Sunday, September 13, 2009


Well,this post is for the parents(in general).No,this isn't the face-off between children and parents,its the facing of the fact that how would we (the children) be as parents.

Confused? Well many times I have thought,are parents all the while thinking about the welfare of the children only?How do they naturally,without any trying,can think about children all the time? While even buying something from the market,they'll think "Oh my daughter likes this vegetable,I'll buy it for her",when perhaps they themselves had not bought their favorite vegetable.(Well,their favorite veggies are the ones we often don't like!)

Will I also be able to think like this when I become a parent? I asked my mother this question and she burst out laughing saying "Why are you worried from now itself?".Hmm...good question.

Often,my conversation goes like this:
"...And this is what happened in class today,Ma".
"Hmm...hey do you know,your grandma called and she said..."
"Ma,I need to go for dinner now,will talk to you later"...(disconnected)

 All the time I am whining about my hostel,college,friends roomies etc etc to my mother,and she listens.But how many times do I listen when she wants to tell about the gossips of neighbourhood,the festivals at home,what relatives said,etc etc? I guess you can say its my problem,but think again,how many times have you actually heard out your parents speaking?

Does my home really look pretty much lonely without me and my brother?(My brother works in another city).
My mother once told me,"See,money perhaps is important,but what is the use of it if we are far from our children?".
Can I ever say that to my children when I become a mother?(Coz I am an egoistic person and would rather die than say to anyone "I can't live without you" or something like that).

Well,everyone tells me that I am my father's pet,I resemble him and etc etc etc.I guess I inherited my humour from him.(Don't be surprised,I can indeed make anyone laugh! :D).By the way,I can see that my father misses me and my brother very much,and perhaps thats why,even after repeatedly asking me,I haven't given him the blog URL yet(with posts like these,I am sure he'll react in a way like "Why have you written all this???")

They say (they?) its all a matter of time,that you would be mature enough by then to stop thinking about yourself and start living for your children.But if I am so selfish now,how will I change at that time?

Okay I guess this post a bit senti-menti one,or may perhaps sound like a Baghban or K3G movie inspired one.But seriously,sometimes(mostly) my head asks rhetorical questions(the questions whose answers are already known) instead of asking why the E-MOSFET operates only in enhancement mode.(?)

Okays I'll buzz off mother is calling(she'll be bursting with anger as to why I took so long to pick up the phone! :P)

Have a cool sunday! :)


  1. Show this post to your mom. She will love you for this.

    You have a heart of gold and it reflected in you writings :)

  2. Thank you so much:)
    And yeah my mother also said she wants to read my blog...well frankly I am afraid to do that.Don't know why.:P

  3. This is so sweet. Your parents are very lucky to have you.

    I guess, everybody feels so, every child. I do. Our parents live for us, only for us. God bless you:)

    About parents reading our blog.. Umm.. I , too, don't want them to read mine. My parents, brother, my family , neither of them know that I write. And nor do I want them to:)

  4. "See,money perhaps is important,but what is the use of it if we are far from our children?" - pretty much what my parents say too; my sister works in another town and I study in another!

    Sweet post! :)

    As for whether you will be like that or not is anybody's guess. But then Life does a lot of things to us as people and perhaps you could think of this post when you turn a parent.

    Cheers, godspeed! :)

  5. Hi Anu,
    Indeed well displayed the feelings.
    I almost felt so much nostalgic and miss my ma-paa so much.

    I did the same when I was staying in hostel and did not ever realised untill I got is sometimes really hurts to be so far from them.

    Beleive it or not, Today I can eat everything that I never ate when my mom cooked for me...ofcoarse SHE used to pamper me so much and always made sure to make my fav. sabji. Perhaps I cook these days and have to eat whatever it tastes :(

    Keep Hitting the strings of my heart! Ur blog Rocks!!


  6. this is so true.
    just tonight i hang up my fone on mom
    am feeling so guilty now...sent her a i am sorry sms..hopefully she will see it tomoro

  7. You are surely thoughtfuland emotional.Also I must say,your parents are lucky and would be happy to read this post.
    But,yes,it is very difficult and challenging to be a parent.

  8. anu.....
    wow great thoughts.........
    personally i think if we can be half as good as our parents...
    we can be proud of ourselves...
    you know now we are more self centric then ever...
    our generation is like that....
    we always search from freedom in everything....
    some of us in quest for freedom and opportunity forget our parents...
    without realising that without them we are nothing....
    i hope we all would try to be good human beings....
    rest would follow....
    i miss my dad and my big brother,,,,
    it hurts when you see that the pillars who were behind you are no more.....

  9. Well--all i can say is that EVERY single thing changes when you first hold that quivering mass of flesh --your new born child in your hands, and the child looks at you with those button eyes. :)

    You cease to exist as a person. Everything you did before this moment will cease to matter :)

    You become a parent :)

    Once you get there you'll know :) Remember these words then :) :)

    Thanks for stopping by. :)

  10. Hey Anu... really likd yur post!... its just like my mom's rantings, i live in a very far off place and my bro in its just my ol folks back there at native...yet i try calling them whenever time permits...but the cup is never full! my mom said those exact verses...wats the use of money when yu dont have yur children with yu!! We tend to blame the western culture for a way they ought to be appreciated, as i have seen everyone wants to go back by 6 evening to spend time for their family...

    hmm like yu say...hmm we'll know their musings when we become a parent...sorry for the big coment.. :) cya chk out.


  11. Thank you for your comment!
    You are right of course....we blame western culture for everything....

  12. "See,money perhaps is important,but what is the use of it if we are far from our children?"

    Ur mom was bang on yaar :)
    Nd ur rite about maturity ,it will teach us many things which we now often fail to see...

    anyways this was my first visit to ur blog & am already impressed :)

    U have a new follower :)

    Keep blogging :)

  13. by the time we bcum parents, we would start likin the veggies that we hate now.. so that wont be a prob..
    a friend of mine uses only 2 words wenever his mother calls him(she calls him like 5 times a day).. call this as overwhelming love..but he finds it as an irritation.. so he finishes the conversation by using exactly 5 okies n 5 byes..
    parents need to learn to let go of their children..

  14. @Satish
    Welcome to my humble blog! :)

    Perhaps you are right in a way.Parents should let go.But parents would leave us on our when we give them the assurance that yes,we are fine,we'll be good,don't worry.

  15. Hey your comment got deleted before i could publish it!

  16. thts upto u to show em tht u r matured enuf.. n plus i know some parents who still want their child to be the same little boy/girl they knew..

  17. I will tell you onething time has this crazy habit of changing people like they could even think, i bet if you become a parent you will be caring to your child, that is the inherent quality of all parents let alone human race even animals.

  18. yeah.. it really happening yaar..!! this one inspired me a lot de.. really.. i feel i have done all these thing..i should rectify it.. and i will..!!! thanks for ur thought-proving msg..!!


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