Friday, September 18, 2009

Silent !....Listen.....

"...And I told her not to talk to me hereafter"

"Its okay,it happens.Good that you are rid of her.Hey listen..."

"No.I can't ever forgive her"



"Sorry but I had been trying to tell you for the past half an hour,I met with an accident,and right now in the hospital"

Sometimes,rather many times,it happens.
We go on listening to people whom we consider close,but when its their turn to listen,they just disappear into thin air.It hurts.Terribly.

We listen endlessly,forgetting all other works,all other people,when our friends are in distress.But just when we thought that we are close friends,and we can share too,we get in answer "See you later".

The tears appearing at that instant are that of self-reproach,self-pity,and intense loneliness.
And those tears never really flow.They remain in the eyes,not conveying the sadness,and those ears still go on listening,hoping that one day they might hear the other person realise pain behind the answer "I am fine" and ask back "Are you telling the truth?".Perhaps.One day.

Happy Weekend! :)


  1. quite one!! very well depicted...kalakals !


  2. Nicely written anu. Fulto emotional stuff haan ? ;)

  3. Anu,

    Trust me... been there, seen that! :) Take it as a revelation, a step forward and a sign of your own emerging strength.

    PS: There was a time when I felt terribly hurt too but I realised it takes every kind to make this world. Peace be with you! :) :) Well written!

  4. @Hary
    Thank you:)

    Thanx.Well yeah....fultoo emotional:)

    it takes every kind to make this world

  5. Ahh!! Anu!
    Awesome sissie!!
    Real kalakals!

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  7. Atleast be courteous to people whom you consider close to you...
    good people are hard to come by.,,,
    when you find them grab....
    be open....
    open to speak....


  8. you see when you listen to others you cant expect something in return. Thats not how it works. Atleast one can feel good they helped pther by listening to them. Thats my view.

  9. m not agree wid u dear...if they r really ur close friends den dey will definately care for u..otherwise dey r just ur so called friends..try to recognice ur closed ones n so called friends..

    Sorry if i said anything wrong but it is my own perspective :)

  10. @Venky
    I agree with you too.I don't say that it happens always.Of course,it feels very very good when others confide and we listen and they think us worth-sharing.But sometimes it hurts when we wish to share and find no one around.

    @Ordinary Girl
    Nice to see you back after a long time.:)
    And yeah,in a way you are right.I must learn to sort out just-friends and true friends! :)

  11. @Sid
    So what is so booo about it huh?

  12. soo true dear:(...excellent write up:)...beautifully expressed

  13. आप बहुत अच्छा लिखती हैं...भावनाओं से ओत प्रोत....मुझे आपका लिखा हुआ पसंद आया

  14. he.. he.. its nice.. we need to forgive them de.. thats the easy way to handle.. cos u should know one fact de..
    " people like u so much until u never expect anything from them"
    hope u get the really sense of it..!!!!


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