Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All I need is....You

I never said,I never expressed,
Every emotion I suppressed,
I tried to show I can live without you,
But all I need is you...

I turn away from you,not wanting to look into your eyes,
They can see that I am telling you lies,
I laugh,I smile,I seem happy to every person I am talking to,
But deep down inside,all I need is you....

I hate it when you say you love me,
I hate it when you say our friendship is for eternity,
I was proud as I thought I needed no one to see life through,
But now I say,all I need is you...

I don't want to see that you are worried for me,
I don't want you to know what you mean to me,
Its all pride, and its all ego,
But put them aside,all I need is you...

I hate you when you don't listen,
I hate you when you don't say anything,
I hate you when you say the only person who knows everything about me is you...
But,I need you.

Don't be hurt by my silence,I am a wounded soul,
Don't try to heal me,I would strike back with words too hurtful,
Don't push me to be smiling forcefully when instead tears would flow
Just keep this in mind,I need you....


  1. well.... i don't who is inspiration. except the fact that he\she is ur very close friend...the quality of words is used very good... good luck!!!

  2. This would make a wonderful song!
    Lyrical qualities this expression has.

  3. thank you very much! :)
    and welcome to my humble blog :)

  4. hurt yu???
    btw yu r tagged dear

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........
    i all i have to say s this ":)"...
    anu anu anu....

  6. is it me??? i think i have only done these stuffs to u???
    so i think its to me...right??
    really nice

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. butiful!!!!!! how do u write so nicely???

    who's d inspiration???

    n kiske bare mein sochte hue ye poem likhi h tuney??????

  9. aha...let that be a secret! :P
    koi khaas nahin yaar...a friend

  10. i liked it much.. its nice.
    if its a real thing,try to share it with one u trust..(ab whom u were speaking about)

  11. by d way may i plz who's dis frnd????


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