Saturday, September 12, 2009

Brand Tag!...And my experience with a junior...2 in 1

Hey folks! I have been Tagged by Shruti Akka..well heres my tag ...

"Brand Tag - Take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used"

Cool enough?Hmm.... 

In a normal day....

1.My day starts by the alarm set in my cellphone...Nokia XpressMusic 5220(Red colour).

2.Next comes my College bag....don't know which brand it actually belongs to!:P

3.Next is my wrist-watch....a water-proof one with brown strap and golden dial.(Sonata ki peshkash :P). is...Notebooks perhaps? Hey they are mostly of the "Classmate" brand anyway :P

5.Then comes the Spectacles....again..not any particular brand.But its a frameless one and it has undergone rigorous situations and circumstances (like being squashed under the desk rod,etc etc) and is still going strong.(Touchwood!)

6.After that comes the hero..My laptop.Well not mine actually,its my father's.:P.Its a HP Laptop of I-don't-know series.:P

7.Well,after that comes my evening beverage...a bottle of Badam Milk whose brand is yet unknown to me...but after a long and hungry day in certainly destroys my hunger! Heehee!

Well thats all...

7 brands for a colourful day:)
I saw the juniors! I saw the juniors!:)

They were the bunch of nervous students...trying to show geththu (Bindaas) attitude in front of their peers.

I had only one interaction with a junior.Not really an interaction actually!

I was climbing the steps upto the fourth floor for my test(Yes last week,we were having cycle tests.Its not over yet by the way.1 more to go).

Suddenly a girl said "Akka"(Didi)

I didn't respond.Because in my home(and amongst all cousins) I am the youngest one.So no one actually ever called me akka or didi .... except at school of course!(that too only after I reached class 12th)

I was startled and I looked up .. only to find that it was a nervous junior who was too scared to ask anything.
Changing my tone to authoritative,I said "Yes?"
She said "Where is the ECE block akka?"
"Oh ECE block is the other building,not this one"
"Thank you akka!"
And she scampered away.
Thats all.

Okay okay I know how you all are feeling.A great description as if I had chatted with a junior for full 3 hours..but it actually turns out like this?
Hmm..but seriously,I felt grand.Really.Honestly.

But still,as far as I have heard,these juniors are not respecting the Seniors...grr! We are 2 and a half semester old ! Even asking them names have lead them to complain to the wardens! Such a ninny!

Well I'll buzz off now...will be back with more such experiences!:)

Have a cheerful weekend!
Keep smiling!


  1. This tag's been doing the rounds in some blogs now. Saw this in a friend's blog too! Nice one :)

    And yeah, I am not too familiar with brands, so let me stop here.

  2. Thank you for stopping by.

    By the way I am not too keen on brands much...I am too lazy to notice them.:P

  3. Oh, you are welcome :)

    Left comments in your previous couplea posts too!


  4. nice tag dear:)..enjoyed reading it n hey cool..:)..nice juni-seni encounter!!:)..he he

  5. Nice one.Personally,I am not much of a brand follower.

  6. haha...gethu Anu!! I don really think u wud hv ragged even if u had had a chance... wow wat a wonderful soul!! :-P

  7. hey, cool tag and great description lik always!! :)
    I liked!!

  8. OMG i cant sense how happy you are to be called akka by you junior.

  9. Well,
    The juniors have become problematic all over! The Supreme court of India should take the blame for stealing our right ;)



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