Friday, July 24, 2009

I guess I should not write anymore...huh??

Nope.I don't have anything to write.

But I do feel like writing!( be precise,typing)

But why should I write just to see something-like-an-essay types thing on my computer screen?

Why should I catch hold of buzzing thoughts (buzzing like flies indeed) and hold them till I type out something about them and then let go of them?("Them" means thoughts).

Why should I struggle to keep awake when I could be happily dozing off...

Why do you like to read whatever I type {Err...Is that right?}(But you always follow the No-Comments mode,of course!)

I'll tell you why...Because I don't know!(HeeHee)

I guess almost every human being has the tendency or desire to share things.Its like talking about or writing about some things makes them easier to handle!

Hey seriously! When you are travelling in a train,for example,the person sitting near you starts a conversation(Or you start),and it goes on and on...and you find that you had talked more than necessary.
Or even while standing in a queue..."The climate is becoming inbearable,isn't it?"
Or outside an entrance exam centre..."My son is appearing for the exam.We came all the way from XYZ for this exam...You also don't look like natives of this place,am I right?"
Or while waiting for the bus.."Whats the time?Oh! Its so late ?The bus should've been here at this time! They just pluck money and give us no service,don't you think so?"

And it goes on.

So some sort of a bond (Not James Bond or Ionic Bond or Covalent Bond) is formed...which can be easily formed,and which when broken doesn't really give much pain....ain't it?We just want to talk to someone,we can't isolate ourselves.But out of nowhere,these people sometimes come into our thoughts and we wonder about them...ain't it?

Huh...but why I am telling you all this? I am sure you won't think about what I said anyway (Boooohooooo).

As I said earlier...I am not writing anymore.

Wait for my next post :P


  1. what was that?
    *scratching my head*

  2. Looks like u are a real blogger...... Nice to hear from u!!!

  3. thank u very much
    but I am sure many people would disagree with you! :P

  4. yeah.. its true.. but,making that bong stronger and long lasting is a big prob..!!!


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