Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They have come! :)

Yes! The juniors have arrived !!! Yippeee!
Well,what am I excited about? Oh well nothing.Just got a bit senti-menti seeing the tiny juniors in the Auditorium for the Inauguration Function.We were like them too a year back! Heehee!!

Gosh! They'll now come to us and ask
"Akka(Didi),which book should I refer?"
"How do they do the correction of our test papers?"
"Whats a symposium?"
"Do we really have to attend Placement and Training classes?"
"Are the University exams really tough?"
"When will we get holidays?"
"When is fresher's day?"
"When are the culturals?"

Well,we won't rag them of course.(We won't?).Just a hi-hello,where-are-you-from questioning...Oh god no! We won't ask them to sing!Nooooo :D

My so-called "ragging" session in the hostel went something like this:
In our adjacent room we have EEE senior one of 'em called me to their room and asked my name...when I said I came from Haryana..she said spell it....then asked me to spell "Haryana " in reverse order:D...this time I made a mistake and she asked me to sing a song.
I said I don't know tamil songs...then I said "Hey I know a bhajan"

So I sang a tamil bhajan(not exactly a bhajan!)...then she asked me if I knew "Kabhi Kabhi" from "Jaane Tu.."...I said ya Iknow ...(after that she got terrified of my singing and told me to stop).
And the fun part is...she(the akka who "ragged" me) wearing the same locket as i she got a bit senti and she didnt say anything harsh or sarcastic..and she was telling her room-mate(in a mocking manner)"I dont know why,I like this girl"[which meant more ragging sessions].

Of course,after that we became friends (same-department syndrome :D)

So...I am off to get introduced to my juniors if possible.Not rag them,mind it!

And I would like to thank Shruti akka (Hits and Misses) for giving me two blog awards!THANK YOU AKKA!!! :)


Many many many thank you!:) I'll do the passing on in sometime! :P

Have a cheery week ahead! :)


  1. i know how it feels getting juniors... you expressed it beautifully..

    and congrats on receiving those wonderful awards

    Rane :)

  2. Oh, those good old ragging experiences!
    Good one, a post for the cheery souls!

    Btw, as a thought out of curiosity, which college do u study in?

  3. Ah you made me miss my college days :(...

    Nice writing. :)

  4. Arey you are welcome!!
    I know the reactions of juniors as well! I had 3 sets of juniors, all sweet kiddo's!

    btw,you are tagged!
    Check my blog!

    Keep smiling!

  5. Hiya.. yes Well its always fun when we have juniors all around us.. Ragging is always fun..but yu ought to know how to make the juniors feel that once they come out of the room" I have a good bro here :)" ....thanks for reminding me these!..


  6. Ragging is banned anyways....
    he he he....
    But yeah its fun for seniors and a mayhem for freshers..
    specially if you are boy....
    i heard many stories about ragging from my friends...
    i guess its better not to talk about it...
    Personally i never ragged anybody...

  7. nice dear...:) ...made me think of my old days...:) was funny...they asked my whereabouts and soo sweetly gave me one dairy milk!!..nw tats wat ragging is:)...

  8. when i was in first year, i went scott free. No ragging in my college. I was surprised because my college consists of some naughty gangs, who will dare to rag me anyway :D

  9. Guess coll days are fun! :) One has to enjoy them while they last. Never been in an engg college, so have little familiarity with giving or receiving ragging!

    godspeed! :)

  10. hehe.... who knows u might find a junior who is wearing the same locket as u r wearing!!....atb fr ur future blogs!!

  11. @Rocky Shanky
    Ya hope so too :P
    Thank you.

  12. u never informed me ab ur ragging sessions...????.?/


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