Friday, August 28, 2009

What to do?

..."And in this experiment,you are going to calculate the three phase power and power factor"
Err...whats that? Oh well,we aren't supposed to ask such a question.We are 2nd year students and we are supposed to have learned all the three-phase thing in our previous semester.Right.So what do we do now?
Somehow the experiment finished....but my head is still spinning.

What are we doing? I never ever wanted to be just-another-engineer types person.I want to be do a job related to my field of study! As an example,imagine seeing Mechanical Engineers sitting in front of computers! Not only that's due to recession,but that is also the cause of recession in happiness!(I hope you understand this line)

As mentioned earlier in some long-lost post of mine that my aim to be an engineer is because I love to make things work.Most of the equipments in my home are mostly repaired by me only(By the old Indian way of trial and error).So I guess engineering was the thing for me.Seriously,I am so proud and awestruck when I see a shade of pink in a factory/plant full of gray steel/iron(shade of pink is the ladies' colour ! :) )

But if I don't even know the basics then what sort of an engineer would I be?

An engineer is related to creating new things.But the tragedy of my life is that after getting to know about global warming and all such things,I really think creating new things is a waste.Now,what would I do if my identity (identity in the future,I mean) clashes with my belief?

And if all this is not enough,my head is going through some emotional face-offs that are as torturous as that of a little butterfly that struggles to comes out of its cocoon.(is the spelling right?)

What to do? What comes first? A peaceful mind or a clear mind?(Clear in the sense that I am clear in my concepts!)
Do emotions take a backseat when it comes to career? How do I console myself when I see that the "just-an-electrician" are much more aware about all the basics than the rest of us students put together? Why is it that we don't take our course/field of study seriously even though our whole future identity depends on it?

..."In the next experiment you are supposed to study the characteristics of a transistor in CB configuration"...
Oh God!


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  2. he he nice one... the lab situation is there almost everywhere i guess... well after 3-4 yrs when ur placed... wheather u r in ur own field of study or sumthin vry diff... it doesn't matter... u'll surely be knowing wat u r doin!!!.. :D...

  3. hey anu followed you back from my blog!!
    Thanks for following me!!
    All those electrical machines lab were a night mare for me!!
    But am happy that i finished all that!!

    Keep Smiling!

  4. thts engineering in india.. come,study,be like every1,leave..
    am following btw.. continue writin..s

  5. ya i do have the same thoghts running all thru my mind...i just dodn want to mug up and vomit for exam sake...i want to have concept oriented studying...and thats real knowledge

    am happy atleast one is of my kind

  6. Hi :)
    Check out my recent post

  7. True,
    It is not that we are neglecting. But the faculty are. The current education system in India has become has so shitty that any arsehole with a pass in the Intermediate level and a few bucks can get an engineering seat. As there is a huge expansion in the number of colleges, there is a great decrese in the number of trained faculty members which leads to the students being taught by inexperienced and drop out lecturers. I guess, the government should put norms on the degrees of the prof's and the number of college around!
    A thoughtful post!

    I have commented on 2 of ur other posts too!


  8. hey there is now way you got to let your emotions take a backseat when it comes to career at least in this one case. And what kind of things do you repair, i do that in my house too btw i took a course which is one of my other interests. And anu i am amazed that you liked my Cheesy bullshit and followed me.

  9. well thank you all for your comments :)

  10. ur r absolutely correct. but, the reason for this is our syllabus. u said "just-an-electrician" knows many things than the B.E (eee) students clubbed together. u know y is it so...??

    its cos, he/she has practical knowledge. he doesn't waste his time in writing or reading unnecessary things.. he does things practical.. thats the reason.
    but,for us, its highly difficult cos
    1. if we get some doubt, we have no1 to clear it(that too the exp which is in our syllabus)hope u can understand wat i mean.. then think of the out-of-box situation.
    2.only few have the right knowledge and all others are just like black sheeps following blindly.

    so, it all depends on how we approach.we need to change this system yaar. but, for that we must be perfect to some extent.
    hope for the best

  11. Thing is thats u r not curious to find what it is... really. But when u came to know what is these term means, u'll be the one who knows it. Thats just simple.... U take ur time. Rest will come in ur way. If u have curiosity. :)

  12. This is engineering in colleges. I can very well understand your situation.I have just completed my engineering and when I joined my company, where I am working now, I was an engineer just because I cleared my exams in degree. I didn'e even know 'E' of engineering. But now after working , living in a practical world with machines, instruments in 8 months, I can somewhat say that I am an engineer, if not 100% but still 50-60% .. :)

  13. u seem to have studied sooo much!!!! omg!! very bad!! write an apology letter!!!:-P


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