Monday, August 10, 2009

:(...The beautiful face that lies....:)

When I go to college everyday,
There is this girl whom I meet on my way,
Who is always cheerful and happy,
She is so sweet-she is many girl's envy...

She laughs she giggles she frowns and questions,
And each time,her beauty seemed to have no ends,
She speaks with certainty,she knows what she is doing,
And from her sharp eyes,nothing is ever hidden...

Everyone wants to talk to her,
Everyone wants to listen to her,
She is always liked by everyone,
After all,being with her is always fun...

She returns to her house to find it empty,
She knew her mother was in hospital,ill & weak,
Her father is nowhere around either,
As he is tending to her mother..

Today,she had won a prize for her beautiful singing,
But she has no one to share her happiness of winning,
Friends,she has,who are more jealous than happy for her,
They all think she needs no other...

Each day,she wishes everything would be fine,
Each day,she wishes she would die,
She cannot bear the torture of returning to an empty home,
She cannot bear to be ,each day,in the eye of the storm...

Each night,her pillow is wet with tears,
Each night,her heart wants someone to drive away her fears,
She wished she had friends who would understand and support her,
She wished she had friends who didn't pity her...

All this,I didn't know,till I looked into her eyes,
And the pain that reflected made me realise,
The face and the lifestyle often tell lies...
"Hello! How are you?" I said to her,extending my hand and my friendship,with a warm smile...:)

Have a happy week ahead!!!!


  1. keep it up anu........
    its an amalgamation
    of sweet and siur, hapinees and sadness.......
    we have got a chapter in hindi in our school days "Hassi ke mukhote" in english "Mask of happiness"... Hiding everything behind a happy face.....
    its difficult to gauge amount of sadness or happiness......

  2. Very well written. Though a fiction, there may be people who will fit the description.

  3. thank you for your comments! :)

  4. hmmm i think i won a prize in singing.....:)

  5. its nice.. u have good imagination de.. so nice.. keep it up..!!!

  6. @aish
    I told its a work of fiction


  7. Very nice Anu.Enjoyed reading this.

    You should not have written the disclaimer saying it is fiction. That is the beauty of poetry. It can be interpreted however the reader wants.

  8. thank you so much! :)
    I'll keep your advice in mind next time! :)

  9. nice to har ladke ki kahani hai..

  10. good one anyway....u have nice imaginative ideas....

    shorten the length

  11. @ash
    You also write poems
    So you would know at times it is impossible to shorten the length :)

  12. hey this ones another masterpiece..... expressing others feeling is awesome ... and the way u have done it is extraordinary!!!... hats off!!

  13. Wonderful piece and very touching.

    "Each night,her pillow is wet with tears,/Each night,her heart wants someone to drive away her fears"

    Let me tell you a true story here. Dr. Zakir Hussain, the President of India was distributing prizes to students whe his peon came and whispered in his ears that Dr. Hussain's darling daughter had just passed away. Dr. Hussain did not walk out of the ceremony for the fear of disappointing young students and continued with the award giving ceremony. His biographer records that for several days the house-keeper of Dr. Hussain used to discover wet pillows in the morning!

    You may liek to read th efull account in 'Understanding the Muslim Mind' by Rajmohan Gandhi.

    Your lines brought back the story to my mind.

    Very touching lines from you indeed.


  14. thank you for sharing that story over here :)
    {Although I must mention that the story you told left me sad and awestruck}

  15. this one's a masterpiece anu!!!! it's beautiful!!!

    smetyms it happns dt v hav 2 keep a fake smile on our face so as 2 let othrs knw dt v r happy bt actually v r nt.......

  16. The first time i read it.. it was in a small note buk.. i remember it was in our auditorium..hehe.. i read this fully...some unconditional feel i developed towards the little gal...all i cud do was to control the one drop of tear tat came out of ma eyes.. :-) :-) :-)

  17. Hey thats a great compliment
    Yeah this poem was created on the Great Day of inauguration Of our great Deptt Symposium,while the Principle and guest lectured :P

  18. hhahaa,, i guess i ws the first to read it then,!!
    love it.!! awesome thought.!!


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