Sunday, July 26, 2009


Have you ever travelled to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh? It takes two days to travel from Guwahati to Bomdila and then to Tawang.Its nearly on the border between India and China (forgive me if I am wrong...I used to sleep during the geography classes :P).
Well,the sights are wonderful...but at times one gets this the only road to reach that place? One landslide or one heavy snowfall can cut-off that town from the rest of the country!

When you are on your way to Tawang through thick forest and hardly any life,abruptly at some place pops up a temple and a little shop beside it.In the middle of the jungle.You can't help but wonder about the priest in there and the shopkeeper.As always,one gives the simplest explanation:"They are used to it".

Again,at the point where the grassy cover abruptly gives way to snow,you find a little shop where they make tea and have a large stock of Maggi Noodles! Cold wind,cold weather,snow all around and then hot Maggi and tea!!

Seriously,thats one trip that I would like to undertake.Not to see the "Madhuri Lake"(Supposedly the lake where some song was shot for the movie Koyla starring SRK and Madhuri Dixit :P)...nor for the snow-snow all around...but for the long travel through 2 states..Assam and Arunachal Pradesh...which still reminds me of the pretty narrow roads across mountains...where one wrong turn would take us down,and one landslide would take us up.

Have you ever travelled to Panipat in Haryana? From Delhi.Its not really any spectacular place...but again,the journey from Delhi to Panipat is pretty much enjoyable...for me at least.Thats where my home is.:)

Imagine travelling in peak winter afternoon (when its cold in delhi although theres a warm sun).
And as you go on and on,see the fields covered in a misty haze,the smell of winter air,and in the middle of that,the smell of hot aloo parantha with fresh makhan on top it when you stop by at a Dhaba....too good!

In summers,you would see Sunflowers smiling at the sun,and Sarso(I don't know what to call it in English :( ) and dusty roads...still,its lovable!

Out of nowhere pop up some villages,buffaloes,dhabas etc etc...and one would be glued to the window!

I always love going to signifies going home!:)

From Panipat,its the road to Kurukshetra thats pretty cool.Huge trees lined up on either sides,a smooth if someone is making you relax!

Beyond Kurukshetra,you get to go to Ambala then Chandigarh,and though their roads are pretty good too...still,my favourite remains Delhi-Panipat-Kurukshetra.:)

Have you been to Shillong in Meghalaya? Its a cool some place where anyone would have denied that life existed.Tilted roads,overcrowding vehicles in narrow lanes...really...fabulous!

More than that,its the journey to Cherrapunji from Shillong.The road seems to stretch on and on,and the mountains seem to look upon you with curiousity.Higher and higher,you go on,until you see the clouds on the roads and your vehicle zooming past them:Thats indication enough that you have arrived at the world's most wettest place.The clouds had covered the whole view of the Seven Sisters' Falls...and just as we were about to turn back,the curtain drew back and we could see the (more than)Seven-Sister's Falls! Spectacular View.

As you go on,you would see little-big houses,and you can't help but wonder and envy the people living in them...they are lucky in a way...they've got their own world...

Have you travelled to Pondicherry? Well I don't really remember much of it,but I do remember a road running parallel to the seaside.And the sea looks pretty inviting too! :).
Once in Pondicherry,you wonder you are really in India or not.Seriously,the streets look fact...most of the things look a bit different! Houses,buildings,roads..etc etc!

Its one journey where I found the sea by my side...just one stop and one can run to the beaches! :)

And in all of these trips,its the journey that has enthralled me always......
They teach loads of things,right?
The mysterious roads to Tawang seem to tell about life...where at times one has no other option but to follow one path.It can be dangerous,but if we are steady enough and catch hold of ourselves from falling over,we get what we want (Like the Maggi Noodles! :) )
They also tell us to go on,through twists and turns and scary phases....and not to stop!

I don't know what the roads to-and-fro Panipat tell...but let me put it to diversifying our lives.(Well,because there are 3 lanes on either side! :D)

The roads to-and-fro Shillong-Cherrapunji tell about those times in life where going further just when we thought everything was over can change our lives around.(I don't know why,but it seems so to my Head the clouds whispered to me to go further.)

The Pondicherry roads tell about taking a break at times in life...and enjoy the seaside view!

So what other roads tell about? I don't know...most roads are pretty arrogant and don't talk shows in their loopholes! :P


1.There are other roads which I would love to mention too....but I can't find the words for them.
I'll surely write about them too(when I get the words;for now,the words are flying :P)!
You also tell about the roads/trips which have remained in your heart and why?

2.If you are confused whether I was talking about the roads or the journey...then...well journey takes place on roads...right? :D

Have a happy and smiling week ahead! :)


  1. oh i have been to all of these except Haryana
    i looooove Shillong!!!
    n yea i go to Pondi every alternate weekends :P
    as for Tawang!
    i jus adore that place

  2. shillong.....
    cherapongi, Mausingram....
    tawang, bomdilla etc are true reflection of northeast india, hilly areas.....
    one of the green places in the whole earth....
    nice flora and fauna.....
    what can we say except awesome...

  3. ya! i have never got an oppourtunity to visit these places but would love too...
    i hope u had enjoyed all those days!
    hope u get further more of experiences like this

  4. yaar superb description of ur trip... the scenery... i want to visit these places... especially the north-east ones!!

  5. chanceless anu..!! really u view the world differently.. (hope its true even in ur real life) if not, means try to think so.. ur description was so nice that it reminded me a lesson in english (by kushwant singh).. so nice.. i have not gone to these places..i think, i miss a lot(not missed,cos, i may go in future...!!lolz..)


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