,about other people's welfare and stay awake all night? Is it real that when you do good to others,they remember it and remember you too? Is it real that when you do good to others,then you are also gifted with someone else's good deed to you?Do such people exist who are not from your family,and we term them as friends,and yet they sacrifice for us many things which we might have not?

My mind is numb again.What is real?Does it really happen that good things always happen to good people,even in such times?

I would be glad if you would share your experiences..good or bad...that perhaps had left your mind numb..numb with pain..or numb with happiness!

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Am I a loser,then?

"I hate that girl,I seriously do!" grumbled L about S.I listened,believing every word."S has made my life miserable,she just doesn't let me study properly.All the time she is chatting with boys and joking with them!Urgh! I hate her so much! She thinks I can't go anywhere without her company! Huh!".
Just then S entered the room,and L turned around and said "Hey Hi! Your car will come today for going to tutions,right?What time shall I be ready?"
I could do nothing but stare.

"All those who have scored below 60 shall have to attend the extra classes".I had scored 58.My friend had scored 54.I knew that there was no scope for getting any 2 more marks from this stingy lecturer,hence I just resigned myself to the fact that okay,I'll attend the extra class.It never occurred to me to go and ask for a few more marks.Just then,my friend zoomed past by me and went to the lecturer.After a few moments,she came back and I noticed that in her answer sheet was written "54+6=60".
Yes,she escaped extra classes.How?"Oh well,I just went and asked her and told her that I'll do well next time and that I can't attend extra classes as I am a day-scholar and that my home is far and parents would be worried and all.And the lecturer put the 6 marks somehow".
I wondered...whether my life in hostel was so boring that I would sacrifice washing clothes or dusting my shelf or going out to buy essential commodities just for extra classes? Hmm

"No,you won't be dancing in the fresher's day this time" the multi-coloured-hair 3rd year student told us.Me and another friend of mine just turned around and walked away.We didn't try convincing that senior to "kindly" let us dance as we love dancing and we really really want to dance.
Enter another student,who had the right contacts and the right luck and the right voice for being given the responsibility for singing the National Anthem and some intro song.No,I am not jealous,am I?

"Get out of the lab,you need not do the experiment if you can't even wear lab-shoes! Go and meet the HOD then only you can enter my lab!",shouted the lecturer during lab-hour.I quietly walked off.
"Get out of the lab,you also need not do the experiment",shouted the lecturer again at victim#2.The guy coolly replied "Sir,I'll wear the lab-shoes next time".The lecturer grumbled something and I saw that victim#2 went on to do the experiment,as I stood watching him from the glass-window outside the lab.

Some people are born clever I guess.Somehow or the other they know how things work,are alert and awake most of the times,and know which people to use and which people to abuse.I guess I lag in this area.Not me alone,I have seen many like me too,and I feel so happy seeing them making mistakes the way I do.
I had always thought that most of the non-clever people went on to become geniuses.Not everyone had common-sense,and only some people,like me,have uncommon sense.(Taare Zameen Par Effect!):P

People say its my ego,self-esteem or some other heavy and nice sounding words.I guess its just my indifference.An indifference which I can't be indifferent about.It would be with me all my life.:)

So,am I a loser then? A loser because I don't have anything to do with people with whom I don't share a compatibility?Because I would rather accept life as it comes rather than go and ask for concessions?Because I don't ever think about my own self but worried unnecessarily about other people?Because I sympathise with others and criticise myself?

Am I a loser?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ladies and The Uniform

The debate on NDTV "We the People" today was about the permanent work for women in the Indian Army...more correctly,in the Infantry section of the Army.A cliched debate which goes on and on with no conclusion.

The first question that comes to my mind is that WHY do we need such a debate anyway? The Army is short of about 14,000 cadets or officers or whatever and on top of that,we are debating about the equal rights of women? I mean,where ARE the women that such questions about posting the ladies on the front pop up?

Okay,lets go to the general perception about the Army.Its a hard life,yes,and the moment someone in our homes mentions joining the Army  then its like the end of the world.Yes,I admit its easier to be typing out all these than actually seeing a brother or husband or son(or a sister or wife or daughter)returning only after several tiring months(or rather not returning at all,in some cases...I don't know whether such cases are "proud" ones or unfortunate ones)...but lets hear it out..what is it that makes people hesitate to join the army? I asked the question first to myself..why am I not joining then?Unfortunately,I got a meek answer saying I have always wanted to be an engineer and run Power Plants or Refineries or whatever.

The same question I asked a friend of mine,and his answer was very much peculiar.He said his friend applied for the Army but he never got the call,despite being physically fit.And his point was that in a time of job-shortage such as this,anybody would jump for any proffession,including the Defense.If a common person has this notion,then imagine how many people must be having such a notion that the "Defense force is not recruiting properly".

Well, people should understand that the Army,Navy or Air Force canNOT employ ANYONE who gives his/her applications.You cannot expect a person suffering from Asthma or breathing problems to be going to a hazardous place where its too cold or too dusty and still be up and fighting!(No offense intended,please)

Coming back to the topic now.Why can't ladies be given a post on the front? Why is it that people are so much apprehensive when it comes to women fighting on the front?Why are women not given the opportunity beyond the technical posts? Why are there different standards for men and women in the army? I am sure there are men reading this post who are very much in opposition to the different standards for men and women in the daily life.But thats not the point here.We are talking about National Security.No different standards for that please! As some lady in the program rightly mentioned,"Why are we supposed to be running 7 kms in 40 minutes when men are supposed to run the same distance in 25 minutes?Tell us to do the same..if we fail then throw us out!".

So you see,such debates go on and on.There are other perspectives too.Like the biological differences,ability to withstand difficult circumstances..etc etc.But all I can say,for now, least give a chance!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Even I loved someone....

I had forgotten about this poem of mine....until I read Ekam's new post!Okay...Here we go...

Fresh flowers bloom each day,
Beautifying my way,
The sunrise brings a new dawn,
But something inside me has gone...

Something inside me has gone,
Outside,everything is fine,but inside something is terribly wrong,
There is a strange fear,a strange insecurity,
The times seem to go on and on for eternity...

The times seem to go on and on for eternity,
There always persists a feeling of self-pity,
My story is known to no one,
Even I loved someone....

Even I loved someone,
And it was not just for some silly fun,
I loved him with all my heart and soul,
He made my life meaningful....

He made my life meaningful,
All those times when we were together were so wonderful,
I still love him,and would do so till the end,
Even though he lies somewhere,dead....

Even though he lies somewhere,dead,
I am glad he died a valiant death,
I visit him each day with flowers for his lonely grave,
But I feel proud,yes,he had been brave...

I feel proud,yes,he had been brave,
Everyone tells me to forget him and welcome each new day,
And although the sunrise brings a new dawn,
But something inside me has forever gone...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Silent !....Listen.....

"...And I told her not to talk to me hereafter"

"Its okay,it happens.Good that you are rid of her.Hey listen..."

"No.I can't ever forgive her"



"Sorry but I had been trying to tell you for the past half an hour,I met with an accident,and right now in the hospital"

Sometimes,rather many times,it happens.
We go on listening to people whom we consider close,but when its their turn to listen,they just disappear into thin air.It hurts.Terribly.

We listen endlessly,forgetting all other works,all other people,when our friends are in distress.But just when we thought that we are close friends,and we can share too,we get in answer "See you later".

The tears appearing at that instant are that of self-reproach,self-pity,and intense loneliness.
And those tears never really flow.They remain in the eyes,not conveying the sadness,and those ears still go on listening,hoping that one day they might hear the other person realise pain behind the answer "I am fine" and ask back "Are you telling the truth?".Perhaps.One day.

Happy Weekend! :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In GOD we TRUST,grumble we MUST! (Part II)

Note: For the part one...Click Here.
There you are.Yes you.How long have you been sitting there doing nothing? You just keep silent on so many things,sometimes I need to shake you for waking you up.

From the poster,God replied "Now what?"

"Why you made my health miserable all of a sudden? Can't you bear to see me looking healthy?"

Wide-eyed,He replied "Huh? Did I ask you to eat those oily pooris in your hostel mess? Did I ask you to behave like a saint-on-fast and stop drinking water? Did I ask you to find a particular place where there was no fan and particularly go sit there? Did I ask you to think so many thoughts at the same time when your head isn't capable of thinking even 1? Did I..."

I was exasperated."NO! Perhaps you didn't. But you could've at least stopped me from doing the above mentioned things!"

"Grr....I can't all the time be running behind you.You should take care of yourself.I can't come over to you each time you get a little scratch in your delicate fingers!"

"You are supposed to be God!"

"All right,I resign from my post of being God"

"Bravo! First you don't do your responsibilties properly and then you say you resign? Who will take care of all the things on Earth if you resign?"

"You always keep pestering me.First the maths paper,now this?"

"Then who else shall I blame all the surprises? You have an evil-twin or something?"

"Ha ha ha..very funny.Look,did you even once call me when your paper got selected for the SSN symposium?Did you ever tell me that you cleared your 1st year successfully?Did you ever describe to me how much interesting your bus ride was?"


" where do you stand?"

"But you know all that already!!!"

"Yes,from reliable sources.Imagine in a team,you are the leader.You know all that is happening in your team.But still,you want the team members to personally come and tell you their achievements,right?"


"Same is with me too my child"

"Hmm okay...from now on..I'll tell you about the good things too"

God smiled "Thats like a good child!"

"But seriously,that day,the EDC lecturer was grumbling and glaring at me.I don't understand why she keeps glaring at me.Humph! Even if I say a right answer,she glares back! She has her favourite students,and...Hey where did you go?"

I realised that from the poster,to which I was talking to,God's image had vanished.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well,this post is for the parents(in general).No,this isn't the face-off between children and parents,its the facing of the fact that how would we (the children) be as parents.

Confused? Well many times I have thought,are parents all the while thinking about the welfare of the children only?How do they naturally,without any trying,can think about children all the time? While even buying something from the market,they'll think "Oh my daughter likes this vegetable,I'll buy it for her",when perhaps they themselves had not bought their favorite vegetable.(Well,their favorite veggies are the ones we often don't like!)

Will I also be able to think like this when I become a parent? I asked my mother this question and she burst out laughing saying "Why are you worried from now itself?".Hmm...good question.

Often,my conversation goes like this:
"...And this is what happened in class today,Ma".
"Hmm...hey do you know,your grandma called and she said..."
"Ma,I need to go for dinner now,will talk to you later"...(disconnected)

 All the time I am whining about my hostel,college,friends roomies etc etc to my mother,and she listens.But how many times do I listen when she wants to tell about the gossips of neighbourhood,the festivals at home,what relatives said,etc etc? I guess you can say its my problem,but think again,how many times have you actually heard out your parents speaking?

Does my home really look pretty much lonely without me and my brother?(My brother works in another city).
My mother once told me,"See,money perhaps is important,but what is the use of it if we are far from our children?".
Can I ever say that to my children when I become a mother?(Coz I am an egoistic person and would rather die than say to anyone "I can't live without you" or something like that).

Well,everyone tells me that I am my father's pet,I resemble him and etc etc etc.I guess I inherited my humour from him.(Don't be surprised,I can indeed make anyone laugh! :D).By the way,I can see that my father misses me and my brother very much,and perhaps thats why,even after repeatedly asking me,I haven't given him the blog URL yet(with posts like these,I am sure he'll react in a way like "Why have you written all this???")

They say (they?) its all a matter of time,that you would be mature enough by then to stop thinking about yourself and start living for your children.But if I am so selfish now,how will I change at that time?

Okay I guess this post a bit senti-menti one,or may perhaps sound like a Baghban or K3G movie inspired one.But seriously,sometimes(mostly) my head asks rhetorical questions(the questions whose answers are already known) instead of asking why the E-MOSFET operates only in enhancement mode.(?)

Okays I'll buzz off mother is calling(she'll be bursting with anger as to why I took so long to pick up the phone! :P)

Have a cool sunday! :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brand Tag!...And my experience with a junior...2 in 1

Hey folks! I have been Tagged by Shruti Akka..well heres my tag ...

"Brand Tag - Take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used"

Cool enough?Hmm.... 

In a normal day....

1.My day starts by the alarm set in my cellphone...Nokia XpressMusic 5220(Red colour).

2.Next comes my College bag....don't know which brand it actually belongs to!:P

3.Next is my wrist-watch....a water-proof one with brown strap and golden dial.(Sonata ki peshkash :P). is...Notebooks perhaps? Hey they are mostly of the "Classmate" brand anyway :P

5.Then comes the Spectacles....again..not any particular brand.But its a frameless one and it has undergone rigorous situations and circumstances (like being squashed under the desk rod,etc etc) and is still going strong.(Touchwood!)

6.After that comes the hero..My laptop.Well not mine actually,its my father's.:P.Its a HP Laptop of I-don't-know series.:P

7.Well,after that comes my evening beverage...a bottle of Badam Milk whose brand is yet unknown to me...but after a long and hungry day in certainly destroys my hunger! Heehee!

Well thats all...

7 brands for a colourful day:)
I saw the juniors! I saw the juniors!:)

They were the bunch of nervous students...trying to show geththu (Bindaas) attitude in front of their peers.

I had only one interaction with a junior.Not really an interaction actually!

I was climbing the steps upto the fourth floor for my test(Yes last week,we were having cycle tests.Its not over yet by the way.1 more to go).

Suddenly a girl said "Akka"(Didi)

I didn't respond.Because in my home(and amongst all cousins) I am the youngest one.So no one actually ever called me akka or didi .... except at school of course!(that too only after I reached class 12th)

I was startled and I looked up .. only to find that it was a nervous junior who was too scared to ask anything.
Changing my tone to authoritative,I said "Yes?"
She said "Where is the ECE block akka?"
"Oh ECE block is the other building,not this one"
"Thank you akka!"
And she scampered away.
Thats all.

Okay okay I know how you all are feeling.A great description as if I had chatted with a junior for full 3 hours..but it actually turns out like this?
Hmm..but seriously,I felt grand.Really.Honestly.

But still,as far as I have heard,these juniors are not respecting the Seniors...grr! We are 2 and a half semester old ! Even asking them names have lead them to complain to the wardens! Such a ninny!

Well I'll buzz off now...will be back with more such experiences!:)

Have a cheerful weekend!
Keep smiling!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They have come! :)

Yes! The juniors have arrived !!! Yippeee!
Well,what am I excited about? Oh well nothing.Just got a bit senti-menti seeing the tiny juniors in the Auditorium for the Inauguration Function.We were like them too a year back! Heehee!!

Gosh! They'll now come to us and ask
"Akka(Didi),which book should I refer?"
"How do they do the correction of our test papers?"
"Whats a symposium?"
"Do we really have to attend Placement and Training classes?"
"Are the University exams really tough?"
"When will we get holidays?"
"When is fresher's day?"
"When are the culturals?"

Well,we won't rag them of course.(We won't?).Just a hi-hello,where-are-you-from questioning...Oh god no! We won't ask them to sing!Nooooo :D

My so-called "ragging" session in the hostel went something like this:
In our adjacent room we have EEE senior one of 'em called me to their room and asked my name...when I said I came from Haryana..she said spell it....then asked me to spell "Haryana " in reverse order:D...this time I made a mistake and she asked me to sing a song.
I said I don't know tamil songs...then I said "Hey I know a bhajan"

So I sang a tamil bhajan(not exactly a bhajan!)...then she asked me if I knew "Kabhi Kabhi" from "Jaane Tu.."...I said ya Iknow ...(after that she got terrified of my singing and told me to stop).
And the fun part is...she(the akka who "ragged" me) wearing the same locket as i she got a bit senti and she didnt say anything harsh or sarcastic..and she was telling her room-mate(in a mocking manner)"I dont know why,I like this girl"[which meant more ragging sessions].

Of course,after that we became friends (same-department syndrome :D)

So...I am off to get introduced to my juniors if possible.Not rag them,mind it!

And I would like to thank Shruti akka (Hits and Misses) for giving me two blog awards!THANK YOU AKKA!!! :)


Many many many thank you!:) I'll do the passing on in sometime! :P

Have a cheery week ahead! :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

No forgivance

I raised my head to the sound of the doorbell ringing,
When the door opened,the cops were standing,
I knew why they had come at this time,
After all,it was me who had committed the crime.

The cops filed in slowly,
Looking around cautiously,
I kept my gaze low,
My guilt I didn't want to show.

They seemed to see me,but didn't react,
They went to the dreaded place where took place the criminal act,
Not a word was spoken,only nods and gazes,
The tension and pity showed on their faces...

It wouldn't have happened,this heinous murder,
If I hadn't been betrayed by my lover,
Or if I hadn't lost my job,
And if I hadn't lost all hopes..

It wouldn't have happened,if I had given love another chance,
Had believed in myself and taken a stance,
If only I would've been more productive,
The reason for the crime wouldn't have been that provocative..

The cops did their investigations,and I heard what they said,
"So young,this victim!" and for the peace of the deceased,they silently prayed,
But peace has since then left me,and my wrists are slit wide,
I wish I hadn't committed suicide....

Friday, August 28, 2009

What to do?

..."And in this experiment,you are going to calculate the three phase power and power factor"
Err...whats that? Oh well,we aren't supposed to ask such a question.We are 2nd year students and we are supposed to have learned all the three-phase thing in our previous semester.Right.So what do we do now?
Somehow the experiment finished....but my head is still spinning.

What are we doing? I never ever wanted to be just-another-engineer types person.I want to be do a job related to my field of study! As an example,imagine seeing Mechanical Engineers sitting in front of computers! Not only that's due to recession,but that is also the cause of recession in happiness!(I hope you understand this line)

As mentioned earlier in some long-lost post of mine that my aim to be an engineer is because I love to make things work.Most of the equipments in my home are mostly repaired by me only(By the old Indian way of trial and error).So I guess engineering was the thing for me.Seriously,I am so proud and awestruck when I see a shade of pink in a factory/plant full of gray steel/iron(shade of pink is the ladies' colour ! :) )

But if I don't even know the basics then what sort of an engineer would I be?

An engineer is related to creating new things.But the tragedy of my life is that after getting to know about global warming and all such things,I really think creating new things is a waste.Now,what would I do if my identity (identity in the future,I mean) clashes with my belief?

And if all this is not enough,my head is going through some emotional face-offs that are as torturous as that of a little butterfly that struggles to comes out of its cocoon.(is the spelling right?)

What to do? What comes first? A peaceful mind or a clear mind?(Clear in the sense that I am clear in my concepts!)
Do emotions take a backseat when it comes to career? How do I console myself when I see that the "just-an-electrician" are much more aware about all the basics than the rest of us students put together? Why is it that we don't take our course/field of study seriously even though our whole future identity depends on it?

..."In the next experiment you are supposed to study the characteristics of a transistor in CB configuration"...
Oh God!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Love yourself! :)

Each morning,I wake up thinking about you,
Wondering what wonderful thing you would do,
And make this day bright and colorful,
Oh! With you,life is beautiful!

I hate to hear you groan or sigh,
I hate to see you cry,
I love you more when I see you being brave,
I love you more when,at times, you suddenly stop being naive

You have got your own space,you have got your style,
I love it when you want others to be happy all the while,
You have many abilities and some not,
But its more than sufficient whatever abilities you've got.

I complain,I grumble,
I shout,I stumble,
But I am glad I have you to show me my way,
I am so happy to see your face in the mirror everyday...:)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Kindly don't think I have got a Multiple Personality Disorder or something like that.Usually,or rather mostly,good things happen when you start believing and loving yourself.

Is that vanity?No! Vanity is just the feeling of fake superiority of oneself over others.But loving oneself is living life without caring much about what others say about you!

So,Be Yourself! :)

Hey Aishwarya! Is this poem length okay?? :D

Happy Week Ahead! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tears of RAGE

When I was small,I was known amongst many for my bad temper.I would beat up my classmates,I would throw things around,scream like a girl gone mad,break things,stop eating,slam doors and so on.

Of course,my parents used to have a tough time controlling me...because when I was in the "angry-mode",there was no stopping me.People used to try to quieten me saying "You are a girl,you should be tolerant and demure,not fierce and angry!Such tempers are bad for you",and that used to make me more angry.

I was of the notion that when one is angry,he or she should just vent it out.And thats what I did.

Eventually,I cooled down,though not too much.Nowadays when I am very very very angry,I just keep silent or cry.People think me I am weak and all,but theres no other way to control the destruction that would follow my temper.

But at times,I feel-without any reason-uncontrollable,each cell of my body screams to tear something apart,my hands are anxious to throw something,and my voice wants to come out of the lungs in ultrasonic waves and just scream.

And all this happening in the middle of a boring lecture in my college!

I can't cry,I can't scream,I can't bang my desk,I can't throw my notebook,I can't scream and run away from my class...although all these seem very much the better options!

Eventually,I feel tired,worn out,like I have been given an injection for my adrenalin to lessen.But I have to keep my head up through another class too...oh God!

And hence come out my poetry that you all have (not all) have read below this post.

After the classes,I just go to my room,and pretending to be asleep,I cry.I cry and try to sooth my bursting head,try to find what exactly caused this strange anger which starts as abruptly as it ends.And I get no answer.

When in earlier days,I used to read the term "Tears Of Rage",I never understood how any person can cry being angry! But,it happens.

The reason for my anger is not the lecturers (Although I would like to think so) nor my college.
And one more thing...I was born on the day of Shiv Ratri :P (HeeHee)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where Do I Belong?

The sun rises high, and the new day dawns.
This day is the 62nd Independence Day of the great nation called India.And I am proud of it.
But somehow,the pure joy and thrill that I used to experience during Republic Days and Independence Day isn't here this time.Why? Have I ceased to be Indian? No,I still love my country loads,and would die unshuddering for it if the need came.Then why this sudden indifference?

Nowadays,nothing touches me.Friendship Days,Valentine Days,New Year's Day,even my Birthday,or any festivals.They are,sadly,just numbers,and I look at them with grim eyes and just think of them as holidays.Nothing more.Does that mean I am not patriotic or human enough?

Well I don't know.But what I do know that Indians are pretty bad at knowing the geography/history/civics of their own country.
"Is Telugu spoken in Tamil Nadu?"
"Is Haryana in India?"
"Is the North-East really habitable?"
"Do the people in the North really eat only Burgers and Pizzas?"
"Do the people in the South always eat Idli and Dosa?"

Many people...or rather most people have come to terms with these questions and have disregarded them as the other's ignorance.But...yours truly does get hurt!

My life history goes like this: First 10 years of my life spent in Mathura (U.P),next 6 years in Guwahati (Assam),and 2 years in Panipat (Haryana),and 1 year (3 more to go!)in Chennai(Tamilnadu).
I would like to mention here that although many would be cynical that I have so openly told about my so-called-life-history,but seriously,no one can trace me to my place with those vague knowledge I have provided :P

I am originally from Tamil Nadu.I am proud of it.You can see me boiling with rage when someone says anything wrong about my place.I fight endlessly when someone says that Telugu is the language spoken in Tamil Nadu.I always brag about the great personalities of the state and tell tall stories about them as if I have literally lived in their neighbourhood.I always tell them about the difference in beliefs of the Southies and Northies.That should make me a good Tamilian,I guess.

But its not so.I hate it even more when people ask me "Oh God! How have you lived in the North-East this long? Isn't it dangerous?" And I feel like saying "Sure its dangerous.Its dangerous because nice people live there and you may fall in love with them.Nice scenaries are there and you may never want to lose sight of them."
I want to ask them "What do you know about the North-East?".

And even more than that...I hate it now when I hear someone say "I hate the Northies.They just don't have any culture".What culture are you talking about? The culture that permits you to joyfully stop the education of women so that the men are favoured? The culture that crushes the imaginative minds of young children and makes them all robotic and inhuman?

When you don't know about the Bhajans,Keertans,Chaar Dhaams,Padyaatras,the sacredness of Ganges,the purity of faith,the simplicity of prayer without being asked for the gothras and nakshatras,the feeling of festivity which is not restricted to one section of one sect of one faith one religion,then you don't know anything.

When you don't know about the variety of dishes prepared,all from different ingredients,all for a single festival,then you don't know what appetite is.

When you don't understand the sanctity of the three Oceans meeting,the fierce rage of a widow burning a town,the sacredness of a powerfull know nothing.

Sometimes,I feel angry at my life.I wish I would have stayed at one place..and then I would have got that sense of belonging.Knowing a place fully is better that knowing many places in tidbits I believe.

I feel disillusioned at times.This,Chennai,is my native place so to say,But I don't feel I belong.Sometimes I have the urge to run back where my home from what?Earlier,at times such as this,I used to comfort myself...thinking ha! I am a complete Indian then.But now,it takes all my efforts to convince my Head office that my claim may be true.

I guess in the end a person does return to his or her roots.Have I? Where is it that my heart feels secure?
Where do I belong?

"Ae Masakalli Masakalli,Ud Matakalli Matakalli"...a familiar hindi song! I look around to see a small girl singing this song as she passes me by.Perhaps,its not really that bad a condition.
India is,though slowly,indeed growing up.

Monday, August 10, 2009

:(...The beautiful face that lies....:)

When I go to college everyday,
There is this girl whom I meet on my way,
Who is always cheerful and happy,
She is so sweet-she is many girl's envy...

She laughs she giggles she frowns and questions,
And each time,her beauty seemed to have no ends,
She speaks with certainty,she knows what she is doing,
And from her sharp eyes,nothing is ever hidden...

Everyone wants to talk to her,
Everyone wants to listen to her,
She is always liked by everyone,
After all,being with her is always fun...

She returns to her house to find it empty,
She knew her mother was in hospital,ill & weak,
Her father is nowhere around either,
As he is tending to her mother..

Today,she had won a prize for her beautiful singing,
But she has no one to share her happiness of winning,
Friends,she has,who are more jealous than happy for her,
They all think she needs no other...

Each day,she wishes everything would be fine,
Each day,she wishes she would die,
She cannot bear the torture of returning to an empty home,
She cannot bear to be ,each day,in the eye of the storm...

Each night,her pillow is wet with tears,
Each night,her heart wants someone to drive away her fears,
She wished she had friends who would understand and support her,
She wished she had friends who didn't pity her...

All this,I didn't know,till I looked into her eyes,
And the pain that reflected made me realise,
The face and the lifestyle often tell lies...
"Hello! How are you?" I said to her,extending my hand and my friendship,with a warm smile...:)

Have a happy week ahead!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

And I Died As Me....

I was lying on the road,bruised and broken,
I was breathing slowly,I was so shaken,
Somewhere nearby,a child's cry pierced like a whiplash,
But,it was going to live,it was saved from the crash....

"You can't do that",someone had told me at school,
"You can't do anything right,you are a fool"
The little kid that I was,I was taken aback,
And since then,confidence I had always lacked...

"Call the ambulance!" someone screamed by my side,
Someone dabbed my wounds that had split wide,
"You are going to live",someone tried to assure me,
And with that,I returned to my reverie of memories...

"Why you are like this?"my teacher had asked,when I was young,
"Why can't you be like someone else?"and the question had stung,
And since then,I buried my identity,
And always tried to be the person others wanted me to be...

"You will live!" the cry was hysteric,
The blood was so much,it could make anyone sick,
I didn't want to die,Oh Lord forgive me for my sins,
I would never again be myself,but forgive me for the time as this....

"Don't try,its no use,the vehicle is too fast!"someone had shouted,
When I had plunged into the traffic,and saving the child I had intended,
And then pushed the child off the road and away from the traffic,
It was too late when I realized I myself was hit...

All that pain,all the words,came flooding back,
They made me realize of all the things I had lacked,
But suddenly,the pain was gone,I felt peaceful and free,
When finally my heart stopped,I was smiling...I was happy that I died as me....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All I need is....You

I never said,I never expressed,
Every emotion I suppressed,
I tried to show I can live without you,
But all I need is you...

I turn away from you,not wanting to look into your eyes,
They can see that I am telling you lies,
I laugh,I smile,I seem happy to every person I am talking to,
But deep down inside,all I need is you....

I hate it when you say you love me,
I hate it when you say our friendship is for eternity,
I was proud as I thought I needed no one to see life through,
But now I say,all I need is you...

I don't want to see that you are worried for me,
I don't want you to know what you mean to me,
Its all pride, and its all ego,
But put them aside,all I need is you...

I hate you when you don't listen,
I hate you when you don't say anything,
I hate you when you say the only person who knows everything about me is you...
But,I need you.

Don't be hurt by my silence,I am a wounded soul,
Don't try to heal me,I would strike back with words too hurtful,
Don't push me to be smiling forcefully when instead tears would flow
Just keep this in mind,I need you....

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Have you ever travelled to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh? It takes two days to travel from Guwahati to Bomdila and then to Tawang.Its nearly on the border between India and China (forgive me if I am wrong...I used to sleep during the geography classes :P).
Well,the sights are wonderful...but at times one gets this the only road to reach that place? One landslide or one heavy snowfall can cut-off that town from the rest of the country!

When you are on your way to Tawang through thick forest and hardly any life,abruptly at some place pops up a temple and a little shop beside it.In the middle of the jungle.You can't help but wonder about the priest in there and the shopkeeper.As always,one gives the simplest explanation:"They are used to it".

Again,at the point where the grassy cover abruptly gives way to snow,you find a little shop where they make tea and have a large stock of Maggi Noodles! Cold wind,cold weather,snow all around and then hot Maggi and tea!!

Seriously,thats one trip that I would like to undertake.Not to see the "Madhuri Lake"(Supposedly the lake where some song was shot for the movie Koyla starring SRK and Madhuri Dixit :P)...nor for the snow-snow all around...but for the long travel through 2 states..Assam and Arunachal Pradesh...which still reminds me of the pretty narrow roads across mountains...where one wrong turn would take us down,and one landslide would take us up.

Have you ever travelled to Panipat in Haryana? From Delhi.Its not really any spectacular place...but again,the journey from Delhi to Panipat is pretty much enjoyable...for me at least.Thats where my home is.:)

Imagine travelling in peak winter afternoon (when its cold in delhi although theres a warm sun).
And as you go on and on,see the fields covered in a misty haze,the smell of winter air,and in the middle of that,the smell of hot aloo parantha with fresh makhan on top it when you stop by at a Dhaba....too good!

In summers,you would see Sunflowers smiling at the sun,and Sarso(I don't know what to call it in English :( ) and dusty roads...still,its lovable!

Out of nowhere pop up some villages,buffaloes,dhabas etc etc...and one would be glued to the window!

I always love going to signifies going home!:)

From Panipat,its the road to Kurukshetra thats pretty cool.Huge trees lined up on either sides,a smooth if someone is making you relax!

Beyond Kurukshetra,you get to go to Ambala then Chandigarh,and though their roads are pretty good too...still,my favourite remains Delhi-Panipat-Kurukshetra.:)

Have you been to Shillong in Meghalaya? Its a cool some place where anyone would have denied that life existed.Tilted roads,overcrowding vehicles in narrow lanes...really...fabulous!

More than that,its the journey to Cherrapunji from Shillong.The road seems to stretch on and on,and the mountains seem to look upon you with curiousity.Higher and higher,you go on,until you see the clouds on the roads and your vehicle zooming past them:Thats indication enough that you have arrived at the world's most wettest place.The clouds had covered the whole view of the Seven Sisters' Falls...and just as we were about to turn back,the curtain drew back and we could see the (more than)Seven-Sister's Falls! Spectacular View.

As you go on,you would see little-big houses,and you can't help but wonder and envy the people living in them...they are lucky in a way...they've got their own world...

Have you travelled to Pondicherry? Well I don't really remember much of it,but I do remember a road running parallel to the seaside.And the sea looks pretty inviting too! :).
Once in Pondicherry,you wonder you are really in India or not.Seriously,the streets look fact...most of the things look a bit different! Houses,buildings,roads..etc etc!

Its one journey where I found the sea by my side...just one stop and one can run to the beaches! :)

And in all of these trips,its the journey that has enthralled me always......
They teach loads of things,right?
The mysterious roads to Tawang seem to tell about life...where at times one has no other option but to follow one path.It can be dangerous,but if we are steady enough and catch hold of ourselves from falling over,we get what we want (Like the Maggi Noodles! :) )
They also tell us to go on,through twists and turns and scary phases....and not to stop!

I don't know what the roads to-and-fro Panipat tell...but let me put it to diversifying our lives.(Well,because there are 3 lanes on either side! :D)

The roads to-and-fro Shillong-Cherrapunji tell about those times in life where going further just when we thought everything was over can change our lives around.(I don't know why,but it seems so to my Head the clouds whispered to me to go further.)

The Pondicherry roads tell about taking a break at times in life...and enjoy the seaside view!

So what other roads tell about? I don't know...most roads are pretty arrogant and don't talk shows in their loopholes! :P


1.There are other roads which I would love to mention too....but I can't find the words for them.
I'll surely write about them too(when I get the words;for now,the words are flying :P)!
You also tell about the roads/trips which have remained in your heart and why?

2.If you are confused whether I was talking about the roads or the journey...then...well journey takes place on roads...right? :D

Have a happy and smiling week ahead! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

I guess I should not write anymore...huh??

Nope.I don't have anything to write.

But I do feel like writing!( be precise,typing)

But why should I write just to see something-like-an-essay types thing on my computer screen?

Why should I catch hold of buzzing thoughts (buzzing like flies indeed) and hold them till I type out something about them and then let go of them?("Them" means thoughts).

Why should I struggle to keep awake when I could be happily dozing off...

Why do you like to read whatever I type {Err...Is that right?}(But you always follow the No-Comments mode,of course!)

I'll tell you why...Because I don't know!(HeeHee)

I guess almost every human being has the tendency or desire to share things.Its like talking about or writing about some things makes them easier to handle!

Hey seriously! When you are travelling in a train,for example,the person sitting near you starts a conversation(Or you start),and it goes on and on...and you find that you had talked more than necessary.
Or even while standing in a queue..."The climate is becoming inbearable,isn't it?"
Or outside an entrance exam centre..."My son is appearing for the exam.We came all the way from XYZ for this exam...You also don't look like natives of this place,am I right?"
Or while waiting for the bus.."Whats the time?Oh! Its so late ?The bus should've been here at this time! They just pluck money and give us no service,don't you think so?"

And it goes on.

So some sort of a bond (Not James Bond or Ionic Bond or Covalent Bond) is formed...which can be easily formed,and which when broken doesn't really give much pain....ain't it?We just want to talk to someone,we can't isolate ourselves.But out of nowhere,these people sometimes come into our thoughts and we wonder about them...ain't it?

Huh...but why I am telling you all this? I am sure you won't think about what I said anyway (Boooohooooo).

As I said earlier...I am not writing anymore.

Wait for my next post :P

Saturday, July 18, 2009

All my fate!

Now we are going to connect the wires and see the result...yikes! The electricity is gone!

I am telling to a friend"For the past few days the clouds have all been just hovering overhead,but they don't rain...So it won't rain today also"
I suddenly found a tiny drop on my hand....and the next rained Rhinos and Elephants.

Sitting in the class,someone was saying "I hope ma'am doesn't ask us for our observation notebooks,I haven't completed it"
I,being the loudspeaker,said"Relax,today ma'am is absent.Even I haven't completed my observation"
The next moment,the "ma'am" appears out of nowhere and says "All of you,submit your observation notebooks,and those who haven't completed them,will be marked zero!"

One evening in the hostel,I told my roomies,"You go and eat.Today is Wednesday,the food won't be good,I don't feel like eating"
An hour later,they returned and said"You should've come,the food was good today.They changed the menu."

And at all these times(and other such times),I always found somebody giggling at my plight.Yeah,you got it...its The Almighty.

Seriously,nowadays I tell everyone something and add it with "Since I am SAYING it,it won't happen" and to negate THAT statement,whatever I say does happen.:P

Some people say things that actually turn out to be true...but yours' truly never listens to them,and those people give me "I-told-you-so" looks :P.

So all in all,whenever I think this is really going to happen,something unbelievable incident happens that ruins all my plans and I end up asking Him "Why,why only me?Can't you target someone else?"

And all I hear is more giggling.

Well does this happen to you all too? I mean this happens to me ALL the time...Does it happen that whatever you say never really happens??

Awaiting your answers...and if I am right,you all would reply.:P


Please read the poem in my previous post.Arre yaar,it was a moment of Eureka when I got the idea for the poem :P

Enoy your day

Friday, July 17, 2009

In a far desolate office,
Sat one lonely officer,
Who was suddenly summoned one day by his seniors,
To get feedback on the new project they had proposed...

The officer reached the other office,
Having fans that moved too slow and needed air themselves,
Tubelights that flickered and fumed at having to work,
And chairs that creaked at the slightest stress..

The officer was summoned in front of other similar officers,
Who looked tired and bored,
Who looked like men already tired of life,
And like those who wondered with dread what the future had in store..

"Ah,sit down" said an officer to our protagonist,
And as our officer sat down and handed out the project feedback,
The other officers hardly glanced at it,
But one said "Tell,has the project been successful?"

Our officer took a deep breath,and managed to fake a smile,
"Of course,your wonderful ideas on saving environment,
Have been very much effective,
And the actions taken have indeed been a great accomplishment..

Schools,colleges and offices,
Have all been given pamphlets asking them to plant trees,
They have also been told to not to use plastics,
And they all are indeed listening

School-going children and college students,
Are all enthusiastically studying Environmental Science,
And I am also happy to tell you that they all clear the exams,
Though they always fail in other subjects otherwise....

After studying the subjects,and seeing those pamphlets,
The citizens -young and old,
Have all changed their mindsets,
And use only dustbins to throw those very pamphlets!

And so I conclude,sir,
That our project has been successful,
And I am sure that our claim to save our environment,
Would now be nearly truthful!"

The other officers exchanged happy glances,
And they all nodded their heads,
"Your report is precise and clear officer",said one of the officers,
"You may now leave"

As our officer walked out,he couldn't help but think,
"What the hell am I doing?Doesn't anyone have sense?
How are we going to do any job like this?
Where we are afraid to tell the truth and hide behind a cloak of pretence?

What would children gain,reading books on environment,
When actually they should see,
Farmers struggling for water and some improvement,
In their parched lands...

What would students do?Writing exams and forgetting everything,
When they should hear the cries,
Of the literally-drowning-in-water polar bears,
Since the heat is melting away the caps of ice.."

The officer shook his head,and went on his way,
Dejected and disappointed and frustrated,
If only he had stayed a little longer,he would have other officers say,
"What a waste! We are hiring such fools to do this job?"

"What does he think,can one do with books and pamphlets,
Or exams and quizzes and fashion shows?
When the heat is rising,and so are the prices,
Really,what are we doing to ourselves by hiring such fellows?"

A note by the poster...err I mean the blogger!:P
(The title and the post has no Kismat Konnection :P)
Hmm...I am back!! I got my results,I am an 8-pointer! Wow! And I passed in maths too!(Refer to "In God we trust,Grumble we must" post for knowing the reason for the maths-mentioning!

I don't really know what I wish to convey through this poem(poem?) of mine..But in case anybody's sentiments are hurt (including the Polar bear's) I am sorry for that...but seriously..I think just conducting huge shows on "Save the planet"-having mutliple lights and loads of sounds-;or any great quizzes or presentation contests or seminars won't really help.

We got to,ought to,should,must,etc etc do our bit for making our planet a lot cooler.(Yo man! :P)

And for this I don't want to join any clubs,but what I do want you to do is join your eyelids with your eyeballs(I mean close your eyes) and you like your place to be all metal and glass and artificial...or would you like it natural,green and cool?
(By the way,switching off lights when not in use and all such stuffs reduce your electricity bills!)

Have a cool weekend!:)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sometimes in life...

Sometimes in life,we have to let go,
Some that we live in the present,
Sometimes in life,we have to show,
Courage and sense when everything is falling apart...

Sometimes in life,we need to smile and be happy,
When inside our heart is breaking,
Sometimes in life,we need to forgive,
No matter how much someone is hurting...

Sometimes in life,we have to be strong and graceful,
To witness our own defeat,
Sometimes in life,we have to be gracious and humble,
Even when we have had our greatest win...

Sometimes in life,we need to open up and talk,
Even though all we need silence,
Sometimes in life,we must be quiet,
To convey our condolence...

Sometimes in life,our shoulders are needed for someone to cry,
When we ourselves have not been offered any solace,
And often in our lives ,we find ourselves alone,
And for all troubles,we have no option but to put up a brave face...

But always,we should be thankful and smile,
For all the things we have had in our life,
Because all our possessions stay with us only for a while,
But our true character remains with us night and day,come what may....

P.S:I guess its a bit of a sad set of rhymes...but I am feeling a bit down-down right now :(

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

No title...Why don't you suggest one? :D

"And from now on,you all would be having daily tests!",our class coordinator said,giving us a wide smile.
I stared at her...I just couldn't think of any reason why she was giving that big smile.Here I was,wishing that our college would treat us like college students by NOT conducting those stupid tests which aren't of any use....and there she was,smiling as though she has found treasure.

My head feeling heavy,my steps not so eager,I reached my hostel after the torture (read: classes) and I was so irritated that I had intended to complain to my mother about my college.Well,thats the best thing I do next to crying : Complain.

I got hold of my mobile and gave my mother a Missed Call.{Well,okay,I admit it;I am a kanjoos (Miser)}. The next moment,she called back with that cheery "Hello!".
I said "How are you,Ma? Are you doing some work?"

She replied "Oh not really.Tell me"

Just as I was about to begin my round of complains,my head faced a whirlpool of thoughts....

What am I doing here? I still haven't accepted my life here? Or have I? When will I stop complaining and start living? What great thing did I do that I have to complain about some silly rules,some undigestable food {Exaggerated},some black water in our taps,some lack of holidays,some silly dress code,and some more of the little teeny-weeny things? Have I been sent here forcefully? It was my fault that I screwed up my exams last year (Boards and entrances,I mean),my fault that I didn't do well,my fault that I didn't speak up and say No when I was being sent here...
And what are the BIG problems here anyway? The rules? We'll break them! The food? We'll survive! The lack of holidays? Okay,lets take pride in that....I go home once in every 5 months and live there for only a week...and when my parents come here,its only for a day or two.All right then,ain't I great?

Does every problem have a solution?{Well,I guess except for our politicians!}
Of Course!!!
Each and every lock has a key,and each thing that God does to us is only to strengthen us...blessed are we that we are punished by Him,this means he is taking notice of us!!!(HeeHee)

I'll also show my parents that I am not the Taare Zameen Par case of homesickness...(I mean the initial one.) I am living here too,surviving,cost-cutting,reading novels,Blogging despite such huge assignments,and not to forget my partners in crime! What else do I need Ma,What else?

"Hello?? Anu!!!! If you are not going to reply,I'll disconnect!!!"

I shook myself from the reverie and said "My day was great Ma! You know what? They are going to start daily tests in our college! As if we are really going to clear THOSE!!!"

This post was not really meant for doing some self-praising(Though I nearly got close to that).What I wanted to convey was that despite huge problems,we still survive(We means Human Beings,and not WE only!).Somehow or the other,the next day dawns,the next sunset comes and again the next day comes back.So its upto us whether rise with each sunrise or fall with each sunset.

No offence meant to my college.Just that we all (The Respected Students) are so fed up of the rules that we are sure to bring down the result collectively and without efforts (Unity is Strength).

Some people ask me,why are you so obsessed about Hostel Life?
Well,because like the Public is so obsessed about Sensational News because its New,
Like that I am also obsessed about my hostel life...coz its new...for Me!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sweet Revenge

(1) This post is specifically for one and only one person.That guy would surely comment and reveal his identity....that dumbo!!!!!
(2) Hey Freelancer/Mridu bhaiya/{or whatever other names you've got},don't get me wrong after seeing this post and thinking: arre,aisa kaam toh maine apne blog par kiya tha(kisi ko gaali dene ka,I mean)!!!
(3)This post is subject to anytime deletion.

Yes,I am talking about You.Yeah you,you stupid snake-catcher/killer,you self-proclaimed fast rider,self-proclaimed fearless person,self-proclaimed-in-love person.I am talking about you.Oops,I am talking about the most most most idiotic and vain and brainless creature ever to exist in the whole wide universe!!!

Talking to you has made my head go haywire,my self-confidence commit suicide and my self-esteem has been arrested and sent to jail.All because of you.Thank you very much.

What the hell you think of yourself,huh? You are the only snake-catcher or killer in the whole-wide world ah? When I told you that even my cousin bro n sis catch snakes but don't kill them,your reaction was:Ah,they must be some silly baby-snakes,not venomous...but I catch the venomous snakes.You just wait,I'll have it arranged that you are pushed in a big container having loads of poisonous snakes in it and those snakes won't be much friendly to you.

And you are the ruddy rash driver ah?? I'll show you what rash driving is...or in fact,just show me how you drive in the Chennai traffic and let me see how you survive here.

And oh I forgot.For you everyone else is just a brainless or characterless guy and everything I do is just a joke:
"Who participates in Global Warming Awareness Competitions man?"
"Why are you adding music to your slides?This is not a wedding that you are adding music!"
And when I told you that I had spoken in front of everyone and that I just blabbered and felt ashamed of it...the only reaction I got (instead of saying something like "Its ok" or "Forget about it"): "Once I was given a mic to speak about something and I just stared at it and came of the stage".

And the major thing that caused the provocation
"Hey that tennis sir of yours was no good"
I ask my other readers,how would you feel that the coach or teacher(however he/she is/was) is being talked about in such a manner ? I mean when I was telling about the sir once praising me and me doing well in the game....imagine my feelings after hearing this.

I can gurantee you that the person I am talking about will immediately comment and say "Hey you misunderstood me,main toh bas mazak kar raha tha(I was just jokin)"
Or he would opt for the easy way out "All right,I'll never talk to you again"

As if snapping all contacts would surely make everything fine ah?

I need answers!

Again to all my readers....I don't want you all to think bad of this friend of mine.(Yeah he is still a friend...though whenever I am just about to begin to tell my share of sorrows after he has poured his heart out,something or the other happens resulting in me thinking that this fellow ain't interested in listening to me).

Its called Vidhi.Fate.You always end up getting the wrong person or the wrong things out of the right person when you yourself are searching for someone to share your day's sorrows and happiness.

Well by the way...the purpose of my blog was just to vent out my anger.Coz I can't push the friend off a cliff,or throw him out of airplane,or strangle him with my hands,or make a thousand hungry dogs chase him,or make him consume arsenic...or just anything.So I guess I ought to contended just writing over here about the one person who has made my brain resign from its post and leave my Head Office empty.


P.S:The person whom I am talking about is.....a human being!(I think so....coz earlier he seemed to be human,but now its getting pretty much obvious that the guy is a devil!)