Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In GOD we TRUST,grumble we MUST! (Part II)

Note: For the part one...Click Here.
There you are.Yes you.How long have you been sitting there doing nothing? You just keep silent on so many things,sometimes I need to shake you for waking you up.

From the poster,God replied "Now what?"

"Why you made my health miserable all of a sudden? Can't you bear to see me looking healthy?"

Wide-eyed,He replied "Huh? Did I ask you to eat those oily pooris in your hostel mess? Did I ask you to behave like a saint-on-fast and stop drinking water? Did I ask you to find a particular place where there was no fan and particularly go sit there? Did I ask you to think so many thoughts at the same time when your head isn't capable of thinking even 1? Did I..."

I was exasperated."NO! Perhaps you didn't. But you could've at least stopped me from doing the above mentioned things!"

"Grr....I can't all the time be running behind you.You should take care of yourself.I can't come over to you each time you get a little scratch in your delicate fingers!"

"You are supposed to be God!"

"All right,I resign from my post of being God"

"Bravo! First you don't do your responsibilties properly and then you say you resign? Who will take care of all the things on Earth if you resign?"

"You always keep pestering me.First the maths paper,now this?"

"Then who else shall I blame all the surprises? You have an evil-twin or something?"

"Ha ha ha..very funny.Look,did you even once call me when your paper got selected for the SSN symposium?Did you ever tell me that you cleared your 1st year successfully?Did you ever describe to me how much interesting your bus ride was?"


" where do you stand?"

"But you know all that already!!!"

"Yes,from reliable sources.Imagine in a team,you are the leader.You know all that is happening in your team.But still,you want the team members to personally come and tell you their achievements,right?"


"Same is with me too my child"

"Hmm okay...from now on..I'll tell you about the good things too"

God smiled "Thats like a good child!"

"But seriously,that day,the EDC lecturer was grumbling and glaring at me.I don't understand why she keeps glaring at me.Humph! Even if I say a right answer,she glares back! She has her favourite students,and...Hey where did you go?"

I realised that from the poster,to which I was talking to,God's image had vanished.


  1. nice post " :) and why did you add that read more and the end of the post i am dumb found.

    Talking of speaking to God i speak to my two characters venkey and mankey take a look at this

  2. wow..nice way to remind urself n others to thank god dear:)...sorry about ur hostel food...take care:)..

    loved this story dear:)...very nice:)

  3. I have no words to express myself.It is just superb.May be after reading your post,people stop complaining.At least,I will make an honest effort to do so.

  4. cute, I must say! :)

    And must admit that I am an agnostic. If at all I pray I just hope for everything to turn out fine for everyone.

    I guess it is not the fate of god alone, we look up to people - parents, friends etc - mainly when we are in distress. Other times, we do too but it is like we have them arnd - at least this is what I have realised.


  5. I have just read the first part and coming here. SUper post and very cute. brilliantly written.

    I am an atheist but i understand the reason behind your post.

    Keep writing :)

  6. @Venky

    Thanx..I'll check out the link soon enough
    Btw,I didn't add the "read more" came by itself.

    @Yellow Tulip
    Thank you.
    Hey don't be sorry about our hostel food,its just sometimes a wee-bit bad! Otherwise its good :)

    @BK Chowla
    Thank you.
    Well,I must say I don't really want to be preachy! :)

    Thank you!
    And you do have a point...
    "we look up to people - parents, friends etc - mainly when we are in distress. Other times, we do too but it is like we have them arnd"

    Thank you.:)

  7. looks like anu almighty.. when he resigned y didnt u ask him whether can u take his post??

  8. @Vishnu
    Well no,I didnt want to take up the headache! :P

  9. ya gud one.....

    ya i know wats in ur mind thoogh not everything....and i hope u eat prop frm now on...

  10. nice post dear...seriouslly loved it :)

  11. its awesome de.. i have already enjoyed the part one.. now this.. but, i feel this to be more effective de.. and really u have gr8 talent de.. u have diff perception of life..(atleast while writting blogs.. lolz)!! its nice..


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